10-11-09: Obamanomic Futility

All revenue the federal government has or can get is borrowed or “taken” from private individuals and businesses. To suggest that we can stimulate the economy and create jobs by mindlessly pushing more government borrowing and taking is irrational. Economic history demonstrates the concept to be a failed concept, yet that’s all we hear from Washington. So-called Government stimulus is de-stimulus and Washington is delusionally pushing more of the failed same. These people haven’t had an idea since Karl Marx in 1848. Progressive my butt!

The people on unemployment need help, but help is better provided with a job, not a borrowed handout. Obamanomics is certain failure. Our mortgages can only be paid for with a job. How does the government continue to help with mortgages when its only true source of revenue is being squashed by government policies? What we are allowing Washington to do is insane and irresponsible! The government takes a dollar, wastes 90 cents of it and returns a dime to the economy and calls it stimulus. Are you kidding me?

Congressional policies forcing subprime lending promoted Wall Street greed and resulted in the collapse of the U.S. economy by artificially transferring risk to the third party tax payer. Our economy collapsed not due to lack of regulation, but because of ill-conceived regulation. Congress has paid off the bankers to keep quiet about the source of the problem and the tax payer is paying for it every step of the way. Now the tax payer is broken and the government has killed its source of revenue. To cover the mistake, the government is borrowing, printing money and manipulating interest rates. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and others in Congress have learned nothing. They are even today forcing more subprime lending. I’d say these elected officials are dummer than a box of rocks, but that would be insulting to rocks.

If the tax payer doesn’t stand up and say enough is enough we are lost! These career politicians are criminally negligent and obscenely corrupt. It’s time to start demanding that corrupt politicians in violation of their fiduciary responsibility to the American people go to jail. As Ron White said, “You can’t fix stupid. Stupid is forever!” If we as tax payers don’t stand up and demand financial responsibility we are stupid! Lying by politicians is not OK.

Real stimulus is going to come from sane tax policy, not from government theft. Good Lord.


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