As I type this chronicle on the morning of Saturday, November 7, 2009 our rogue House of Representatives will have spent a sleepless night twisting arms until a sufficient number of weak kneed Members are intimidated into supporting H.R. 3962. Assuming a dirty and successful intimidation round by what is supposed to pass for House Leadership, the intent is to vote on the un-Constitutional government coup de tat of the United States health care industry – House Bill H.R. 3962. This House of Representatives, which has proven itself gluttonously power hungry, managerially inept and unfathomably corrupt countless times will against the wishes of a majority of its constituents impose a communist inspired, brutally rationed, central planning system on the American people for the first time in U.S. history. “Change you can believe in” and lots of money for friends of O.

Chairman Obama, our very own Muslim Manchurian devoutly promised to “fundamentally transform America”; and with the help of this rogue, treasonous Congress, hosting drooling Members in outright, open defiance of their own sacred oath of office; he is in fact doing exactly that. Chairman Obama is diligently keeping the only promise he ever intended to keep. All others made over a two-year period, broken as they are no longer necessary or useful to his Marxist agenda, now lie expediently covered in the smutty, smoldering ash of his impotent, twisted and misleading words.

This man – Chairman Obama, the self-ordained Oracle of Hope – pawn of powerful interests, doll of the sycophantic media -poses a clear and present danger to our democratic republic. His lack of judgment, failure to demonstrate good faith, total absence of integrity and a deeply rooted narcissistic obsession with his own personal role in acting out the triumph of futile Marxist ideology poses an immediate and obvious threat, not only to the people of the United States; but to the people of the world. This glib, characterless, unproven, untested man-child is scary; and the Congress standing behind him is nothing less than frightening.

The Supreme Court, House, Senate and Executive Office on any of their best days are usually something less than impressive. Incompetence, greed, political cowardice and a selfish, self serving point of view is expected and accepted by today’s dumbed down, apathetic voter. Generally speaking we have been on a downhill slide since 1786 or so with certain notable drops into complete futility by delusional leaders such as Wilson and Roosevelt with their regressive Progressive nonsense or by weak minded fools such as Jimmy Carter who received a Nobel Prize for destabilizing the Middle East. Only by re-writing history and obliterating fact can Progressive non-educators dress these abject failures in an acceptable looking, wrinkle free suit.

That said, all of U.S. history’s successes and failures pale under comparison with the suicidal obsession of this 111th Congress now grouped behind the inept and delusional Obama Oracle, poised to impose its Marxist doctrine on the world’s last bastion of freedom – no matter the cost – no matter the catastrophic, easily predictable level of failure. A more sick, cruel and irresponsibly negligent group of elected Representatives has to my knowledge never come together to lie, cheat and steal their way to absolute power over the good and trusting people of America.

What to do? I suggest the following: H.R. 3962 is un-Constitutional. Period. Congress does not have the legal authority to even discuss proposing this gross miscarriage of justice, not to mention actually voting for it and attempting to impose it on the American people. Any House Member who casts a vote for this monstrous abolition of our God given rights and liberty must be held to account for his or her “dereliction of duty” against the American people. If we fail to do this – we will fail to remain free. This un-Constitutional abortion of legislation and Rule of Law sets the stage for a self serving Federal government to intervene and control every aspect of our lives. What can a person do that doesn’t impact their health in some way? In Great Britain today, the British bureaucrats have granted themselves the right to enter a home and check what’s in the cupboard. Do you want this?

Our U.S. elected officials have so blatantly and openly flaunted their abuse of authority and disregard for the Constitution under which they are empowered by the very people and States they serve that no further “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” is required to demand a full and responsible accounting and no “plausible deniability” applies. The very act of voting in favor of H.R. 3962 constitutes an “obstruction of justice” impacting the unalienable rights of every legal citizen of these United States and should be punishable to the maximum extent of the law.

The fact that this putrid miscarriage of legislation will likely never be passed by the hapless Senate is irrelevant. Elected officials are accountable to our Rule of Law. They are not, however, accountable if “we the people” do not demand they be held accountable. This is our voting right and responsibility as free citizens. The corrupt officials we have duly elected are not entirely to blame for their weakness. We are all weak in our turn. We the people through our apathy and inattention have set the stage for self aggrandizement to reign freely over our Members of elected office. We are just as responsible for our loss of freedom as they are. This must stop now.

As an analogy consider the banking collapse. Bank management was greedy. However, it was ill conceived and self serving regulation and regulators that set the stage and created the environment in which bad judgment and greed could attractively run rampant. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Our loss of freedom is coming about in the very same way. The voting public has been systematically dumbed down and history re-written by illegitimate Progressive educators for decades. Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981, a man I don’t often agree with, has commented that the United States currently hosts the most ill-informed voting population in its history. He is, of course, correct.

It is difficult if not impossible to effectively manage a democratic republic with an uninformed, uneducated population. We the people, the voter must retake our responsibility as citizens; we must retake our system of education and our schools; start paying attention to politics; and must most of all hold our elected Representatives accountable for their actions. Our failure to stand up and do the right thing at this turning point in the history of freedom, will guarantee that our American experiment with individual freedom goes the way of all previous democracies and experiments before us. Capitulation and return to tyranny after just 200 or so years. Don’t let this happen.

Please consider jumping onto one of the bandwagons of freedom. AS A MOM, the Tea Party folks and many other groups are forming around the country and are actively trying to save and improve our strangling republic. We even have some legislators such as Arizona’s U.S. Senator Jon Kyl or House Representative John Shadegg doing their level best to defend us and our Constitution. Help them help us. Get involved. Make sure our children have the same freedoms (or more actually) that we had.

For those of you ignorantly supporting Progressivism in our country, please find and read a real history book or two while you still can. For example Jon Stewart, who likes getting paid to make fun of Glenn Beck among other things, should consider what may happen when his Progressive usefulness has expired; when Glenn’s right to free speech has been terminated. Look into what has happened to creative outspoken citizens in other Progressive countries once full power over the people has been achieved. The story is always the same.

I humbly request that in their own self interest, Progressive supporters take a look at the historic Progressive record. Free speech ain’t in the Progressive hand book. Creative, outspoken people are silenced and/or eliminated. I don’t claim this. This is historic fact. Contrary to Progressive propaganda, our choices have consequences.


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