Misinformation repeated again and again, all day long, all week long is the political mass media strategy of choice.  Anything repeated often enough over a long enough period of time “must be true”.  The use of computers and electronic communications has been termed by some as Mythinformation.  Some proponents of mythinformation believe that the use of computers and electronic communications systems will somehow lead humanity directly to a better world.  I’m not one who accepts this.  TKC views political misinformation as the expedient use of an intentionally misleading word or phrase by politicians, pundits, so-called news people, lobbyists or others intended to distract, disorient, convince, subvert or otherwise trap an innocent populace into believing a certain “thing” to be true.  Of course, the “thing” is not true at all, hence the need for misinformation.

The dissemination of misinformation is enabled by mythinformation or electronic media, through which a depersonalized environment is created allowing an otherwise honest person to lie or misrepresent facts without guilt as the dispensing person is dis-associated with the act of misrepresenting directly to another person’s face.  This myth-information strategy, though dishonest is useful to a person, ad-hoc group or organization in helping achieve an agenda or goal, which necessarily involves convincing other people of its rightness or worth; usually in conjunction with an approval process of some sort or an actual vote by the people as in commonly held elections for representative political office or in passing legislation.

The practice of misinformation as a political tool is not new.  Its origins probably lie in the first intelligible speech uttered by progenitors of Homo sapiens from one to another.  For example, a male member of Australopithecus africanus may have realized early on that meat, furs and females could more easily be extracted from the possession of fellow members of A. Africanus or more likely from aging members of A. afarensis by telling a wee bit of a story rather than employing the bloody and labor intensive means of the club.  Now I’m not an anthropologist so I don’t know if A. africanus could actually speak, but I for one hope he could and anyway you get the point.  This lesson, I believe, has become so rooted within the modern Homo sapiens’ gene pool as to now be passed from generation to generation – at least within certain dominant bloodlines.  Unfortunately, where it’s not passed on biologically it’s now taught in schools and universities throughout the world as acceptable journalistic behavior.

Coming back to the present time, circa 2009, Homo sapiens, as might be expected has adaptively taken misinformation from basic conversation to written hyperbole and has now evolved it into a means of mass communication via de-personalizing electronic technology.  In the old days, we just looked at the other guy and said “you’re a liar” and we slugged him.  Today we’re not sure what’s going on.  You might even say the burgeoning popularity of myth-information with political parties as a communication technique has become a societal problem, at least in terms of effectively running a representative democracy founded on the principals of unalienable rights and individual liberty.  Sounds like an overstatement, but it was actually predicted in the early sixties.  It turns out some hippies were reading in their spare time.

Allow me to explain why this digression is significant and if you’re still feeling uncertain and are thinking this discussion isn’t worth your time or that political operatives don’t pay attention to this stuff when they’re plotting to collectively manage and co-opt your freedom, think again.  This stuff is huge relative to liberty.  Where do you suppose the rather progressive Hillary Clinton found the seed for “It Takes A Village”.  By intention or not, knowingly or not, the seed was likely planted by something Marshall McLuhan taught back in the early sixties.  Remember The Medium is the Massage? Back in the early sixties Marshall taught about the evolution of communication leading to the “global village”.  Marshall wrote in the Gutenberg Galaxy while discussing the end of print culture via “electronic interdependence” that “, when electronic media replace visual culture with aural/oral culture.  In this new age, humankind will move from individualism and fragmentation to a collective identity, with a “tribal base.” Powerful stuff, huh?  Hillary sure got it; she’s not just a pretty face.

Understand that Marshall McLuhan tried to be objective in his analysis and didn’t usually characterize theories or concepts as a good, bad or otherwise.  Power hungry people and career politicians, however, are different animals entirely.  When they get their hands on this kind of useful theory, they immediately begin conjuring up ways to put it to work.  Progressives incidentally are way, way up the learning curve on determining how to use myth-information strategy to sway popular opinion and even more importantly, how to manipulate human emotional responses to rational or irrational thought processes.  I don’t pretend to know why Progressives are leading the pack, but this does account for why so many indoctrinated liberals are unable to recognize basic facts existing outside their pre-conditioned thinking;  and also why heavily conditioned conservatives continue to insist on pushing facts in front of them.  It also accounts for why it is nearly impossible to exchange actual ideas between a heavily indoctrinated conservative and a liberal.  Please do not assume that by Progressive I am referring to Democrats;  I’m not.  Progressives have infiltrated both major political parties to varying degrees.  There is no shortage of nut jobs in either party, Republican or Democrat.

