08-18-09: HR 3200 Stalking Your Health

What about so-called health care reform?

If we care about improving health care delivery try some common sense:

1. Tort Reform – Get the trial lawyers out of health care.
2. Get rid of government mandated price controls (as in Medicare/Medicaid). Let the market function.
3. Get rid of government mandates forced on health insurance providers.
4. Get rid of “inside state boundary” government mandated health insurance monopolies. Promote free market competition among providers across state lines.
5. Get rid of “employer provided” health insurance. Open the marketplace to individuals, just like car insurance.
6. Go to “long term” health care policies, like life insurance in place of annual policies so the actuarials can figure out how to make the coverage work at a reasonable cost.
7. Items 5 & 6 above will make it possible to get rid of “pre-existing condition” clauses.
8. Get rid of illegal aliens. Let’s have immigration with dignity that free people and new citizens deserve.
9. The Federal government can provide matching funds to private medical practices to serve those who are”high risk” or cannot afford medical services and medications. Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals can donate 5% of their working time at cost to practices using matching funds. This program could be called AMERICARE and is the maximum extent of any government involvement, that is, dollars only.
10. Item 9 above allows getting rid of the government mandated “emergency room service” law that is bankrupting trauma centers and passing untold costs onto paying customers.

The above program or something like it will reform health care in ten sentences, won’t kill a single tree and will keep the pesky federal government from stalking your house and your hospital room.  If you don’t like my suggested program try this:  For less than $80 billion dollars annually the Federal government can pay for a $400 per month health insurance premium (tax credit or cash)  for each of 15 million uninsured citizens and never intrude one iota into our lives.  (I don’t accept the 45 million number as 15 million of these are illegals and 15 million don’t want health insurance.)  $80 billion versus $1.4 trillion???  Tough call.

Apparently and unfortunately our elected legislators want to reform healthcare. Really? Then why don’t we hear rumors of things that might actually improve health care services? Instead we see H.R. 3200. A 1,018 page, tree murdering pile of nonsense, written by illiterates, voted on by corrupt lackeys who haven’t even read it that proposes to solve a 15 million person health insurance problem by creating a 310 million person health insurance problem. According to Progressive politicians the best way to deal with this issue is to increase the scope of carnage by 2,133%.  Are you kidding me?  H.R. 3200 is not reform; it’s a full press government take-over. H.R. 3200 can’t be fixed. Splitting it in two is not fixing it.

Health care for those we love, particularly in chronic or terminal cases is a deeply personal, emotionally charged experience that we cannot escape and the joys and scars of which remain with us forever. The divorce rate for parents with chronically or terminally ill children is more than 80%. Health care can become a life boiling cauldron for many families and we don’t need the government turning up the heat. A potentially irreversible error in judgment is made by all of us when we choose to abdicate our personal responsibility and human dignity to career politicians whose future is bought and sold with the cheap currency of political expediency rather than human dignity and genuine caring. Don’t buy what Washington is selling; it’s not good for you. It’s good for political careers, patronage jobs and lobbyists.

It would behoove us to remember that career politicians have by self imposed necessity sold their integrity to the highest bidder. Their long term careers result in corrupted souls so twisted by expediency and the short leash of campaign contributions, they can no longer see right from wrong. To a career politician justice means “I won again”. The Founders attempted to discourage the voracious appetite of vain, power hungry, politicians from feeding on the needs of people. They understood human weakness. Unfortunately, we forgot and it’s now costing us our freedom. We are allowing ourselves to be ruled; not governed and we’re voting for it.

The last thing in the world we should be doing in the United States is encouraging or allowing career politicians to mess with our health care. Most problems with spiraling costs, fraud and inefficiencies are caused by the government intrusion we already have. If we think more government involvement will make things better, we’re going to be deeply disappointed. H.R. 3200 is basically selling your health to the “lowest” bidder with no change order option.

Our government reimburses Medicare services offered by hospitals and clinics at around 70% of actual cost. Who do you think is paying the difference? You guessed it – cash customers and insurance providers are paying for it. The government requires emergency services to be provided to anyone and everyone, including illegal aliens. Many of these folks don’t or can’t pay a dime. Who’s picking up this tab? You guessed it – trauma centers, cash customers and insurance carriers are subsidizing the difference…and we wonder why an aspirin costs $4 at a hospital. Your government imposes price controls on medications distributed under programs like Medicare. The pharmaceutical companies want to stay in business and they don’t want career politicians as enemies so they sell to government clients below cost. Cash customers and insurance providers are left holding the bag. Insurance carriers and cash customers are even covering the losses incurred for U.S. produced, price controlled drugs distributed in Canada and other countries with socialized medicine programs. That’s why you can buy U.S. made medicines cheaper in Canada. This won’t be the case after your career politicians are through feathering their nests with your ruptured health care services.

Costs are costs. It’s naïve to believe they’re something else your neighborhood politico tells you they are. Problems with health care services stem primarily from bureaucratic meddling and regulation – well intentioned or not. Government driven reform will dig the deep hole, deeper. Politically expedient politicians are masters at hiding true cost beneath complex jargon and then passing the revenue losses to unsuspecting taxpayers, all the while demonizing the very health care professionals we rely on. Politicians set up a sloped playing field for insurance carriers; force them to bear ridiculous losses resulting from government regulation; sweep the whole mess under the carpet and then garner votes by screaming that the insurance companies are ripping off the consumer. Insurance companies may not be owned by saints, but they are more motivated to provide real service for real premiums than your government ever will be. Health care has become a government run zero-sum shell game in which insurance carriers, hospitals, clinics, doctors and patients all loose. Only the shell master can win.

Career politicians won’t help you. You cannot trust or rely on them. It’s incomprehensible why we keep voting for them. As free people we need to take back personal responsibility for the care of our loved ones. This is an important responsibility and it should be borne with strength and dignity by real people who love us, working directly with professionals who care.

The Kolinski Chronicle suggests calling, writing or faxing your legislative representatives and telling them unequivocally to get out of the health care business. If we don’t do this, then we should be happy with what we get because it won’t be easy to change in the future.


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