Welcome!! Nice to meet you!!

You have reached a sound bite page. If you are a dumbed down victim of public education as I am, this may be your Happy Place!


Democrat politicians are brilliant liars!

Republican politicians are insipid dolts!

The Democrat Party is a driverless race car with the steering wheel welded to the left turn signal on a track having all right turns!

The Republican Party is a wheel chock. When the folks get sick of the Dem’s, they elect Republicans to whine and cry about the Constitution while they make sure the wheel doesn’t roll back to the right!

The DNC and the RNC are like a Federal Reserve coin with tails on both sides. No matter how many times you toss it, you lose!

The Basic Five is the progressive foundation of American government today. This is what has replaced our Constitution. I have to admit, it’s not really working out that well for me and mine. I hope you all are doing better.

August 2010, celebrated the twelve month TKC anniversary. TKC previously bragged it was not a “sound bite” page. It celebrated thought processes and engaged in long drawn out soliloquies. TKC stimulated little if any thought and had no fun at all. TKC is now a sound bite page. You may wish to ignore the archives. As Michael Judge’s Beavis and Butthead so eloquently opined, “words, words …and more words”.


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  1. George Sellman

    You missed your calling my friend. This is a great site.
    I’m proud to say your my friend. I well be forwarding it on.


  2. Good stuff! Keep up the fight for freedom.
    Tyler Green

  3. The Kolinski Chronicle is now a “favorite” for me. I very much look forward to exchanging ideas and lamenting the silly notions of the nut-job liberal whackos. Thanks, Brucie!

  4. Ken Brown

    Well, you say that you love freedom, but how do you define freedom?

    Exposing the fake conservatives:

    To All Conservative, Including the Hypocrites (The truth about Newt):

    While it is not easy to find the truth about Newt Gingrich, it can be done, if you will diligently research the Internet. Buried among the many websites that promote “Gingrich’s propaganda,” portraying him as a conservative are the real facts about his affiliations, morals, and his true political and economic views!
    The reason I have selected Newt as my target is because he is the top contender to lead the Republican Party’s conservative base in deciding who will be the Republican nominee in the 2012 Presidential election. I want to expose fake conservatives promoting a phony conservative agenda; especially, those who are supporting Newt, as the most qualified person to run for President on the Republican “ticket.” The “Talking heads” on Fox are presenting Newt “the puke” as a true conservative. What idiots these Neo-cons must think we are to believe that any member of the CFR or Bilderberg organization has our best interest at heart. These hypocrites will push an economic and international political agenda, claiming to be conservative, that is coming from the most liberal of liberals (sheep in wolves clothing). We have one major party with two names, i.e., Republicans and Democrats (should change name to Republicrats).

    While I do not believe in “every conspiracy theory,” only a fool would believe that all history happens by accident. One should not close his mind to any possibility regarding why we have underlying threats to our freedom. We are faced with policies, which “insiders,” many posing as conservatives, are instituting that will lead our nation into a “New World Order,” a Marxist system that Lenin would be proud to embrace. George Bush, Sr. hailed the U.S. entering into the NWO, as an objective for the United States, when he was president. The Bush family is a well established member of the international elitist, and a strong supporter of Gingrich.

    (Go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUCPZIa5iu8 — While I may not agree with everything in the video, there is some truth in the questions asked Newt)
    Here are some other websites you may want to view:


    Newt Gingrich, a demigod, phony conservative (much like Limbaugh and many others) appearing on Fox News, talks about his so called conservative views. He really showed his true colors when advocating a strike against a North Korean’s missile station before a missile was launched. Think about it, “Do you honestly feel that a small “fish-head Communist leader” could stand up against the United States unless it was not part of a plan to dumb-down Americans so we will accept our position, without a fight, in the One World Government? This is the agenda the “elitist” wants to achieve!

    Gingrich isn’t fooling anyone that has studied his career. The media continues to “paint” him as a hard-line conservative (seen frequently on Fox), even as it characterizes hard-line conservatism as detestable. This is a façade. His membership (along with Bill Clinton’s, George Bush, Obama, and most others in a position of power) in the globalist Council on Foreign Relations says plenty. And the constant reminder from CFR types that Gingrich is the leader of the conservative opposition – his being named Time magazine’s Man-of-the-Year, for instance – should make any reasonably informed person wonder why the Establishment is boosting Gingrich. I know why, and it is not because he has the interest of the conservatives at heart. In fact, he is a neo-con, supporting the agenda of the establishment’s elitist. A true conservative would expose the CFR, TLC, and Bilderberg members for what they are, a group of “one world government organizers.”

