09-10-09: The Peacock Struts

Last evening’s joint session of Congress again spot lights Chairman Obama prancing, preening and posing for his precious teleprompters as he wastes 45 minutes more of tax payer time saying nothing of import, but wagging his long rather irritating finger and telling lie after lie after lie until I thought my TV screen might over heat. He refuses to mention which of the five existing health care bills he’s even referring to, but takes time to insult opponent’s for allegedly disseminating mis-information. Joe Wilson provided the only moment of clarity in the entire presentation and the Nobama thug machine will make sure he pays dearly for his honesty and courage.

Throughout the latter half of August, the Chairman sends out his paid, brown shirt organizer groups with their little pre-printed signs (that we probably paid for) along with his union thugs to disrupt decent town hall meetings; accuses grandma and grandpa of instigating violence; says to us, “I don’t want the folks who created this mess doing a lot of talking. I want them to just get out of the way.” and then has the nerve to suggest that the doltish Republicans are guilty of partisan rancor. This pretender to “the people’s” oval office is a disgrace to any decent hard working American who believes in the Constitution, personal liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Happiness to the Chairman is apparently borrowing money to fit our children with new balls and chains, while he lulls us into vacuous acceptance with his dull, droning baritone.

This predatory peacock needs to have his prickly tail feathers plucked. Impeach Obama now…and if they don’t wise up, impeach all 535 members of both Houses of Congress along with him – except for Wilson – he’s a keeper. Enough is enough. We have voted to have 534 (that’s 535 less Congressman Wilson) irresponsible, self aggrandizing legislators crush the hope of 320 million decent people into dust. Let’s stop this delusional two party, Washington charade before they flush another couple of trillion dollars and 10 pounds of future down Marx’s Maoist toilet. May God help the tea parties help us!


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