09-03-09: The Confused Anarchist

I have children (in their twenties now) and through them I have had occasion to meet a number of young people professing to be “anarchists” and also to read some of what they write.  While impressed by their passion, their lack of education in history, particularly economic history is obvious and startling.  It’s uplifting to watch youthful energy as it’s thrown against the “powers that be” by these young anarchists and I admire their quest for justice and liberty.   Unfortunately, it’s also depressing to observe the failure of American education first hand as these poorly educated souls blindly flail against their only hope for freedom, all the while desperately defending the masked tyranny that will bind them with the rusted shackles of failed Marxist-Leninism.

Today’s self described anarchist is a hater of capitalism and a lover of collectivism.  Their lack of socio-economic understanding is the direct result of successful Marxist infiltration into our school systems over the past 100 years or so.  An infiltration that has re-written history and all but replaced basic education with socialist indoctrination. Many, if not most, of our young students do not understand that collectivism is nothing more than institutionalized slavery.  That collectivism is the plantation without the whip.  It is dying hope and a non-existent future.  Central planning crushes human endeavor and dignity.  The pursuit of excellence is trampled beneath the iron soled boots of  ignorant militance and stubborn insistence upon mindless conformance to an arbitrary and failed utopian standard.  It is the dumbing down of America.  Capitalism may have problems, but it also breathes hope.  It is the genesis of opportunity for the less blessed among us.  It smiles at freedom and beckons the future, while  Facism and Socialism slowly strangle hope and kill dreams for anyone trapped within the constricting grip of long term dependence and psychological intimidation.

Free market capitalism on the other hand is pure anarchy “with Constitutional rules” for the participants.  An anarchist’s dream really.  Anyone rightly claiming to be an anarchist has to have a determined rational preference for capitalism over socialism.  To be oriented otherwise is to be hopelessly confused.  The source of confusion causing the blindness in the U.S. is American education.  There is no question about this.  Lack of comprehension with regard to the source of human triumph has become the tarnished badge of success for Communist infiltrators such as the “father of the new left”, Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979) and his anti-education, pro-propaganda associates.  Marcuse and friends  of the not-so-well known “Frankfurt School” were basically run out of Europe for damaging the educational system (or trying to) and unfortunately found a happy home at Columbia University (our leading teacher’s college at the time) in 1933.  Marcuse later propagandized at Harvard, Brandeis and finally at the University of California, San Diego.  This hypocritical so-called man of the people and his collectivist elite companions knew how to treat themselves well  didn’t they?  Scraps for the people;  caviar for the anointed.

The crippling of U.S. school system(s) and the trapping of our teachers in unworkable day care centers by anti-capitalist, anti-freedom communist infiltration is not accidental.  I have personally held in my hands pamphlets copyrighted circa 1920 explaining to Comrades how a good apparatchik must patiently, slowly and incrementally infect labor unions, school boards, local, State and Federal government, publishing houses, newspapers, etc. with their well intended nonsense.  The pamphlets taught that the best way to destroy capitalism is not with violence, but at the voting booth;  and the best way to win the voting booth is to change education.

Our good teachers (and there are many, maybe most) are not responsible for this disastrous undermining of our culture.  They, like parents, students and the rest of us, are caught in a sticky web of misinformation, polished half-truths, emboldened utopianism, false caring, altered history, missing facts, hidden truths and complete fables articulately spun by delusional, though well trained community organizers.  Ministers of brain washing , if you will.  These ministers of doom have stolen the future from how many young students?  How many kids have dropped out of school as a direct result of the repetitive onslaught by poverty pimps and social activists preaching their criminal message of hopelessness and hate?

How many kids have had their future brazenly co-opted by being told and eventually coming to accept that they cannot accomplish anything themselves;  that they must have government help to succeed;  that the unfair world is so arrayed against them that they must simply give up until the great State arrives to save them and make it right?  How many new degenerate, uneducated, fully brainwashed disciples are spawned each year by what was once one of the great educational systems of human history?

Today’s young Turk anarchist has been buried alive and smothered in corporate hatred painted as social justice.  The young community organizer has never had the opportunity, nor the need to develop discernment as to motive among the circling sharks as he or she has never been responsible or accountable for results as they would be in the real world of corporate competition.  In the community organizer’s world anything goes.  Expedience rules and intimidation reigns.  Poorly educated folks in the barrios and inner cities are easily taken advantage of and manipulated into voting for their own future enslavement within a corrupt welfare community sold to them by cruel community organizers masquerading as “help”.  The organizer trainee is indoctrinated never to debate;  only to make pre-prepared speeches;  to always belittle your political opponents;  call them “a–holes” or some such,  trapping them into emotionally responding to your taunt.  Never argue the merit.  Always distract, demonize and overcome.  Don’t these unfortunate organizer trainees ever wonder why they’re taught never to argue the merits of their destructive positions?  Don’t they ever wonder why they are taught to misrepresent and distract as opposed to openly engaging constructive debate?  Does it not pose a question as to why 100% of their focus and attention is directed by their leaders toward keeping the issue alive, toward hating and shouting down their opposition;  not toward seeking workable solutions?  Can they not see that their programs continually have the opposite result of the stated intent?  Do they not wonder then as to what the real agenda might be?

Does it never occur to the young Turk that the vehicle he or she is driving was designed and built by a corporation;  that their computer and Blackberry were made available by a risk taking corporation;  that the medicine their elderly mother requires to live has been developed by a corporation;  that the microphone they’re shouting into was constructed for their use by a corporation; that their hip hop culture is stylishly clothed by corporations?  Is it impossible to see past the artificial walls propagandized into their minds or to think that just maybe corporations and capitalism might not be what they have been told?  Do they not wonder at the non-existence of new medical technology, new materials, new processes or free newspapers and movies in the Marxist countries of their dreams?  Is this not curious?  Does it not occur to the gullible seeker that their tour through the state of the art Cuban medical facility has been carefully controlled and limited to  that facility constructed only  for Castro and friends?  Do they really believe that “the Cuban people” who are given one bar of soap per month per family have access to this medical wonder?  Education in America has become a contagious thought stifling disease and it needs to be cured.

I won’t prattle on about this much more, but realize a great deal can and should be understood regarding our present unfortunate state of educational affairs, teacher’s unions, feminist socialism, the ACLU, environmental socialism and other leftist causes by investigating the recent history of communists such as Herbert Marcuse, Antonio Gramsci and others.  Incrementalism is their motto.  Slavery of the masses in the name of freedom is their agenda.  Complete ignorance and denial of human motivation is their passenger train of choice to the terminal desolation of spirit and love.  Why, I don’t understand?  If you do – please let me know.  We like to think we won the cold war, but I’m not so sure about that.  The yellow hammer and sickle on the red background (1922) look alive and well to me.  Rename it social justice.  Call it environmentalism.  Call it caring.  Just don’t call it communism.  Maybe as parents we should check what’s in those text books?  Who is writing these books and why?  Maybe the young Turks of “the movement”, those capable of reading this anyway, might question why they are doing what they are doing?  Do their mentors actually know what they’re talking about..or is it just talk…because talk’s cheap and freedom isn’t.


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