    If you do not believe me, just call the Rush, Sean, Beck, etc.; etc. show and mention a conspiracy, or why the Federal Reserve has never been audited; or the illegal income tax system and its history; or why there is not an outcry against the eight-lane international highway from Mexico to Canada, and see how fast you are cut off.

    When the people elected 73 new representatives in 1994, they thought that the newly elected officials were overwhelmingly committed to shrinking the size and cost of government, but they accomplished next to nothing. Gingrich was their leader and his “Contract with America” who sold the nation on the idea that “his contract” was good medicine for an ailing country, but the Contract called for a lot of downright poison: balance the budget with a loophole-filled amendment that would “violate” the Constitution. Congress; expanded NATO; deliver more crime control power to the federal government; federalize a host of laws dealing with children; and there were no true tax reforms introduced to get rid of the income tax and the Gestapo, IRS. During the Bush and Clinton years, we have witnessed an expansion of government, and stronger monetary regulations with no monetary reforms (such as getting rid of our fiat currency and the Federal Reserve).

    Now, the majority has placed its trust in Obama, hoping for real change. Again, we will be disappointed because Obama has the same “boss” as all the rest, and promotes the same policies of more government, and less individual control of families and self reliance. Whether it is a Reagan Republican or a Carter Democrat, government spending increases and political power is expanded, along with more tax money wasted on useless programs, and political perks.

    Now, getting back to Newt, if anyone thinks that Newt has any true values, one should ask either of his past two wives about his character. This man is dangerous, immoral, and corrupt. Newt is a “slime ball” in a “three piece suit.”

    Adulterer, worse than Clinton:
    Height of hypocrisy – Gingrich was sexually involved with Callista Bisek, a Congressional aide 23 years his junior, WHILE MARRIED, during the Clinton-Lewinsky adultery scandal, even as he proclaimed family values and bitterly criticized the President for his adultery. Moral apex: Multiple extramarital affairs & paid trysts with prostitutes. Serial divorcé.
    PLAYNIG MUCICAL CHAIRS: Dumped first wife Jackie to marry second wife Marianne. Dumped second wife Marianne to marry third wife Callista, with whom he’d been having a five-year affair. Yet, during affair with Callista, dedicated his 1998 book, Lessons Learned the Hard Way, to Marianne, “the woman I love” and “my best friend and closest advisor.”
    Peak of compassionate conservatism: Served Jackie divorce papers while she was in hospital bed, just out of surgery for uterine cancer.
    Reprise of compassionate conservatism: After Marianne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Newt asked her for divorce. By phone. On Mother’s Day, 1999.
    Fun fact #1: Co-sponsored federal Defense of Marriage Act
    Fun fact #2: His half-sister is a lesbian, LGBT-rights activist Candace Gingrich.
    Depends on what the definition of “is” is moment: Campaign worker Anne Manning told Vanity Fair in 1977 that she gave Newt head during his first marriage. Said Manning: “We had oral sex. He prefers that modus operandi because then he can say, ‘I never slept with her.”
    For sure, Gingrich pioneered a denial of adultery that some observers would later christen “the Newt Defense”: Oral sex doesn’t count. In a revealing psychological portrait of the “inner” Gingrich that appeared in Vanity Fair (September 1995), Gail Sheehy uncovered a woman, Anne Manning, who had an affair in Washington in 1977 with a married Gingrich.
    “We had oral sex,” Manning revealed. “He prefers that modus operandi because then he can say, ‘I never slept with her.'” She added that Gingrich threatened her: “If you ever tell anybody about this, I’ll say you’re lying.”
    .Newt for a 2012 Run
    By: Max Blumenthal is a senior writer for The Daily Beast and writing fellow at The Nation Institute, whose book, Republican Gomorrah (Basic/Nation Books), is forthcoming in spring 2009. maxblumenthal3000@yahoo.com.

    As Newt Gingrich converts to Catholicism, a leading Catholic conservative says his sins—including an affair with a congressional aide—”no longer exist.” Is he gunning for 2012?
    When Catholic University announced in January 2005 that Newt Gingrich would deliver a speech on campus, a group of students rose up in protest, accusing the twice-divorced, admitted philanderer of violating the Catholic values that their school was founded upon. Four years later, just last week, on March 24, Gingrich blasted another hallowed institution of Catholic higher learning: “It is sad to see Notre Dame invite President Obama to give the commencement address since his policies are so anti-Catholic values,” Gingrich wrote on Twitter of the president’s scheduled May address. What happened?

