09-12-09: Misinformation, Part 3; Empowerment and Social Justice: How did the Right hand help the Left hand go wrong?

The idea of “social justice”, as futilely applied within its usual socio-economic context has become such an enormously misunderstood theory, is so far reaching; its affects so irreversible and so damaging to individual liberty and opportunity, that it requires its own chronicle. If we take a step back and quit calling each other names for a minute or two, we can truly do better – and interestingly with far less cost, humiliation and undermining of human dignity.

The historic failure of achieving meaningful social justice through various forms of Marxist-Leninism and the inability to engender positive societal outcomes is the result of regressive reliance on denial of human nature. Any motive ideology founded on regressive denial is doomed from the outset regardless of intention or motive. We may have every good intention of pitching our family’s tent in a beautiful and scenic spot, but if we are in denial as to the quicksand underfoot we are also likely to be disappointed. The only defense for Marxism given the lack of merit for such a failed ideology is to aggressively demean and attack all other competing ideologies through outright prohibition, demonization, misdirection, etc. This is the current crux of politically correct capitalist / socialist debate in the United States.

Progressives realized around the beginning of the 20th century that the best route to destroy capitalism and freedom in the west was not violent overthrow, but to infiltrate the text book publishing houses, other generic publishing houses, newspapers, unions, school administrations, city, county, state and federal government bureaucracies and also to capture key elected positions. This started prior to the Russian Revolution. Additionally such divisive movements as environmentalism, feminism, racism, homophobia etc. proved useful as the sincere energy of movement members could easily be channeled toward Progressive ends by enlarging the scope and slightly shifting the focus of the worthwhile cause. To date I would have to award significant merit badges for the success of Progressives in managing to alienate various groups and motivate them to want to tear each other apart. They are successfully destroying and near to disarming the United States without firing a single bullet. Where does it begin?

Today’s victims of public education administration, policy and redacted / revised history are most likely ignorant of the communal aspects of colonial life in Jamestown and other early English colonies. Withstanding the Lost Colony of Roanoke and other failed ventures the English lagged the Portuguese, Spanish and French in colonization prior to the end of the 16th century. This changed under the joint-stock company business structure and beginning in 1607 The London Company (later to become the Virginia Company) under Captain John Smith settled an area near Chesapeake Bay. The Company provided free transport to Jamestown from England for “indentures”, that is the transport was paid off by working seven years as an indentured servant. The Company owned the land by Charter granted by King James I in 1906. These colonists basically lived under a socialist system 240 years before Karl Marx plagiarized the concept. If you can locate a real history book, un-redacted by Progressive thought guardians you can learn all about this, so I’m not going to waste your time re-telling the story here. {The historic information I share with you is obtained from “A Patriot’s History of the United States” by Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen as published by Penguin Group (Sentinel) © 2004.}

My only point in bringing this up is to make the more utopian minded reader aware that the first community efforts at Jamestown were basically structured within an economic contract, which relied upon forced communal sharing; not unlike Marx’s subsequent slogan “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” as stated in his 1875 “Critique of the Gotha Program”. Jamestown was born as a socialist experiment, only with the Virginia Company owning the means of production instead of the English government. The reader should also be aware that this communal effort resulted in two thirds of the colonists hopelessly perishing of cold, starvation, disease (Malaria primarily) and destitution by the end of the first year. You may recall Smith’s famous edict issued in 1608. “He who will not work will not eat.” Smith’s near military take-over resulted in only 15% of the population perishing the second year as compared to more than 60% the first year. Even under the first official governor, Lord De La Warr, settlers still worked under forced labor gangs and were flogged or even hanged for shirking work.

The Virginia Company owners eventually concluded that negative incentives would carry the new colony only so far. Administrators rightly concluded that positive personal incentives might succeed where force could not. They then implemented the private ownership of land, which spurred by the introduction of tobacco farming and entrepreneurial spirit began to gain a resourceful success. Ultimately a Republican form of government was created and the rest as they say is history you might even learn in a public school.

