08-19-09: AMERICACARE (Don’t confuse with H.R. 193)

Stalking Health Care, 18-Aug-2009 presented a practical reform program for Health Care along with a long winded narrative.  This is the short version.

Real Health Care reform requires little more than a few common sense changes to current regulations and mandates.  It’s actually not complicated at all.   Following is my recommended plan each item of which has been borrowed from folks much brighter than I am.  This program will kick health care in the butt and your government can stay in Washington where it belongs.

  1. Tort Reform – Get the trial lawyers out of health care.
  2. Get rid of government mandated price controls (as in Medicare/Medicaid).  Let the market function.
  3. Get rid of government mandates now forced on health insurance providers.
  4. Get rid of “inside state boundary” government mandated health insurance monopolies.  Promote (require) free market competition among providers across state lines.
  5. Get rid of “employer provided” health insurance.  This is another broken paradigm we no longer need.  Open the marketplace to individuals, just like car insurance.
  6. Go to “long term” health care policies, similar to life insurance in place of annual policies so the actuarials can figure out how to make the coverage work at a reasonable cost.
  7. Items 5 & 6 above will make it possible to get rid of “pre-existing condition” clauses.
  8. Get rid of illegal aliens.  Let’s have immigration with dignity that free people deserve and immigrants can feel good about after learning English.
  9. The Federal government can provide matching funds to private medical practices to serve those who are”high risk” or cannot afford medical services and medications.  Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals can donate 5% of their working time at cost to practices using matching funds.  This program could be called AMERICARE and is the maximum extent of any government involvement, that is, dollars only – no direct government control.  Each office visit will cost the patient $10 (It should not be free.  People need dignity.)  A hospital vist would cost the patient $100.
  10. Item 9 above allows getting rid of the government mandated “emergency room service” law that is bankrupting trauma centers and passing untold costs onto paying customers.

A few regulatory adjustments similar to those mentioned above will put U.S. Health Care delivery back on its feet with no bureaucratic infestation of your hospital room as proposed in House Bill HR 3200.  In lieu of the regulatory changes listed the government could simply pay (by tax credit) each of the 15 million or so individuals who would like coverage and can’t get it a monthly fee of $400 for their premium.  Problem solved with $400 x 12 x 15,000,000 = $72 billion annually.  This is a far cry from the $1.4 trillion proposed by our cronied up House of Representatives.

Follow the money folks.  HR 3200 is all about huge government power and the ability to allocate trillions of dollars to friends of Congress.  Career politicians have no vested interest in our health.  They’re addicted to what’s inside our pocket books and our gullibility whenever they can gain access.  Maybe a portion of the Health Care debate should helpfully consider counseling provisions to cure congressional legislators of their addiction to taxpayer money and perhaps to refresh the oath they took to protect and defend our Constitution.  These elected representives are by law to represent “the people”;  not the government against “the people”.


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