    During the George W. Bush era, Gingrich rose quietly from the ruins of his failed crusade to impeach President Bill Clinton, trying to transform himself from a Republican pariah into a voice of conscience for the badly demoralized conservative movement. The religious-right elements that helped orchestrate Gingrich’s downfall as Speaker of the House became the catalyst for his resurrection and may now propel him into contention for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012. But winning them over has not been easy. Before earning a seat at their table, Gingrich has had to confess his darkest sins and beg for redemption, first on the radio show of his former nemesis, James Dobson, and then before a priest at St. Joseph’s Rectory, a Catholic church on Capitol Hill.
    “He [Gingrich] has gone through a change in his life through his third marriage and he has decided to settle down….You’re never too old to settle down.”
    Indeed, on Sunday, March 29, Gingrich converted to Catholicism, the faith of his third wife, Calista Bisek. Though the ceremony was announced without fanfare, leading Catholic conservatives like Deal Hudson are brimming with excitement. Hudson was the most important Catholic political adviser to President Bush and Karl Rove, founder of the seminal Catholic journal, Crisis magazine, and self-described “theocon.” He contends that Gingrich’s conversion represents more than a concession to his wife; it signals a dramatic break from the past, both personally and politically.
    “From a Catholic point of view,” Hudson told me, “Newt’s sins no longer exist—they’ve been absolved. He’s made a fresh start in life. So Newt will continue to sin and confess but there aren’t going to be a lot of Catholics who will hold that against him. They understand why being a Catholic makes a difference.”
    Hudson said that while many of his friends are “extremely close” to Gingrich, he and the former Speaker of the House are just friendly acquaintances. But Hudson explains that he relates to Gingrich’s experience on a deeply personal level. Like Gingrich, he is a convert and a thrice-married sinner engaged continually in confession and absolution.
    Raised as a Southern Baptist, Hudson converted to Catholicism at age 34 after becoming enraptured by the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas. Upon receiving communion, Hudson received an annulment from his first wife, and then divorced his second wife four years later. “It’s not unusual to do that in this day and age,” Hudson reflected, “so that sort of angle that Chris Buckley is taking to make fun of Newt is unfair.”
    After entering the church, Hudson worked his way up the rungs of academia, eventually earning tenure as a philosophy professor at Fordham University. He was a charismatic figure in the classroom, casting a spell over his students with engaging lectures on natural law. But Hudson was not without his weaknesses. In 1994, after a night of drinking games at a West Village pub, during which he allegedly made out with two female students and took “body shots” with them, Hudson brought an extremely intoxicated 18-year-old student named Cara Poppas back to his office and compelled her to perform oral sex on him. When the student told school authorities about the incident, Hudson promptly resigned and moved to Washington to edit Crisis. Two years later, Hudson settled a sexual-harassment lawsuit out of court with Poppas for $30,000. The incident remained unknown to everyone except Poppas and Hudson’s closest confidants.
    Suggested Bible reading for Mr. Gingrich (recently converted to Catholicism):
    I have seen also in the prophets of Jerusalem a horrible thing: they commit adultery, and walk in lies: they strengthen also the hands of evildoers, that none doth return from his wickedness; they are all of them unto me as Sodom, and the inhabitants thereof as Gomorrah.
    — Jeremiah 23:14
    Draft Dodger
    Gingrich avoided the Vietnam War through a combination of student and family deferments. He married one of his teachers at age 19 which allowed him to defer permanently.
    Conservative, liberal labels mask the CFR agenda
    Monday, September 17, 2007


    By Don Snyder
    The Sept. 12 guest editorial by William Rusher (“The GOP is set”) listed five Republican candidates that he felt could easily win the nomination for president. What is interesting is that five of the Republican candidates are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Mr. Rusher picked four of the five. The CFR Republicans are Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Newt Gingrich and Fred Thompson. Mr. Rusher, as well as the rest of the controlled media, has placed the CFR members on center stage. The Democrats are not left out at all. The CFR Democrats are Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson.

