11-01-09: Requiem For Freedom

The United States of America is not just a place and not just a people. The United States is a concept, a noble idea born out of the insight, spiritual discernment, courage, exercise of free will, hard work, independent risk taking and the spilled blood of the generous and brave families who preceded us on this sacred land. We the American people of 2009 have inherited this precious gift of freedom won for us through the martyrdom and sacrifice of the people of 1776.

Freedom has never been “given, granted or conferred” by one man or woman to another man or woman in all of world history. Never once. Freedom is won. Freedom is taken with great courage – usually by sword or gun, at great risk, with the precious blood of the freedom seekers freely spilled by those who would otherwise subjugate others and control them.

The freedom of the people of these United States was taken by blood in the final form of three documents. The Declaration of Independence. The Articles of Confederation. The Constitution of the United States including its several Amendments, the first ten of which are referred to as the Bill of Rights. These three documents in their turn created the “Rule of Law” under which each of us in the United States freely lives. The Rule of Law is not perfect. People are not perfect. It is none-the-less a fact that the Rule of Law as conceived by our Founders has led to the most generous, most prosperous, most industrious, most equal, freest society that has ever existed on planet earth.

Our Rule of Law is based on the socio-economic experience and learning of several thousand years of human life, suffering and joy as shared within various civilizations from around the world. It is a precious thing coveted by many, held by few and hated by those who would control, subjugate and enslave their fellow man for whatever purpose.

Our Rule of Law and hence our freedom has been under siege since first conceived in 1776. Under siege by ignorance, by envy, by greed, by the insatiable lust for power and by the good intentions of fools. The American people voraciously defended and valued their individual freedom up to and through the end of the nineteenth century. Since the early 1900’s through the 1950’s less so and now in 2009 not at all. We, a once free and generous people have given away our most valuable birthright of freedom and now fetidly languish in the empty, malodorous promises and false hopes of unproven fools.

Faustian fools who have never worked an honest day in their lives; have never been held responsible or accountable for any result; have never produced anything; have never created a job or opportunity for anyone; have been over-educated by other ignorant, ungrateful fools; have been spoiled by being given too much; babied and coddled too much; deluded by an unearned sense of their own self importance; have fed at the public trough their entire wasted lives; and now arrogantly promise hard working responsible people who have successfully struggled their entire lives that they, the spoiled, coddled, brain washed arrogant punks and fools have all the right answers and you hard working trash had better listen carefully – or else. You will accept their Rule of Man while they flush your hard won Rule of Law down the toilet.

These pathetic fools brainwashed by utopian meddlers follow and are mindlessly devoted to a spiritually empty, deceitfully corrupt ideology less than 300 years old. An experimental ideology based on the Rule of Man, ignoring human motivation and nature entirely and which has failed in every miserable case ever tried to supposedly improve the lives of those to whom promises were made. In every case, without exception the promise of government controlled, central planning turned to butchery, torture, starvation, enslavement, misery and finally to the death of untold millions of good and decent people who wanted nothing more than a good life for their families.

This noxious ideology exists under several humanly fatal forms such as Fascism, Communism, Socialism and Progressivism. It is employed through the marketing of various pseudonyms such as social justice, fairness and the equitable distribution of wealth. Its promise sounds good; its utopian delusions are appealing and comforting to humans whose normal life is hard work, struggle and survival. Unfortunately, its promise is empty; its futile reality harsh and unyielding.

Lenin’s promise of the benefits and fairness of Marxist ideology led directly to the abuse, intimidation, captivity, starvation and murder of more than forty million of his own countrymen and women. The Russian people have not yet recovered from their colossal blunder and today are privatizing everything in site in an attempt to rebirth their own possibilities for once again achieving human excellence in their lives.

Chairman Mao’s promise to the Chinese people of the benefits and fairness of the Marxist revolution led directly to the abuse, torture, captivity, starvation and murder of more than sixty million (some say more than seventy million) of his own countrymen and women. The Chinese people are today still horribly impoverished and are trying to recover from their destructive, painful and murderous delusion. China too, has found its only respite – its only path to recovery in privatization and capitalism.

