09-13-09: Truth or Dare?

A couple of evenings ago, Joe Wilson, a South Carolina Congressman rubrically blurted out a frustrated “You Lie” to Chairman O’s face while Obama’s glossy baritone paused for breath to roll out yet another insulting bit of malfeasant demagoguery, just one salacious bit of many at a highly advertised, nationally televised, joint session, Congressional carnival. This over-hyped, audio-visual photo op showcased the arrogant, narcissistic Chicago organizer stretching out his irritating finger and once again fabricating through his pearly whites with whatever reprobate refuse his ever-present tele-liars told him too. His carefully chosen words may be technically or legally correct, but are rarely sincere, honest or factual. I’m not sure if a more titanic, shameless failure of oval office leadership and lack of integrity has ever been witnessed in our leadership house. The paucity of Presidential honesty was and remains disgraceful. It’s difficult at best to conduct oneself with respectful decorum when our elected President behaves more and more each day like a comedic dummy perched with a snicker on ventroliquist Valerie Jarrett’s apocalyptic lap. I actually admire Congressman Wilson’s disciplined restraint given the fantastical situation he found himself in.

Not surprisingly, the issue has been cleverly morphed, not to the fact of Obama’s obsessive and trenchant misrepresentations, a legitimate problem; no, the Progressive issue now is whether Congressman Wilson must be formally punished for his factual, yet emotional remark should he fail to bend to Pelosi’s penchant demand for a formal governmental apology. This is an “in your face, on the table, truth or dare” failure of our government. These continuous White House lies are an insolent slap in the face to our democratic republic on a scale I have never witnessed in my lifetime. Like frightened lemmings we cower ever closer to the dark edge of political insanity, fatuously wondering if Under-Chairman Pelosi is correct and Mr. Wilson should more formally apologize for his justified lack of decorum. Do we really intend to facilitate under-Chairwoman Pelosi’s dubious effort to rub Mr. Wilson’s delicate nose in it for stating the forlorn and very lonely truth? Have we no courage at all? Are we no longer allowed to express outrage in the face of deplorable public conduct not acceptable behind a backyard privy? If so, do we even deserve to be free?

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid; the VA system; virtually everything our government touches is corruptly, negligently and fraudently mismanaged, yet Mr. Wilson, Congress and the people are supposed to sit quietly and listen respectfully to the delusionally disrespectful O suggest with a straight face, in front of Pelosi’s plastic, nodding head that we should add another trillion or so to the $100,000,000,000,000 (that’s $100 trillion) in unfunded, farcical mandates Congress has already committed us to. That would total $330,000 per every man, woman and child in this country, which is about $1,320,000 per family of four. Do you think maybe the United States has already accrued debt in excess of the total assets on the North American continent? Do you think maybe we have blindly voted our corrupt representatives into the dark, irresponsible abyss of national bankruptcy? Chairman Obama is casually quoting from the tele-liar about adding another trillion as though he has a spark of common sense in his Harvard educated head. Wilson finally can’t take it anymore and now you’re telling me Joe Wilson is the problem? Get out’a here! Take a shower or something! Clear your head!

The failure here is not Congressman Wilson acting out with understandable frustration at yet again another live performance of Obama disrespectfully misleading the people in their own House. The obvious disgrace here is that the full body of Congress did not have the courage or presence of mind to immediately rise from their expensive seats and loudly grant Joe Wilson a well deserved standing ovation for publicly recognizing that even though lying is not good; bold face lying by a President with no birth certificate in the people’s House is criminal and is not acceptable. If it’s not criminal it should be…and while we’re at it – if he has a bona fide U.S. birth certificate, I’d like to see it before he is allowed to further bankrupt our country; but I digress. Sorry.

Chairman O is welcome to his Marxist opinion. His sycophant followers are welcome as well. However, neither Obama nor his brown shirt truthers are welcome to lie from the floor of the people’s own House. If we stand for it, we are fools and right now we are looking pretty foolish. Joe Wilson is standing up for our freedom and our national sanity and from where I sit he appears to be standing alone.



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