    Should we worry whether they are CFR members or not? The CFR is on a fast-track course to abolish the sovereign U.S.A. by 2010, literally forcing us to become part of a North American Union. Mexican truckers have already been given authorization to run their long-haul rigs throughout the United States; San Antonio, Texas, is advancing the city’s goal to establish itself as a North American Free Trade Agreement inland port; and a Mexican customs inspection facility is planned for Kansas City, Mo. NASCO (Tri-National Advocacy for Efficient, Secure, Environmentally Conscious Trade & Transportation) has figured out a way to cash in on the Chinese containers passing along the NAFTA superhighway from the Mexican ports of Manzanillo and Lazaro Cardenas to U.S. and Canadian destinations. The first “North American Union” driver’s license, complete with a hologram of the continent on the reverse, and has been created in North Carolina. Note that all this is without congressional approval or oversight.
    The powerful U.S. Council on Foreign Relations, along with Mexican and Canadian counterparts, launched the Security and Prosperity Partnership on March 23, 2005, at a meeting in Waco, Texas, with George Bush, Mexico’s President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. The tri-national agreement, hatched below the radar in Washington, contains the recommendations of the Independent Task Force of North America to remove the U.S. borders and establish a North American Union similar to the European Union and replace the dollar with a currency called the amero.

    The NAFTA “superhighway” linking Mexico, the U.S. and Canada is already underway. A Texas legislator tried to stop this massive mile-wide structure, but Texas Gov. Rick Perry vetoed the bill. The governor is a Bilderberger with the same CFR viewpoint. The Bush administration has limited the 854 miles of border fencing called for in the Secure Fence Act to just 18 miles as part of the SPP “open border” policy.
    Congress is just now starting to wake up by having several bills to stop the forward progress of the NAU. Nineteen states are in the process of passing legislation to stop it, as well. Twenty-two members of the U.S. House of Representatives — 21 Republicans and one Democrat — urged President Bush to back off when he attended the third SPP summit meeting in Montebello, Quebec. The Senate just voted 74-24 to pass an amendment removing funding from the Department of Transportation bill for the Mexican trucking in the U.S. What is Rep. Mike Thompson, D-St. Helena, doing? He still has his thumb in his mouth.
    The CFR member actions are considered treason under the U.S. Constitution, and if you support a member candidate, then you are a problem as well. Most past presidents came from a pool of CFR members as the present presidential candidates for the 2008 election. Candidates do not advertise their CFR membership to the public. They pose as “liberals” and “conservatives” to control all aspects of the debate. The CFR has really stacked the deck for the 2008 election. To bolster CFR support, the controlled media blacks out non-CFR candidates. For example, Republican candidate Ron Paul won the Maryland Straw Poll, Alabama Presidential Straw, was victorious in New Hampshire and has won a number of Internet polls including MSNBC, all this without a word from the press. It’s because grassroots America has figured out how to get around this blackout by going to independent news organizations on the Internet and discovering that there is a real candidate supporting our sovereign nation. Whether you’re on the Internet or not, don’t buy into the media’s portrayal of Fred Thompson as a new Ronald Reagan. As senator, Fred Thompson voted for such things as expanding the welfare state, federal involvement in education, expanding trade with Communist nations and subsidizing abortions. By being a CFR member he supports preemptive war and would place the North American Union as a top priority, and will continue to push this agenda…

    In contrast, Rep. Ron Paul sets himself apart from other Republicans by being decidedly anti-war while supporting American independence and sovereignty. He is referred to as “Dr. No” by his colleagues because of his refusal to support unconstitutional bills. You can quickly find out more by going to http://www. ronpaul2008.com/issues/.

    Additional Titles

    Has Thuggery Invaded the Republic?
    Catholic Church’s New International Views


    PART 2 of 3

    By Joe Kress
    January 21, 2007
    The CFR and other globalists
    This major calamity affecting the United States of America is because we are living in a nation beholden to foreign multinational industrialists and international investment bankers. In addition we must contend with the major media including Rupert Murdoch’s control of 34 percent of national media news, a chokehold on information and calling it fair and balanced. His tabloids comprised of raunchy sex contents in international publications evidence of his amoral views that undermine our country’s youth and all countries wherever his TV and media publications appear. As a clue to what Murdoch is about, he doesn’t allow “the Truth Stops here” O’Reilly or “Bush Defender” Hannity (and Colmes, the “Second Banana”), to barely mention the elimination of our borders and never the 4 football field wide superhighway being constructed from Mexico to the Canadian provinces that cuts the United States in half. But no matter, throughout the media industry no major network mentions this highway. It’s as if there is a Reich Propaganda Fuhrer dictating policy.
    Another major part of the problem is the ultra liberal, socialist university professors espousing utopian world government programs. Also, the global organizations such as the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), its Councils on Foreign Affairs (CFR), the David Rockefeller founded Trilateral Commission (TC); the Rothschild funded Bilderberg Group (BG), the Rockefeller’s many tax free foundations, the Ford foundation, the Club of Rome and the knavish, enormously wealthy royals of Europe who are interlaced within many of these organizations. The elite manipulators use the tactics of Hegel to create an antithesis, leading to chaos and out of chaos between opposing forces ultimately resulting in a synthesis (the dreaded compromise).