Unfortunately, many if not most active politicos now view the political playing field as a Democrat versus Republican contest with Democrats being the progressive side, Republicans being the conservative side and Independents sitting square in the aisle.  The theme park mission statement is “Republicans are for Republicans and Democrats are for Democrats and never the twain shall meet.  “The people” don’t even enter into the conversation and no one other than Dick Morris is sure what the Independents are doing.  Winning a national election today or passing Federal legislation ostensibly means moving Independents to your side of the aisle while not alienating too many of those already on your side in the process.  Too be proficient at using this process to advantage, many party organizers resort to various forms of mythinformation.

One proof of the above lies imbedded in the very fact that we commonly accept the Democrat/liberal versus Republican/conservative paradigm; true on its surface perhaps, but not so much when you dig a little deeper.  The fact is there are conservative Democrats just as there are liberal Republicans.  A liberal is not necessarily a Progressive.  It only appears the Democrat Party is largely progressive because the Party leadership has been gradually taken over by far-left Progressives.  The resulting voice of the Party then continuously speaks more and more to the left of center giving the impression to the casual observer that the Party rank and file as a whole are mostly progressive.  In reality this is not the case at all – it’s simply an example of misinformation provided to generate left versus right friction, animosity and to intentionally divide the population into opposing groups.  Remember your Latin:  divide et impera – Divide and conquer.  Homo vs. hetero;  black vs. white;  Hispanic vs. everybody;  man vs. woman;  young vs. old;  urban vs. rural;  smokers vs. non-smokers;  thin vs. fat;  big cars vs. little cars;  veggies vs. meat.  These false, meaningless divisions are practically endless;  and make effective tools for dividing a nation and generating chaos.

Conversely the Republican Party leadership has been abdicated to somewhat leftist Progressives, who pay lip service to long standing conservative principals.  These Republican leaders frequently make loud noises espousing certain “safe” conservative ideas and so appear to be conservative, but in fact are careful never to anger the heavily left-leaning main stream media of which they are frightened nearly to death.  If you doubt this statement, consider the McCain campaign or remember back to the near total lack of defense provided by the cowardly Republican Party for long time moderate Newt Gingrich, once the progressive press decided to demonize and devour him.

The fact is that the majority of the American population is pretty much on the same page on almost every major issue.  The seeming polarization and divisiveness is actually limited to the extreme left and the extreme right.  The American Solutions organization (there is a link on the TKC Word Press page) has accumulated quite a bit of polling data, which suggests overwhelmingly that most Americans (60% – 80%), whether Democrat or Republican agree closely on virtually all major issues today (2009).  We as a people and a nation are allowing ourselves to be divided, manipulated and conquered by a neo-Marxist cabal infiltrating both major Parties and then manipulating much of our thinking.  We are being duped and we are voting for it every step of the way.  It is these Marxist infiltrators I refer to as Progressives.  It is these Progressives who cleverly lure conservatives into a win-lose battle of futility with liberals.  It is important to understand that both conservatives and liberals are being manipulated and used as pawns in a far reaching power game whereby the inevitable frustration and despair ultimately open the door for the Progressive Savior to enter (and no I do not necessarily mean Obama).

Without going into it too deeply, certain societal conditions tend to motivate general populations in particular directions.  For example, in The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (1996) Samuel P. Huntington points out that when a culture becomes multi-culturally fragmented and thusly divided from its roots and traditions;  it then becomes ideologically lost and will typically turn to religious fundamentalism in search of identity and meaning.  Such is the obvious case with the people of Islam.  Such will be the case with the United States so predicts Mr. Huntington should the U.S. maintain its present fascination with multi-culturalism.  At any rate the emotional chaos within a particular society or culture creates a perfect opening for religious fundamentalism to be replaced with a collectivist security concept or at least to place the collectivist concept in strong juxtaposition with religious fundamentalism so that the religious portion can later be incrementally eliminated.

