09-28-09: Muslim Manchurian?

I’ve been trying to make a list of things that Obama has done since January that are good for folks. I only have one item so far. He almost ordered those pirates to be taken out. He didn’t quite order it (he dumped it on others to decide), but he almost did and that’s pretty good. Other than that it’s all bad as far as I can see.

In fact, it’s so bad I wonder what’s going on. I offer three possible scenarios.

Scenario One is that Obama, while literate, is so hopelessly incompetent and unqualified he simply cannot function as an executive leader.

Scenario Two is that he is simply not very bright.

Scenario Three is that he hates this country and will do anything he can to hurt it.

In spite of fending off negativity to the extent possible I’m leaning pretty heavily toward Scenario Three. If you consider the cataclysmic damage this man’s policies are causing and will cause on virtually every front; it’s difficult to conclude anything else. It appears more and more that the only explanation for this man’s limitless negligence is that it must be intentional. If we can get our arms around that concept then it’s not much of stretch to suggest that this man is quite possibly an America hating, Christian hating, freedom hating Muslim Manchurian candidate of sorts.

It appears that Obama’s Harvard education was arranged and paid for by friends and associates of Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Monsour, a close advisor to members of the Saudi Royal Family such as Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. The Doctor is a devout anti-Semetic Muslim well known as mentor to both Black Panther Party founder Huey Newton and his associate Bobby Seale. One might ask how it was that Barack Obama and his churlish wife afford a large, Hyde Park residence on an Illinois State Senator’s pay? Michelle Obama, the nations most angry First Lady is fond of mentioning her ties to South Chicago. Hyde Park is to South Chicago like the Bronx is to Manhattan. They ain’t the same.

Appearances suggest that everything Obama is and has is provided by others; Islamic others. It appears he is bought and paid for and came packaged in expensive Islamic gift wrapping. How long has it been since this man has had a thought of his own? Any thought not carefully cultured and nurtured by Islamic fundamentalists? I would say a very long time. He looks more and more like an Islamic cake frosted with Marxism.

The reason Obama cannot speak without a tele-liar is because it is impossible to keep all his lies and prevarications straight. The only semi-honest thing in his life might be the White Sox, but I would imagine that too is just a put-on to make Americans feel comfortable. I suspect we are in a great deal of trouble here in America.

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