    The plan is to break the loyalty and high living standards of United States citizens and to eliminate or at least reduce the size of middle class through economic chaos. The restructuring of the nation under a new aegis – one of the subjected families of nations to be under the control of global governors, the all wise and all knowing, unelected bureaucrats who shall use the United Nations as a management tool. The international court with its unelected justices located in Brussels has already progressed in making decisions on international trade and environmental issues, thus overriding the U.S. Constitution.
    One of the major ways to bring the U.S. of A. to its knees is through enormous, unsustainable debt and the most effective means to create national debt is through war. Since the end of WW II, the United States was engaged in a succession of campaigns, not labeled wars because wars declared by congress mean that the nation would be obliged to make personal sacrifices aside from the military whose blood is shed for these non-war wars that go on and on and on. Other nations say they can’t afford to engage in these “campaigns” and leave it up to the United States to bankrupt itself with debt while at the same time they condemn the U.S. as the main instigator and bully.
    The truth is that the weakening of the United States fits in neatly with the plans set up by what Cecil Rhodes envisioned and later willed to the Rothschild cabal to establish a world governing body under the auspices of the unelected administrators of the U.N. where the international bankers control the money system and from them everything falls in line.
    To make this happen education of the masses must be weakened, loyalty to our country and its proud history must be internationalized and its Constitution abridged to the level of a meaningless piece of paper. Supreme Court Justices Stephen G Breyer (CFR) and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (CFR) a former member of the radical National Organization of Women, both nominated by President Clinton (CFR, TC, BG), believe the U.S. Constitution is a living document that can be changed according to current conditions. In other words, they don’t believe in a United States Constitution; neither does Justice David Souter who George H. W. Bush (CFR, TC) nominated.
    Iraq or Iran never threatened the United States. Bush #1 actually helped Saddam defeat Iran by furnishing the chemicals and war equipment during the eight years of the Iran-Iraq war. If Saddam had not ended up at the gallows, the real story of U.S. relations may have been leaked … how U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, April Glassy misled Saddam into believing the U.S. had no interest in protecting Kuwait. The engines of war were concocted against Babylon by friends of Israel at all levels of the government in Washington, in the press and by religious Christian Dispensationalists that follow the middle of the 19th century philosophy of Darby, believing that Israel must be saved until the final battle of Armageddon.
    Recent statements by Iran’s President Hamoud Abmadinejad were the result of being goaded on when George W. Bush, the Darby fundamentalist/Skull and Bones man who labeled Iraq, North Korea and Iran as part of the “Evil Empire.” No doubt Iran’s president hyperbolic response was meant for Iran’s public consumption, not an uncommon tactic to win support from the far right elements. The James Baker Commission concluded that dialogue with Iran’s leader can somehow result in calming the situation and put a stop to President Bush’s third front war. Zionists disagree labeling the Commission as the Chamberlain approach.
    The history of colonial powers’ treatment of Persians and Arabs began when oil became the choice fuel for government navies and the armies of fuel guzzling military vehicles. If it were not for oil, those Middle East oil producing countries would still be comprised mainly of nomads and sheepherders.
    But oil is the major objective and Iran is the next target. Going through the names of those who were responsible for advocating a preemptive attack on Iraq to ensnare us in another Vietnam debacle, I find the same culprits still performing the same war dance to promote war against Iran. Now, once again, the neocon, CFR Bilderberg Groupies and Trilateral Commission members lead the charge in the media, especially during the Sunday morning talk shows. They included George H. W. Bush (Skull and Bones); the former Sec. of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld (CFR); William Bennett; Senators Schumer (CFR); Senator Boxer (CFR); Senator Feinstein (CFR); Senator Lugar (CFR, TC, BG); Senator McCain (CFR); Vice President Cheney (CFR); former speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich (CFR); Senator Evan Bayh (CFR); Senator Carl Levin (CFR); Senator Joseph Biden (CFR); Senator Olympia Snow (CFR); Senator Joseph Liberman (CFR); Senator John Rockefeller IV (CFR,TC,BG); and Senator John Kerry (CFR). Among the other CFR, Trilateral Group members within the U.S. Senate is the soon to retire Senator Bill Frist, the former Senate majority leader. Within the House of Representatives is John Spratt of South Carolina (CFR); Howard Berman (CFR); Barney Frank (CFR); Charles Rangel (CFR); and Louis Stokes (CFR). Within the media is William Kristol (CFR), a favorite of the neocons and a perpetual pundit on TV talk shows. He is editor of The Weekly Standard.
    Among the remnants of the Vietnam era is the dire remnant Henry Kissinger (Trilateral Commission member and Bilderberg Group member) and General Brent Scowcroft (CFR) his stooge and long-term employee of Kissinger Associates, Inc., and former Representative(D) Lee Hamilton (CFR, BG) also member of the 9-11 Investigation “Excuse” Commission – the leading advocate to carry water for CFR causes.
    Hamilton also stands with the war propaganda circuit although lately, as a member of the Baker-Hamilton Commission, he opted for dialogue rather than confrontation, a major step in a trade off to leave Iraq in order to concentrate on Iran. James Baker is a long time CFR member and George Will (CFR), the national syndicated columnist, writes the globalist lingo.
    The yes men brigades are a lined with political generals who marched lemming-like to the dictates of Bush and the former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld; nearly all of the highest level general officers are members of the CFR. It is evident that Bush, Inc. has run the Iraq campaign the same way Lyndon Johnson did – – – by insisting on objective devoid of strategy. His cooperating, politically appointed generals fell in line. Most important, all the media factions want America to go to war against Iran and abandon Iraq, since it is considered just rubble anyway. These are the conglomerate owners of T.V., radio and news outlets who once supported both Bush #1 and early on Bush #2 … now, they are questioning the Iraq strategy, yet advocating the necessity to do something about Iran before it develops the “bomb.”

