09-09-09: The Last Democrat

A quote by Norman Mattoon Thomas (1884 – 1968) Socialist Party candidate for President in 1944: “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism”, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened…I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.”

From Daniel J. Flynn’s “A Conservative History of the American Left”, page 154:
“Socialism is coming.” Appeal To Reason” editor Julius Augustus
Wayland prophesied in 1902. “It’s coming like a prairie fire and
nothing can stop it.”

Flynn goes on to write that early 20th century socialists were convinced that the United States would be the first socialist nation in the world. They were incorrect about which nation might be the first to error, but they were correct as to where America was headed and now is. We have as a people elected our first and very own America hating Marxist to our highest office and have allowed him to surround himself with like associates. We don’t even pretend to care who his “czars” are. We don’t even pretend to provide legislative oversight or balance of power. Our weak and pitiful representatives have duly legislated themselves into irrelevance.

Today after many decades of what we euphemistically call Progressive infiltration into every corner of our lives, the American people will now accept virtually any destructive idea Progressives can launch at them as long as the language used is appealing. Our elected representatives no longer pretend to represent us; instead they openly and arrogantly represent our own government against us. The Constitution and Bill of Rights under which the most prosperous, most generous, most free country in world history was able to grow, now lies molding in its dusty glass case; unread, unnoticed, untaught and forgotten. After decades of being ignored by the very people elected to defend it on our behalf; its only remaining use is for Progressive politicians to dust it off and hold it up in blasphemy to misrepresent and cajole naïve, ill-informed voters into accepting some new incremental form of enslavement; and then to pay for it to boot.

The current Marxist-Leninist masquerading as president of the United States, stood not long ago, in front of this historic document of liberty, duly elected and having sworn an oath “to protect and defend” this very document, which guarantees his own right to speak and lied through his teeth to the American people. No greater disrespect for this document and this people has ever been witnessed in our time. Yet, I heard not one single word of complaint, surprise or discomfort anywhere. I cried that evening for what my generation has done to our children’s future – to my son and my daughter. I am ashamed. Ashamed of myself. Ashamed of my generation, so easily purchased for so little.

Aside from the beginnings of the Democrat Party and its historic dalliance with so-called social justice the Party is no more. The rank and file Democrat appears not to realize or simply doesn’t care that this Party has been taken over by a cruel cabal of Marxist Leninist fools. The Party’s noble history has degenerated into everything it historically claimed to be against. Up is down and down is up and no one sees the difference.

Socialists have for more than two-hundred years made use of various groups, set them at odds with one another and effectively manipulated them into looking to the federal government or State to referee the mess. We have bought it hook, line and sinker. Members of all these groups in an effort to protect themselves (from what?) allied themselves into voluntary separation and isolation becoming slaves to the very thing they aspired to freely choose.

Workers have become socialist workers; feminists have become socialist feminists; environmentalists have become socialist environmentalists; gays have become socialist gays; Blacks and Hispanics have become socialist organizers; atheists have become socialist atheists; Democrats have become blue Progressives; Republicans have become red Progressives and so on. It would appear that none or at least most of these folks do not realize that the socialist organizations they belong to don’t give a whit about them. They are unable to see that their organizations of social justice “use them” to promote and further a socialist agenda. Nothing is ever actually done to help or assist an individual member of the group in any way. Ever.

The socialist agenda loves the issue; a solution has no value to a socialist. A solution cannot be used to manipulate. An agenda on the other hand, in the right hands has many uses. A good socialist agenda, properly constructed can be used to effectively distract, misrepresent, frighten, obfuscate and otherwise mislead unsuspecting decent people to false hopes, false choices, false conclusions and destructive actions. People will act to their own detriment if they can be falsely convinced that what they are doing is good. Once they believe a certain action is good, no fact can turn them. This enables the good socialist organizer to turn otherwise decent people into relatively mindless, miniature Manchurian Candidates, each of whom will do whatever they are told is good by their handlers. This allows socialism to grow and succeed without the need for conspiracy. All that is required is a few well placed “bad seeds” and a few lies to water them with.

Socialism sounds good. It promises the world, but delivers only failure and pain; the rather obvious reason being that the originally incorrect premise, “that all societal problems have an economic solution” is false. When you deal with people you must deal with human motivation in order to have a positive outcome. Socialism has no room within its ideology for human nature or motivation; hence its catastrophic historical failure. Yet it persists, because brain washing is a powerful weapon and socialists are highly skilled in its use.

A useful agenda example. Progressives tell us that there is no provision in the House health care bill, H.R. 3200 for “death panels” as Sarah Palin claimed. They are correct and are not lying about it. However, they do not tell you that the “death panels” were already passed into law as the federal “Center For Comparative Effectiveness Research” under the Department of Health and Human Services as contained within the so-called “stimulus bill”, which no one read, but was signed into law anyway. You may recall the smirking Obama signing this bill in Colorado. Another pre-planned deception well thought out by our cunning socialist organizers. Mr. Obama knew exactly what he was signing; but we didn’t and we allowed it to happen.

Progressives understand that the health care bill is not about health care at all. It’s about the largest single increase and usurpation of federal government power and control over the American people ever attempted…and they’re almost there. Progressives knew the big two stumbling blocks would be “rationing” and “cost”. Cost is easy – just lie about it. Ignore the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and just repeat over and over again, “we’re going to lower cost” as though just saying it will do it. Obama actually maintains with a straight face that increasing expenses by over a trillion dollars is reducing cost. The press never says a thing. They just nod their brain washed heads up and down and drool into their expensive shirts and blouses. What a system.

Organizer Obama maintains that the highest probable cost is obtained by a patient speaking directly with his or her doctor. The lowest probable cost is obtained by placing 52 separate, federal government bureaucracies in between the doctor and patient. Can you imagine trying to get a question answered under this system or trying to actually resolve a problem? This proposal, H.R. 3200 is breath-takingly stupid.

Rationing is a bit tougher. How do you sell pulling the plug on our loved ones? You can’t. There is no way to sell that to the American public, dumbed down or not. The strategy here was not just to separate the “hard sell” out and to lie about it; but go one better and get “rationing” passed ahead of time in an unrelated stimulus bill pushed through Congress and signed into law so fast our trusted representatives didn’t even read it. You can’t make this stuff up. Our elected legislators actually did this to us and no doubt they will be re-elected for their trouble.

You may have noticed that Progressives in Congress don’t really argue much about the rationing issue. They don’t need to and don’t want to call attention to it because it’s already passed into law. They would prefer you don’t catch on just yet. They need to destroy the private insurance carriers first, then it won’t matter anymore because there will be no options left, except the “government” option. There is always a method to Progressive Incremental Madness.

I believe John F. Kennedy (JFK) was the last real Democrat. You can pick your own favorite, but since JFK it’s just been Karl Marx under different labels all the way down the home stretch. Unfortunately, the Republicans – supposedly the opposition Party – are valiantly fighting to place a close second in the Marxist race to victory. I have for a number of years, felt that so-called conservatives were serious about defending the Constitution and understood that this precious document and the blood shed for her birth was the foundation of our liberty.

I was mistaken. With the exception of one or two tiny voices, the halls of Congress are now silent in her defense; and with the tumultuous sound of that deep and cowardly silence resonating fully throughout the world; this once proud beacon of liberty shall be brought to her knees and we, her good people are sold into bondage as carrion feed for whatever buzzards care to partake.

Please stand up and prove me wrong. Do it for our children.


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