Anyway, the point is that Progressivism as an ideology is not a Republican versus Democrat issue.  It’s a people versus people issue.  Let’s envision Pavlov’s Dog experiment from Psych 101 for a moment.  A hopelessly indoctrinated Progressive confronted with an indisputable, well documented fact not in agreement with his or her predisposition, will predictably respond by reverting to high pitched shrieking, name calling, side to side head movements, rolling of the eyes, character assassination or may suddenly shout out as justification, something like “everybody does it – it’s nothing” or “you’re just noise”, or perhaps “you’re a racist”, none of which will have been even remotely connected to the disputed fact or the discussion at hand.

A less indoctrinated liberal can be easily trapped in the same situation by the manipulated conservative who has fallen into the same ideological abyss from the other side.  Neither side is reasonable in any way and the conversation is enough to make the viewer want to just end it all.  How many times have you seen this silly (yet entertaining) scenario play itself out on the evening cable news stations?  Yet, we don’t pay attention to where, why or how this irrational behavior by seemingly decent, well educated people on both sides originates.  What is its purpose?  Does it affect us?  Can it be harmful?  Is it possibly beneficial in a way I can’t see?  Should I care about it?  Should I be worried?

If I have not failed and if you can grasp any of what I’m trying to explain in my long winded fashion, then you have not been so victimized by education that continued freedom is beyond your reach.  We are all damaged goods one way or another – just some more than others.  Don’t hate the more virulently diseased victims of progressive educational indoctrination.  Be patient with them and try to encourage them, but while doing so, never allow your empathy to justify any acceptance of bullying, manipulation or domination as may result from their infection.  The fully indoctrinated victim, given an inch will take a mile from you every time.  It reminds one of a rattlesnake, able to instinctively bite and deliver venom for quite a long time even after having its head removed.

Conversely, if you’re an acknowledged conservative, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the liberal you’re talking to is indoctrinated and you’re safe.  Your political behavior is being manipulated and toyed with in exactly the same way, just by a different methodology.  Cause and effect, call and response conditioning can be achieved in many different ways and is very subtle.  As I said before this is a people versus people issue, not a liberal versus conservative issue.  As long as a balance of power is maintained liberals and conservatives can get along just fine.  The problem in America today is that the balance of power has gone missing and what’s missing is now eating our liberty.

A dedicated Progressive fully inoculated with the idea of employing cultural hegemony as a means of fostering government or more correctly “The State” within an otherwise free capitalist society as taught by say, Antonio Gramsci” (1891 – 1937) poses a potentially serious threat to your liberty.  This type of infected person and the multi-headed, inter-connected organizations formed by say George Soros or for example Acorn, Apollo, etc., typically created by them are deceptively adept at imposing the “incremental” exploitation of their collectivist goals.  A hundred years to a good Communist means nothing.  A thousand small truths to mask one horrible lie can be a useful ideological tactic.  Such tactics recognize no moral code except relative expediency.  The end justifies the means.  Hence the innate desire to remove any concept of God from the marketplace of ideas.  A God who deigns to create creatures, such as humans having “free will” also creates a serious bump in the road for collectivist mind control.  Liberals and conservatives alike who treasure freedom need to take a step back from the “he said / she said” battle and examine who is speaking politically on their behalf, what are they actually saying and doing and is their elected representation actually acceptable.  Your liberty today depends in part on your ability to withstand misinformation and forge your own path to the truth.

I don’t want to bore you to death with my ramblings and I need to set the hook for Part 2, so if you’re still with me we’ll end our discussion here.  In Part 2 we will take up some specific examples of “misinformation” in order to more fully understand the potential impact this may be having on our daily lives.  For now, as homework, check into the polling studies done to determine how the word “public” fares against the word “government” as relates to voter’s perceptions of the proposed options in the health care debate.  You’ll be surprised at the difference.  As a follow up, keep an eye on which career politicians and parties are using which term.


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