    Get the picture? Couple the above powerhouse efforts of the CFR mega media owners and the CFR’s Foreign Affairs articles and soon the propaganda reaches a crescendo with both house and senate members demanding immediate military action against Iran’s nuclear threat. Once again, Israel will eliminate its most formidable foe using its mentor and only friend on the planet.

    None of our politicians dare mention that throughout the Middle East, Israel, Pakistan and India have their nukes; China, Russia and North Korea have theirs and it would be natural for Iran to fend off any future threat, if it could also have equally powerful deterrents. The Iranian leaders learned their lesson by observing North Korea’s defiance against the greatest military power in the world and still retain its independence and its nuclear weapons. Americans evidently fear nuclear war. The rest of the world knows that once a nation obtains nuclear capability, it also gains independence from threats coming out of the United States, Israel and Europe as well as from Russia and China. For part 3 click below.
    © 2007 Joe Kress – All Rights Reserved
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    E-Mails are used strictly for NWVs alerts, not for sale
    The “Curmudgeon”, Joseph H. Kress, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) obtain a B.S. in Business Administration, with a major in economics and minor in accounting.
    He served in England and Viet Nam where he received the Bronze Star during the TET Offensive, then he was appointed Chief of Supply for two state-side assignments; the DOD’s Defense Disposal Agency where he was chief of disposal operations for all of Southeast Asia, based at CINCPAC Headquarters in Hawaii. He retired from Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio as chief of supply with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 52, and now he and his wife reside in Summerville, S.C.
    Since leaving the military, he was involved in political campaigns, writing articles for the local papers, and as a realtor.



    Hamilton also stands with the war propaganda circuit although lately, as a member of the Baker-Hamilton Commission, he opted for dialogue rather than confrontation, a major step in a trade off to leave Iraq in order to concentrate on Iran.

  5. Jacob Cotan

    My friend, YOU should run for an office. Let me know when you compile your exploratory committee.

  6. George Sellman

    Well said my friend.
    All my friends agree this is not the America we have grown up in, and intended for our children and grandchildren. However we do see a little glimmer of hope as the people of these United States begin to come together in town hall meetings and rallies. The problem is with our elected officials inability to comprehend.
    We all need to stand tall. No more keeping our opinions to ourselves. Shout it out “We aren’t going to take it anymore”. As for me and mine we will show NO compromise.

    • thekolinskichronicle

      Hope abounds. I’m hoping for a big turnout on the 12th. 320 million people are being dumped down the drain by 535 Members of Congress. This has to stop.

