Hot Air Intensity Threat Levels (in order of increasing intensity)

The Official Kolinski Chronicle (TKC) U.S. Hot Air Monitoring Center classifies Hot Air originating in Washington D.C. and as may affect surrounding communities on the basis of sustained winds.  Accurate measurements are critical to freedom and standards are specified by the Kolinski Monitoring Organization (KMO).  Typical measurements are made on the basis of the 10-minute average hot air velocity at an average height above the ground of 33 feet (10 m) at the test facility location.  Most U.S. average test results for primary hot air velocities are obtained at or near the central testing facility at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Additional confirmation testing is conducted at various lab locations around the U.S.,  usually at or near state capitols.  Central pressure values are approximate only and are averaged over the country.  Intensity is normally reported relative to time of sound wave impact and maximum intensity.  Specific threats can be identified at specific locations when necessary to protect the Constitution and your personal liberty.  All testing is performed by The Kolinski Chronicle “on-staff” licensed Professional Engineer who happens to be bound by a strict code of professional ethics intended to protect the best interest of the public at all times and in all situations.


Category 0   Sustained Hot Air at 0 – 73 mph.  Cat 0 threat level is non-existent.  Congress is on vacation enjoying trips paid for by lobbyists (rather than the tax payer for a change) or Congress is in total grid-lock.  Your Constitutional rights are completely safe.

Category 1    Sustained Hot Air at 74 – 95 mph.  Cat 1 threat level is business as usual and not particularly dangerous.  The Constitution is being       ignored and our elected representatives are busy lining their pockets and planning their careers.

Category 2    Sustained Hot Air at 96 – 110 mph. Cat 2 threat level is accelerated Congressional business and should be considered dangerous in some  locations.  The Constitution is being damaged, our elected representatives are avoiding voters, lying full time and big graft is being                 fought for under the Congressional Table.

Category 3   Sustained Hot Air at 111 – 130 mph.  Cat 3 threat level is considered “major” and should probably be named.  The Constitution is no longer recognized.  Our elected representatives have completely forgotten who voted them into office and what their role is (as stated clearly in their oath of office).  They are ruling, not governing and are representing the government (State) rather than the people they are legally to represent.  Conflict of interest is no longer recognized.  Corruption is rampant.  Hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars are openly being stolen and gambled for on the top of the table by elected representatives for the benefit of themselves and their friends.

Category 4   Sustained Hot Air at 131 – 155 mph.  Cat 4 threat level is disastrous and should be considered extremely dangerous to all populated and in some cases even un-populated areas.  The Constitution has been scrapped in favor of judicial legislation by the bench.  Our elected representatives cannot find a way to legally confiscate all voter rights and income so they have resorted to judicially legislating from the bench through liberal activist judges.  Leftist thugs have been openly called out to intimidate voters and non-voters alike.  Freedom of speech and assembly is openly ridiculed by our elected representatives, who have quite literally taken over the country.  Trillions of tax payer dollars are being vacuumed openly by our elected representatives on top of the table, in plain sight of the hapless voter.  Our elected representatives are close to committing treason against the American people in foreign matters and are in the beginning stages of tyranny.

Category 5   Sustained Hot Air at 155 mph or better.  Cat 5 threat level is the threat of civil war.  The free people of the United States of America will take back their God given rights, trample tyranny and re-establish liberty by whatever manner is necessary.  Cat 5 is not a Happy Place.  Trillions of taxpayer dollars have completely vanished and are no longer recoverable.  The Constitution has been burned.  A copy will be required for the future.


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