09-25-09: TUFF and “Food For Thought”

Truckers United For Freedom.
Food For Thought.
The independent truckers of the United States may or may not realize it, but they hold the survival of urban America in the palm of their hand (actually in or on the trailer behind their cab). If the truckers of the United States ever went on strike to protest the incremental Marxist takeover of the U.S. Federal government and the destruction of independent small business in America, what would happen to our cities?

This would be irresponsible and I would never suggest such a thing as it would hurt the people, not the government; but I’m wondering; is the annihilation of small business in America by a government run amok better or worse? Is death by starvation better or worse than death by ideological asphyxiation? Is an entire life groveled under the boot heel of Marxist domination better or worse than one day of real life with all its pain and all its joy shared with your loved ones, friends and neighbors under liberty?

I’m not proposing or encouraging a national trucker’s strike here, so don’t go off the deep end. I’m simply trying to open our minds to the fact that all of us-together, in every walk of life, in every job or profession carry within our grasp the power of self-determination and the ability to affect outcomes. With our Federal government increasingly representing itself against the people; ruling instead of governing; it is important that people place their daily choices and decisions within the context of whether their actions enhance or deter their own personal liberty and that of others.

The 2009 “Tea Party” movement isn’t happening for fun. It isn’t happening because the working people of America can’t find anything to do. It isn’t happening because the white population of America suddenly realized the man they trusted and elected President is half black. It’s happening because our freedom is being stolen and if our national brain hasn’t been able to process it until now – our gut finally has. This is not a Democrat/Republican battle; don’t be fooled by fools on either side. This has developed over time into what is now a serious struggle by the American people to retain their right to self-government. It’s a winner take all fight for freedom, which is being taken bit by bit, piece by piece, here a little, there a lot, but always less and less remains until one morning we wake up and realize it’s all gone

You can laugh at me and claim I’m a neurotic and over-reactive old woman with no teeth, but realize it’s your own freedom we’re talking about here. If you don’t care enough about it to defend it, I guess I can’t help much. Either way, the reality is our lives are now coming under the control of arrogant, lying punks who never worked a day in their lives and who sadly had their brains sucked out of their little heads as children by nasty, progressive, thought-Troll organizers. Is this our future? Is this what we’re voting for? Is this our change? Is this what we’ve worked and sacrificed our entire lives for… for some grubby little punks and bullies to take everything away and give it to themselves and their friends? Excuse my English – but screw that!

We all have a choice to make and refusing to choose is a choice.

For my part in it; I’ll take my one day of freedom if I can!


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