  7. Jacob Cotan

    Hey Bruce,
    I enjoy every minute on your site.
    Let freedom ring from the cabine of that big rig.
    Keep on trucking!

    • thekolinskichronicle

      Thank you. I’m hoping the Marxists will regret turning me loose on the country with a CB radio mike in my hand. Should be a good time.

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  10. My sister and I are going to DC in August to see Glen Beck. This will be the teaparty of all teaparties and we will tell Congress to abolish the fed res now!!! Hope everybody is there to take back our country, we the people, it is OURS

  11. Nice blog. I got a lot of great information. I’ve been watching this technology for awhile. It’s fascinating how it keeps shifting, yet some of the core factors remain the same. Have you seen much change since Google made their latest acquisition in the field?

    • thekolinskichronicle

      Not so far. I hope Google doesn’t go forward with their Federal government security coordination. It will be the first incremental step toward censoring the internet…but then again I’m a little paranoid about humans running governments.

  12. My own feeling is the Independent voters will see that the McConnell & Co are really naked… devoid of any superior ideas in reforming the moribund healthcare system in the country. President Obama will get back all the supporters he lost over the last six months.

  13. I prefer articles like this because they invariably appear to give to you a totally different perspective on things. I am no professional in this area but wish to expand my knowledge by reading things of this nature.

  14. Great post – and good domain by the way!

  15. I recently came accross your web site and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my very first remark. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  16. No one needs to read any of Karl Rove’s new book in order to know that, because of his past, Karl Rove is a lying criminal who is revered by the right, and reviled by the Left!

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  18. Good read … headline catchy … good points, some of which I have learned along the way as well (humility, grace, layoff the controversial stuff). Will share with my colleagues at work as we begin blogging from a corporate perspective. Thanks!

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    • thekolinskichronicle

      You’re correct of course. We no longer have political discourse and a genuine exchange of ideas. Our political parties and degenerate media have left us with nothing but echoing sound bites and the politics of personal destruction. The Democrat powers that be wrote Governor Patterson off for New Years 2010. How dare he have a thought or opinion of his own. Why we accept this low road behavior I don’t know. If Patterson goes, he should go on the merits, not defamatory garbage.

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    • thekolinskichronicle

      Our systemic U.S. failure on every front is not a Democrat/Republican issue. Please don’t buy into this rhetoric. These two parties are owned by the same elite people. They use different language, but will both take you to the same place – that is, feudalism. From a historic perspective, slavery and discrimination have always been and still are Democrat programs, not Republican. As far as education is concerned the liberal Democrats have had a strangle hold on education for the past 60 years. No Republicans allowed. The catastrophic failure of education in the U.S. is pure Democrat and it’s not accidental.

      I’m with you 100% on big business, specifically banking, that are getting all the help. We have welfare at the top, welfare at the bottom and free market capitalism in the middle. Again though, it was scum like Woodrow Wilson (D) and FDR (D) who were primarily responsible for making this happen. Democrats collect campaign contributions from Wall Street firms at a rate of 5 to 1 over republican candidates. You won’t hear that little factoid on the evening news. The Democrat Party is far more entrenched with big business special interests than the Republicans ever were. You have to dig to find this stuff. The TV won’t say it.

      Needless to say, both parties are bought and paid for and not by we the sheeple. We have to start supporting independent grass roots candidates within both parties rather than the tripe they allow us to select from. I mean McCain or Obama? That’s a choice? Really? Just dumb and dumber is all that was. We are losing our country because we do not pay attention. Drink some Tea. Fight for freedom. Thanks.

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      I just read a lot. Even progressive stuff. I have listed some sources in the “Bedtime Reading List” that make a good start.
      Be careful though; this stuff will make your eyes bleed.

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      As you may have noticed, I have plenty of views. Thank you for visiting. There is a great deal of history associated with the first paragraph on my introductory page. The statements are simple, but what stands behind them is not. I apologize ahead of time for what may be a lengthy answer and I hope isn’t too redundant what you probably already know. Anyway, thanks again, it is nice meeting you.

      I believe “sound bites” are an effective conditioning tool used to influence and sway the opinions of large groups of people. In Mein Kampf, originally published in 1927, Hitler discusses his study of Marxist propaganda and mentions that the Marxists, whom he despised, were geniuses at propaganda and that much could be learned from them. From this study he learned that for propaganda to have a long term effect on the masses, it must be very, very simple and must be repeated over and over again over a long period of time until finally accepted as fact. He also realized that only “spoken” propaganda has long term motivational characteristics. He considered “written” propaganda as important to the masses “theoretically”, but not emotionally. If you listen to what we generally think of as news programs you can notice very quickly the repetitive use of certain “poll tested” sound bites on every single network and station. I no longer accept this as news or as coincidental; it is conditioning the way we think about things.