Following privatization, the colonists didn’t dry up and blow away in the ferocious American wind as Progressive history teachers might have hoped. They prospered. Within a remarkably short time the colonists were doing pretty well and not long thereafter had gone from starving each other and freezing to comfortably exporting their bounty back to England. Go figure. That failed experiment, that lonely, broken acorn, turned completely around almost as an afterthought and proceeded to grow into the most free, most powerful, most generous, most productive group of people world history has ever known. Now today we have to put up with brilliant (sic) Harvard Law scholars such as Chairman O ceaselessly touting the regressive benefits of socialism like a carnival midway huckster peddling the best deal of your life if you’ll just pay your dollar and step inside his tent. All I can say is – “read a history book Sir”! You are not P.T. Barnum. Mr. Barnum actually gave his customers something for their money.

This remarkable colonial success story is why “America” has never since, throughout its history just been a place…just been some dirt with people living on it. America became an idea. A bold and wonderful idea so powerful and so good that divergent people from all around the earth desire it, dream of having it or even of going to America to get it. Immigrants don’t immigrate to America because the dirt’s better. They travel with the hope of realizing their chance at the idea of freedom, liberty and a life worth living and sharing. These dreamers are willing to give up everything they ever knew or had just for the chance. My gosh, what a powerful force the idea of freedom is; and what a terrible threat to tyranny it unleashes.

Interestingly, and up until now, Americans having realized this dream themselves have been more generous in sharing it with others than any population in history; even onto giving up their own lives and the lives of their children by the thousands in far away lands so that others less fortunate might share this incredible gift. Love and generosity flourish only within the safe haven of a free environment, whether a particular person chooses bravely to be free within their own mind as say Alexander Solzhenitsyn within the Soviet gulag or as can be truly, physically free within a healthier cultural context.

For this ideal of liberty symbolized by the French gift of our Gracious Lady boldly holding her torch aloft at Ellis Island, the American has had to live with various false accusations and has been spat upon by despots the world over as they grimly attempt to maintain their pitiful grasp over the lives of their captive people. Has America made mistakes? Of course she has. Humans are not capable of undertaking much of anything without making mistakes. For reasons I don’t understand it appears to be the primary way humans learn. Humans aspire to things greater than themselves; they try things; they experiment; they fail; they try again; they fail again; and finally something good happens. Humans good, bad or otherwise learn by their very real mistakes and reality is a harsh instructor. So harsh that isms have been invented for the purpose of protecting ourselves from the consequences of our mistakes. Most of these isms unfortunately are themselves a mistake.

Humans are also stubborn creatures prone to pushing hard on anything they perceive to be worthwhile. This makes humans susceptible to manipulation and sometimes leads them down not so great side roads that can be pretty harmful for a lot of people. One such side road with several dark detours is mapped out by the path of totalitarianism, communism, socialism, progressivism and fascism as they trek through the innocent blood of human history along the utopian path to something better. I don’t include capitalism, liberalism or conservatism along with these other isms because they don’t belong in this group. Liberalism and conservatism are simply two different political views toward societal issues voicing themselves within the free capitalist”ism” of our constitutional republic. Neither left to its own devices constitutes a threat to freedom.

Capitalism is its own ism and stands apart. It is not dark. The “t” through “f” isms listed above are referred to as dark because they have no “free” component within their collective ideology. They ignore human nature and the motivational light of the intrinsic God-drive toward spiritual fulfillment. Capitalism stands alone and apart because it is the only socio-economic ideology so far developed that not only promotes freedom, but is actually conceived on the very foundation of liberty, both spiritually and physically. Capitalism without freedom cannot function and to the extent it becomes warped by other sultrier, dark “ism” influences – it begins to falter. I believe this to be a significant distinction often overlooked by scholars much more noteworthy than myself. It is a trap spawning unintended consequences that our own political leaders frequently step into in spite of the best intentions. A rather cynical person once said “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, an observation that history has never disproven and we would do well to remember.

Why have I included this economic chronicle as part 3 of the misinformation series under the Category, Progressive Regression? I did it this way because often the best of intentions lead to the most negative of results and some are prone to stubbornly insist that obvious failure can somehow provide a good ending. Usually the end result of stubborn idealists bound to a failed concept do things like change the name, rewrite history or paint the facts with a tainted brush in the hope of forcing a bad idea to somehow demonstrate the possibility of a positive conclusion. These stubborn inclinations lead to misrepresentations, which fall into the category of misinformation and misinformation can lead us to deleterious results disguised as something better; hence this chronicle. Basically the economic misrepresentations made by Progressives seem to fall within myth-information parameters as the carrier vehicle so that’s how I conceived of my argument, not that it matters or you really care.

