10-25-09: Republicans 2.0 by Peter Gounares

Listed below are Peter Gounares’ 10 principles of Republicans 2.0. Peter is running for Congress in the 1st Congressional District of Alabama. He’s a good guy and looks like he’s worth watching and supporting. The Kolinski Chronicle supports Peter Gounares for Congress even if it can’t vote.

1. Balance the Budget. Spending must be brought under control. The U.S. cannot keep spending more money than it brings in.

2. Stop government bailouts. Taxpayers should not continue paying for failed businesses. Businesses should be allowed to fail when poorly run.

3. Big government is not the answer. The government has not, and cannot run business more efficiently than the private sector. Government bureaucracy stifles efficiency, which results in less production and innovation.

4. Allow energy exploration in the US. The U.S. has resources which are not being utilized. Oil should be drilled wherever possible when it can be done safely. Clean coal, nuclear, natural gas, wind, solar, and geothermal are other energy sources which are abundant inside our borders. We must rely more on our own energy production and less on energy from countries that do not have America’s best interest at heart.

5. Protect our borders/no blanket amnesty. We cannot protect our country if we cannot protect our borders. Border security is a National Security issue which must be addressed. We must not allow a blanket amnesty for illegal aliens. Instead, a process should be in place to register everyone in this country who is here to work and pay taxes. Those individuals should be given an opportunity to remain and attain citizenship.
Convicted felons and those who do not work, or do not register and chose to work outside of our tax system should be removed from our borders.

6. Create responsible climate policies. The U.S. should adopt climate policies based on sound science, not media hype.

7. Eliminate the death tax. There are enough taxes Americans have to pay through out their lifetime. A tax burden should not be put upon grieving families. Let families live the American dream of working hard, saving, and passing on their family legacy.

8. Personal Responsibility. Successful behavior should be rewarded, not punished. Conversely, irresponsible behavior should not be rewarded, but encouraged down the path towards success.

9. Reduce U.S. troop and monetary involvement in the UN. For too long the U.S. has carried the weight of the U.N. financially and militarily. The U.S. needs to scale back its burden and insist the rest of the world take a more active role. We cannot continue to finance the failings of the U.N.

10. Congressional Term Limits. America absolutely needs Congressional term limits. Qualifications and ability should decide who runs Congress, not the longevity of those from “safe districts.” We need only look at the current leadership in Congress to confirm Congressional term limits are a must for America.

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