      It’s important to note that the European Marxists were taught propaganda techniques by American progressives (communists). European Marxists didn’t invent propaganda as we are generally encouraged to believe; we did; Americans did. For example, with a little checking you can determine that the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, led by Lenin and Trotsky was financed by New York’s Rockefeller family along with international assistance from the Rothschild family and their elite friends. The Rockefeller family basically destroyed the Russian Czars and purchased the country of Russia for their own use at cost of about $40 million. Not a bad investment and not one you will read about in any U.S. published, progressively redacted, history book. Marx and Engels did not create the Communist Manifesto as we have been taught. They wrote it and marketed it at the request of The League Of Just Men, a group of wealthy international business associates led by the Rothschild family. In other words, the wealthy elite, our leftists hate so much actually created the left and still finances the left today for their own purposes. Billionaire George Soros is probably the most well known example.

      Why did the world’s wealthiest families create socialism? They did it because a strong centralized form of government; a top down government with a single ruler at the top is easily controlled and manipulated. Control the top and you control everything. Today’s version of Globalization is One World Governance. Governance is a coalition of national, centrally controlled governments as opposed to a single, one world government, which the elite financial oligarchy now knows will never happen. Individual governments are collectively aligned within unions such as the European Union and the soon to be North American Union (NAU), which can then easily be coordinated ploitically, economically and militarily.

      Why do I digress with all this nonsense? Because this is what the “sound bites” are all about. Our Constitutional Republic stands firmly in the way of Global Governance and the world’s financial oligarchy intends to destroy it. The world’s financial elite hate independence. They hate competition. This is why our Federal government creates government sanctioned monopolies controlled by gigantic, international conglomerates. Our RNC and DNC work for these monopolies, not for us; not for “we the people”. The intent is for “we the people” to ultimately be nothing more than slaves, very similar to the feudal system of old. There will be three classes of people; the international elite, their ruling class pawns and their slaves. Guess who the slaves will be.

      Propaganda has been elevated to an art form since Hitler’s time. Britain’s Tavistock Institute is the primary developer of mass thought conditioning techniques for the elite. If you doubt the power off what’s happening just think about why we complain about the cost of $3 gasoline. but think nothing of $6 per gallon bottled water. Water you can easily obtain from your faucet for pennies. L.A. tap water wins every blind taste test held against the top bottled brands 100% of the time. Yet we buy bottled water for the taste – and of course for its supposed purity. Why? It makes no rational sense other than the occasional convenience when traveling. We buy it because we have been conditioned through advertising to believe in its inherent goodness and value. This same thing is being done to us every single day in politics.

      The world’s financial elite own the media. They use it extensively for mass thought conditioning. I am critical of sound bites, because sound bites are the single most powerful method of shutting down actual thought, discussion and the exchange of ideas. Take for example, Fox News. You have here a 24-hour news outlet that never features a serious discussion of any issue. Every discussion is framed within thirty second or less time intervals. This is ridiculous and is an insult to any thoughtful person’s intelligence. Does any fool actually believe we can hold a coherent debate regarding Afghanistan, illegal immigration, the economy or some other immensely complicated issue in thirty second bursts? Of course not. All we get is the liberal sound bite versus the conservative sound bite. On Fox, it’s two conservatives to one liberal. On all other networks and cable outlets it’s two liberals versus one conservative – but in no case do you ever get actual debate or an exchange of ideas. Remember the old Firing Line program hosted by William F. Buckley? That was the last show I can recall where ideas were actually discussed and exchanged on television. Glenn Beck and Huckabee are way better than average, but still limited. Our only other outlet is talk radio and most of that’s perverted as well.

      As a people, if we wish to remain free, it is important to realize when we are being duped and taken advantage of. As Glenn Beck says – “we must be vigilant”.

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      I guess because if we don’t, who will? Things are much better than we realize, but it unfortunately takes a sincere effort to stay on top of it. I’m just a Dad who wants his kids to be free. Our Federal government is utterly out of control and has to be stopped. Please never allow yourself to be overcome by discouragement. There are millions of us little people out here who care deeply about our country and way of life. We will win in the end because good will always beat evil.

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