Circling back to the original question (posed in the title) I submit that with the possible exception of the 1994 Freshman Congress, which itself didn’t take long to careen off course, conservatives are generally and most unfortunately a cowardly and timid species prone to rational argument and the undo application of fairness. Liberals on the other hand tend to be emotional and prone to aggression even to the point of hostility. This makes conversation between the two difficult if not intimidating – at least for the conservative. As a practical matter (impractical really) the quiet, reasoned rhetoric of the conservative tends to be drowned out by the aggressive bawling of the impassioned liberal during the debate process. This divergent behavior doesn’t need to be characterized as good or bad, but it does need to be dealt with if our democratic republic is to survive much longer. This communication problem coupled with rampant corruption on both sides of the aisle is rapidly sinking our ship, but we’ll deal with corruption another time.

Making matters worse is the continual Progressive manipulation of both conservatives and liberals leading to the daily sound-biting cacophony of irrational battle cries, chaotic bed wetting and the resultant defensive posturing such impotent behaviors engender. One way to deal with the insanity is simply to identify for both liberals and conservatives the clever false choices that organizers have presented for them to argue about. It’s important for both sides to realize that they are not only manipulated by the clever use of poll tested language, but also and even more so by the subtle contextual presentation. The end game is not for the Progressive to win on the strength of meritorious argument, but only to enjoin chaos, out of which the Progressive can eventually win by default. It is a very deceptive strategy and one which rational conservatives do not understand and per Sun Tzu’s Art of War (6th Century B.C.), therefore cannot hope to overcome. One must know his enemy and himself in order to achieve victory – even in the world of ideas. So how do Progressive organizers manage to do what they do? The most potent method is to control the context of the argument and that is the real point of this long and windy chronicle.

Mind game example. If I put you in a 98°F waiting room and later ask if you’d like a sweater I can predict that you’ll respond “no thank you”. The reverse would be probable if the waiting room temperature were -23°F. This may not be the best analogy, but you get the idea. A political argument can be presented in one way or another, with the presentation context itself setting the stage for the probable outcome.

Recent more subtle example. Many folks are concerned about the mammoth and rather creepy House Bill H.R. 3200 on health care. These persistent vocal concerns by Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents alike led to town hall meetings being advertised and held at home throughout the month of August by various elected House and Senate legislators. Chairman Obama’s brown shirt machine (extremely Progressive) threatened by any smattering of truth, immediately devised the strategy of sending out union thugs and others to taunt and instigate conservative anger and hopefully incite violence. They were partially successful. Conservatives were neatly trapped and predictably became angry raising their voices on camera during meetings. This was immediately used against them by the progressive press. Unfortunately for the brown shirts, grandpa and grandma did not become violent so union members just simply beat people up and claimed the violence was perpetrated by extreme right wing protesters. Note that any citizen disagreeing with Chairman O is now a protester. This sold pretty well. Even if not believable on its face, pundits on both sides repeated the stories so often, thereby providing positive reinforcement, that the lies may as well have been true.

The de facto Obama media predictably peddled this disingenuous baloney exactly as told to by their handlers and presto – just like that – the discussion isn’t on the facts of H.R. 3200 anymore; now’s it about whether grandma and grandpa pose a serious threat to the safety of our communities or even to the very fabric of decent society. This was a great Progressive end run around the merit, which of course, cannot pass muster. As you can see this organizing stuff is brilliant and you can’t make it up. It’s hard to guess whether conservatives or liberals are couched as the greater fools, but I think I’ll give the conservatives a leg up on falling for this one. We’re still talking about it weeks later and no one including Chairman Obama, The Bull Goose Organizer himself, has the foggiest notion as to what the hell H.R. 3200 is about. All we know for sure is that H.R. 3200 is intentionally vague and gives some future czar, who will stand above Congressional scrutiny, dictatorial authority over our “life and death”. It also bleeds money under the nifty claim of savings.

This one recent example is sufficient for us to understand that liberals have been tricked by crafty progressive organizers into believing that “universal government health care” is a worthwhile idea. This in spite of the fact that there is not a government option anywhere in the world that has not killed the private option, reduced actual service, increased cost and made everyone involved sorry they ever did it the first place. Universal coverage does not equal universal care in any country we know of. In fact it’s the opposite. Proof lies in the fact that people from all over the world travel at great cost to be treated by doctors, nurses and medical staff right here in the United States. We see a lot of these folks here in Phoenix.