The Balkans, Libya, Germany under Hitler, Cuba under Castro, much of Latin America, Venezuela and other nations have all blundered into the enslavement, torture, degradation of human life, hopelessness and despair actualized by the promise of a better future as offered by the proponents of central planning and the government controlled nanny state. Canada, France, Great Britain and other European nations have been reduced from once productive, fiercely independent people to shadows of their former selves, groveling through life’s meager choices imposed by an ignorant, uncaring nanny state too hopeless to get out of its own way. All nanny state promises are broken. Life is not free. Freedom is not free.

Yet the corrupt, smiling Obama and his shameless White House czars; a poisonous group of spoiled, selfish, arrogant, delusional, brain washed leeches who contribute nothing to our society but bleed it dry of every good value with the historically false promise of something socialistically better and supposedly carrying no price tag for anyone to bear are openly urinating on our precious Constitution – on our valued Rule of Law every day of the week; 24/7. Obama’s accomplices in the abolishment of American freedom stand in the taxpayer’s Rose Garden dripping with venom as they spew their relentless stream of euphemistic promises and lies through fanged smirks at the most uninformed voting populace American education has ever produced. We have been Progressively dumbed down to an embarrassing and useless futility.

These venomous, unproductive parasites living off the capitalist manna of hard working productive people are dismantling America right in front of our eyes. They have neutered the press, are actively threatening our right to free assembly, are in the process of killing free speech entirely, court crony corruption and payoff of friends with taxpayer funds openly and we are just now talking about being a little nervous. Are you kidding me? We should be enraged. The fact that we are not suggests that the communists have in fact won the cold war and our freedom has been usurped by spoiled Progressive squid.

How about an example? Let’s consider the ridiculous 1,900 pages now proposing “government run health care”. If our Federal government were to force we the people to each purchase one baseball bat every week or be subject to fines and perhaps imprisonment – we would likely not accept it. Such a government demand would clearly not be Constitutional or legal under our Rule of Law. The case of our Federal government forcing us to purchase health care insurance, public or otherwise, is just as unconstitutional and just as illegal. The Federal government of the United States has no such authority under our Rule of Law. The people, however, instead of rebelling in outrage over such a preposterous suggestion being put forth by morally corrupt career politicians – are busy discussing which aspects might be better than some other aspects. Is getting screwed this way better than getting screwed that way to be more impolite?

How about holding our elected representatives accountable to the Rule of Law and taking this garbage rationing bill off the table all together as should clearly be the case? How about holding our elected representatives liable for violating their oath of office; for failing to protect and defend the Constitution; and for violating their fiduciary responsibility to the American people? How about holding these corrupt pond scum to the standard of high crimes and misdemeanors?

I’m not going to go into the unconstitutional and illegal government takeover of our banks and auto companies. I won’t bore you with the wantonly illegal government taking of assets from secured Chrysler bond holders, which violated both securities law and contract law. I won’t bore you with a lengthy discussion of how the Obama Administration put thousands of family owned Republican car dealerships out of business. I won’t go into how the Federal government and the Federal Reserve Bank is illegally (per the 1951 Accord) monetizing our Federal debt and destroying U.S. currency. I won’t go into the illegal and unconstitutional nature of the energy crap and tax bill(s) being considered. I won’t go into the treasonous nature of the Copenhagen Treaty Chairman O will sign in December and the unscrupulous Senate will later ratify. I won’t go into any of these other “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

I only mention these other things to caution the reader that your precious freedom is already gone. It’s not going. Nobody’s going to take it. They already took it. It’s gone. Our apathy gave it away years ago. Obama and his band of arrogant, poverty pimping, greedy, freedom despising slugs wouldn’t bother to wipe their behinds with the hard won Constitution our generation gave away. The Rule of Law is dead in America. We will now live under the Rule of Man and if you’ve ever had the chance to read a real history book – you can predict how that will work out for your children.

The only thing left for freedom in America is to sing the funeral dirge and set the granite memorial stating “we were to busy to care”.



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