11-18-09: Take out the Garbage, Please

The representatives we have been electing for the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Presidency of the United States have sunk to the putrid level of rotting garbage and we the people are the stinking, dented can. I know of no other honest way to describe the putrescent status of our Federal government in 2009. Our White House is full to overflowing with arrogant, corrupt, over educated, over brain-bleached, spoiled, hypocritical, smart mouth Marxist punks who have never worked a day in their wasted lives, have never been accountable for a single thing and have learned nothing except to feed at the public trough like fatted feeder pigs in a muddy Progressive lot.

Well folks, the fatted hogs are running the farm now and we the hard working, but unfortunately politically apathetic farmers are paying handsomely for the privilege of being led to slaughter. It’s time to take these punks out into the parking lot and slap ’em up side the head, before throwing their smart little over-dressed asses into the street where they can hunt for an honest job. Come on folks – take out the garbage. It ain’t that tough. In 2010 and every election there-after, start paying attention, go on down to the voting booth and throw the sleazy, self-important, bloated scum bags out of office…all of ’em…Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Green party, Socialists…all of ’em. They aren’t worth an ounce of carbon warmed oxygen – none-of ’em.

The next time one of these arrogant little Marxist squids tells you they’re giving you something for nothing – slap ’em up side the head – hard, and suggest they get out of your face with their stinking socialist garbage and get a job. If they don’t want a job – buy ’em a one-way ticket to their squalid Cuban paradise. The Castro brothers will hook electrodes to their testicles until they learn what free speech is and how they don’t have it. It’s that simple folks.

For crying out loud wake up. We didn’t want bail outs – Washington gave us bailouts. We didn’t want tarp – Washington gave us tarp. We didn’t want bank take-overs – Washington took over the banks. We didn’t want auto company take-overs – Washington took over GM and Chrysler. We didn’t want union pay backs – Washington is paying back unions. We don’t want our debt monetized – Washington and the Federal Reserve are monetizing our debt. We don’t want government borrowing – Washington has borrowed more money in nine months than the U.S. has ever borrowed in its entire cumulative history. We now owe more than $1,200,000 per every man, woman and child in this country. The United States is criminally bankrupt by any standard you want to use. Our elected representatives have lied, cheated, stolen and benefited by our hard work, sweat, tears and trust every day of every week of every month of every year since scum bag, delusional, Progressive President Wilson lied his way into Office.

We don’t want government rationed health care – WASHINGTON IS FORCING IT DOWN OUR THROATS ANYWAY and to rub our noses in it – WASHINGTON KEEPS THEIR ROLLS ROYCE INSURANCE COVERAGE that we pay for. They won’t have rationiong forced on their families – no siree, Barack. We don’t want their greedy, lying energy tax scheme to cure a non-existent global warming delusion – BUT WASHINGTON IS GIVING IT TO YOU ANYWAY. WASHINGTON DOESN’T GIVE TWO HOOTS WHAT YOU THINK OR WANT FOR YOUR KIDS. THEY WANT YOUR MONEY AND ALL THE POWER THEY CAN GET…AND THEY INTEND TO TAKE IT. THE QUESTION IS; WILL YOU LET THEM?

We are already finished as a world power. We are a joke. We are fools. Well we don’t have to remain fools. Even fools can learn. Stand up for yourself and think. Vote. Write letters. E-mail. Make phone calls. Picket these scum bag elected official’s offices. Throw tomatoes at ’em, while we’re still allowed to grow tomatoes. DEMAND they REPRESENT you – not RULE you. If you think yelling at the TV is going to stop these ignorant little punks from destroying your country with their bull crap cap and trade, government take-over of health care; taking your internet; taking your right to assemble and speak; taking your right to grow food for God’s sake; taking your right to have water for God’s sake like girly man Arnold is letting Washington do – forget it – it’s all over. Your kid’s future is already gone. Don’t even cry about it because that’s all you deserve, if you let it happen.

If you want freedom you better start fighting for it because these scum in Washington are taking it from you in bigger and bigger chunks every single day. If we don’t stand up and scream NO pretty doggone soon – there won’t be any reason to stand up at all. Take a lesson from the “As a Mom’s – check out the Mom’s website at asamom@ning.com. The Mom’s are leading the charge. Back ’em up. Charge from behind their skirts. Like your Mommy says – TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE. LET THE GARBAGE MAN BURY THE POOPY WHERE WE CAN’T SMELL IT.


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