We even have gullible Congressional members touring Castro’s closely guarded and controlled private hospitals, then coming home and telling us how great it is for the people of Cuba and shouldn’t we all have it so great too? All I can think of to say to an adult this hopelessly naive is, “then why are you living here? Why don’t you move your family over there…to your utopian socialist dream? Isn’t that the place most of the world is trying to flock to – illegally or otherwise?” Oh, but I error – the place people are flocking to is here, to America. Huh? I thought hypocrite Michael Moore said our capitalist system is crap. What did he say? I’m getting confused. These Progressives can confuse their own grandmothers given half a chance. My head is spinning.

There are no examples in world economic history of Marxist principles working out successfully or in any positively constructive way for real people, including at the start of the American experiment. Socialist countries all over the world including Russia and China are now capitalistically privatizing sectors of their economies because communism doesn’t work and cannot support life. The ism cure for capitalist problems has been far worse than the problems themselves could ever hope to be. Yet the dark side isms sound attractive, especially when couched within warm, fuzzy language, wrapped in utopian ideals ignoring human nature and when real history is sufficiently redacted or revised within the long term dumbing down of our school systems so as to make its failed concepts plausible to otherwise sensible people. Mr. Obama is not a bad person. He’s just heavily indoctrinated and requires considerable over sight.

Don’t be drawn in by well intended though thoroughly indoctrinated organizers. Their delusions are not harmless. Their promises cannot be kept. Their manipulations will eventually enslave you within an unfunded fortress of debt, impotence and despair. Life is never easy. Society is fraught with difficulty. Freedom within a society is never free. Freedom is hard work, lots of personal responsibility, watchfulness and requires a dauntless integrity of spirit. Capitalism requires freedom and therefore is predicated on all of the above requirements and efforts. The Constitution of the United States and its companion Bill of Rights has guaranteed equality of opportunity. Given the variance in human composition it is not possible to guaranty more, but none-the-less the protection of that guarantee is essential to the highest level of equality and freedom any people has ever had, including Michael Moore.

The principles contained within and our inherent freedom so eloquently and powerfully recognized by The Declaration of Independence; The U.S. Constitution and her Bill of Rights is based on thousands of years of man’s most difficult and demanding philosophical meanderings and hard fought experience. These Founding documents of our country recognize and deign to protect our God given unalienable rights as free human beings. They do not grant us freedom; they recognize our God given freedom as our birthright. Never before in the history of mankind have such documents been written and passed into law. If you can be deceived into accepting that the paltry 400-year history of failed Progressive thought promising “to grant you” freedom is likely to work out better for you; then all I can say is be careful what you wish for, because sometimes you get more than you asked for. Life is full of surprises.

No Constitution will ever be able to assure success. Equal opportunity can be granted and defended, but outcomes are a personal matter and are individually chosen by each according to our own hearts, skills and desires. No promise of equal outcomes is promised by our Founding documents and rightly so. The various dark isms on the other hand do falsely promise equal outcomes. Unfortunately, those outcomes are not freely chosen and consist only of equality in despair; never in equality of opportunity. The isms insure failure of the human spirit under the guise of an easier way; but there is no easy way. Life is struggle. So learn to enjoy the struggle and under the carefully guided system of free market capitalism be able as the Army says “to be all that you can be”. Just be sure to diligently watch Capitalism so it too doesn’t run off the track because it obviously can. The 1994 Freshman Congress eventually did. Free markets and free people bear watching, but not destroying nor enslaving.

The right went wrong by failing to confidently stand up to incremental political correctness and other demeaning Progressive strategies. The cowardice of conservatives has disintegrated the balance of power and metastasized the cancerous tumor of Marxism within our own lives. Socialism will force us to be all it will allow us to be and not one thing more. It will shackle us with broken promises. Don’t be tricked by slick talking Progressive hucksters with calming baritone voices into trading thousands of years of hard earned knowledge and liberty for a cheap 400-year imitation that will rust out before you can even drive it. Any system that promises everything will likely deliver nothing. Stand up for your Constitution and loudly defend her. She’s the only defense of liberty any man has ever had. Don’t think she is easily replaced. Give her up only at our peril and realize that once given up she will only be bought back by the spent blood of our children and grand children or they too will be destined to nothing more than “indentured” servitude by a government that doesn’t care one whit about them. Will that be the legacy of our generation? The free love generation?

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