If you’re standing in an unemployment line today listening to CNN explain on the convenient overhead TV that Obama has ended the recession and everything’s good again; well guess what; you’re not stupid and it ain’t fixed and Obama isn’t going to fix anything; not now; not ever. Not even the long legged blondes on Fox can fix what Obama’s doing. Barack Hussein Obama is doing exactly what he wants to do and what he has been brain washed to do; and we are watching him do it. Are we brain washed? Have we been brain bleached for God’s sake? Barack Hussein Obama wants to destroy America. Barack Hussein Obama is destroying America. We are watching Barack Hussein Obama destroy America. Why? Why are we sitting around watching this?

The Federal government of the United States has become a weedy, poisonous turnip patch. Obama is not even the head poison turnip. He’s just a prickly weed with a big mouth that stuck its head out from under a rock. He is in fact, not brilliant. He is in fact, not a nice guy. He has been spawned by the hatred of liberty and dressed by scum in a presentable suit. Have you seen the nasty, hateful smirk his churlish wife wears on her face whenever she’s not in front of a camera? That hatful smirk is Obama on the inside. Obama’s outside is just another lying politician stealing your money and in his case, stealing your freedom. He and his organizing turnips have already stolen the future from the good and decent people trying to live in our turnip destroyed inner cities. Now the turnips have turned their nasty beady eyes on you…on working America. They’re coming for you right now – and they intend to take everything you ever worked for or ever dreamed of providing for your children. Do you really want to stand around and watch this? Really?

I don’t want to watch this. I will not watch this. I may be nobody living in Phoenix, but I can write this blog. I can hang tea bags in my front yard. I can talk to people. I can march on Washington. I can quit voting for poison turnips. I can quit donating money to leeches. I will never submit to the future these foolish Progressives have planned for me. I will never turn the future of my children over to these hateful, power hungry grub worms. I will die first.

Impeachment requires behavior rising to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors”. A sitting President cannot be impeached because we disagree with his or her politics. It may be true that Progressives are in the process of criminalizing conservative thought; but they haven’t got there yet. Does the Muslim Manchurian’s behavior rise to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors”? Is he providing comfort and aid to our enemies? I’ll blab and you decide.

I want to mention one thing before listing what I believe to be policies rising to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors. Barack Hussein Obama is clearly a Muslim. As such he accepts the Koran and therefore Sharia law. Sharia law recognizes no other law. Barack Hussein Obama took his Presidential oath on a Bible, swearing to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. The required oath of office stated in Article Two, Section 1, paragraph 8 of the Constitution says: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The Constitution does not mention needing a Bible for the oath and as you may recall Chief Justice Roberts flubbed the oath and Obama took it again later, which caused some dismay, but the point here is that a Muslim taking this Presidential oath is meaningless and is a violation of Sharia Law. Obama as a Muslim, violated his Presidential Oath of Office by taking the Oath. The only person I’ve ever heard comment on this rather significant point is Barry Young on KFYI in Phoenix. Obama swore to protect and defend – but his oath is meaningless and he knows it.

Since January 20th, 2009, Obama and his 111th Congress have done the following:

• Never displayed a valid proof of natural born, United States citizenship. You may argue that this requirement of the Constitution’s Article Two isn’t important, but none-the-less Obama has never demonstrated his citizenship status. The Framers obviously thought it worth mentioning. Should we think – Trojan Horse?
• Appropriated more money than all previous Presidents and Congresses in American history. Including unfunded mandates the total debt is now nearly $100 trillion dollars; about $330,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States. This does not include universal health care and is clearly like something out of a comic book except it’s real. The United States is bankrupt. The 111th Congress is not responsible for all of this debt, but arguably has done nothing except to increase it. Any private business person who did a fraction of this would spend the rest of his or her life in jail.
• Agreed with the Federal Reserve Bank to print money so Congress can have the U.S. Treasury buy its own bonds, since no one else will. (This is called monetizing our debt and is a violation of the 1951 agreement between the Federal Reserve Bank and the United States never to monetize U.S. debt.) I am not an economist and don’t understand such things, but this monetization should result in higher interest rates – which it’s not – which means the Federal Reserve Bank is playing some kind of game with our U.S. currency. I don’t know what the game is, but I’m smart enough to know it’s not a good thing. Milton Friedman would frown on it and when Milton frowns from above – we should pay attention.
• The above policy is most likely destroying the global bond market and is without question damaging U.S. credit worthiness.
• The monetization of our debt is a government guarantee of future inflation.
• Obama policies are destroying the U.S. currency.
• Taken every last dollar out of private circulation and absolutely stopped private investment in economic growth and real jobs. Government make-work programs are not real jobs created by a growing economy, especially when funded with money we don’t have. The Obama administration has made it impossible for private sector U.S. business to borrow.
• Socialized the banking industry.
• Socialized the auto industry.
• Forced thousands of Republican and/or conservative supporting family owned auto dealerships out of business. Didn’t even smile doing it. We did nothing. What if this had been your family’s business?
• Are actively destroying all small business in America.
• Have taken corruption out from under the Congressional Table and placed it squarely on the Table for everyone to admire.
• Are actively working to destroy private property rights in the United States.
• Continues to prohibit short term energy solutions necessary to fund long term energy solutions, thereby assuring future shortages and punitive pricing. This is a national security issue and we as a people need to be concerned about it.
• Demonizes giant energy companies publicly, but privately protects the status-quo. Talks about energy constantly, but has done little to actually incentivise development of U.S. energy sources. This assures the U.S. remains dependent on Middle Eastern Islamic countries who believe great destruction must be brought onto the United States in order to bring about the return of the Twelfth Imam or Caliphate and world domination by Islam.
• Has abandoned Poland and Czechoslovakia (all of Europe really) and has avoided any constructive action toward non-nuclear weapon proliferation. Obama markets himself as the “nuclear disarmament guy”, but only for the U.S. – not for any other countries, particularly Iran. This is assured nuclear disaster for some point in the future. He masquerades as a caring man, but cleverly does nothing to hinder the acquisition of nuclear arms by rogue nations publicly and brazenly committed to our destruction.
• Jimmy Carter got a Nobel Prize for de-stabilizing the Middle East. Obama just got one for his promise to de-stabilize the entire planet. Likely, the only promise he intends to keep.
• The only spending cuts proposed by this Administration are medical and military. The 111th Congress and Obama are doing everything they can to weaken our military defense capabilities. This policy coupled with the bankruptcy of the United States and the wholesale destruction of the U.S. economy is not high crimes and misdemeanors – it is outright treason against the American people.
• The government of the United States is aggressively attacking our intelligence gathering community. The Obama Justice Department and Congress are actively bullying our brave intelligence community into irrelevant impotence. The U.S. cannot protect its people in today’s world without a healthy intelligence gathering community. This policy is treason against the American people.
• Is actively working to destroy the national sovereignty of the United States and is openly seeking to create the North American Union. This aids and comforts our enemies and is treason. George W. Bush is guilty of this as well.
• The Obama policy of appeasement toward ruthless leftist dictators destroys all hope of freedom for the subjugated peoples within those unfortunate countries. It more importantly reinforces the totalitarian power of those same dictators. All of these dictators, without exception hate the United States and will do anything they can to hurt or destroy the American people and freedom throughout the world. Obama’s policy of appeasement toward leftist dictators is treason against the people of the United States. Obama was awarded a Nobel Prize for his desire to weaken the United States and to decimate individual liberty. As citizens of the world, we should be concerned about this because when freedom has been killed in the United States it will have died for the entire world. This is the intended Obama legacy – the “Change You Can Believe In”.

I can go on with this list all day, but if you don’t see the threat by this point I can’t help you anyway. Obama intends to destroy our country. He is destroying our country and we are allowing him to do it under the umbrella of political correctness. Obama is half black so we can’t say anything critical without being racist.

For my part, I don’t give a horse’s patoot what color he is. He’s a freedom despising Marxist who hates every God-respecting principle the United States was built on. I don’t like the guy. It will take a decade to repair the damage done in the past ten months. If this man and his 111th Congress is permitted to run loose for another year or two it will be several decades, if ever, before our kids have a shot at the future we gave away…and you Republicans are every bit as responsible for this as Democrats, so don’t get your pompous hat on. We need to clean your house as swell.


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