11-13-09: One World or Not?

Of all the brilliant and courageous leaders of color in these United States we had to fall for the third string, Islamo-Marxist leftover. We picked the haplessly propagandized, poverty pimping, lying, narcissistic, delusional, community dividing Barack Obama. We could have encouraged Alan Keyes, JC Watts, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams or Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; or even Colin Powell or Michael Steel, but no; we had to fall for untested, unproven, incompetent, negligent, America hating Obama and make him Chairman of his newly created, unconstitutional, freedom despising politburo. We have a problem, but it’s actually not Obama. It’s a little bigger than him.

Obama was presented as our choice only because he was used as an easily moldable pawn by very wealthy, very powerful people who desire very much to use us as well. He was chosen by power because he can read a teleprompter convincingly and will do what he’s told by those he is beholden too, not unlike most of our elected Representatives. He is the lead salesman indentured to the selfish people who created him and gave him everything he has. He believes honestly in victimizing poor people because in his own heart he is them and he does not like what he sees, although he fails completely to comprehend his or their situation and his own role in it. We are all puppets of power – when we choose to be – and we, the American people, the love children of the sixties have made a choice; just as Obama did. The puppeteer gracefully moved his hand and so we danced to the delicate movement of his strings. We dance by choice. Obama mirrors us. We are no better, no worse and no different than Barack Obama. We simply made the wrong choice and in so doing became willing puppets; and now we will either face our destiny and fix it; or we won’t. There is still time to make a better choice. It means State’s Rights must be exercised and Washington must be told NO!

Many of us like to blame Obama for our current plight and he makes an easy target, but Barack Obama is just another symptom, not a cause. He is a man who had a tough childhood with a self centered, irresponsible mother who eventually abandoned him and a useless father who also abandoned him. He was an easy target for communist parasites that can smell weakness and prey from a continent away. He is an unfortunate pawn in the battle for One World and we, the compassionate people of the United States are now the ignorant victims of those who abused him. We are the same. We are pitifully losing the Cold War we thought Reagan had helped us win. Well guess what – no one can win freedom for you – you have to claim it for yourself and it makes no difference what color you are. It also matters that Communism, although horrible, is not the real problem either. It’s just another symptom. The problem is bigger than capitalism versus communism.

The societal dilemma that America currently faces, but unfortunately cannot seem to own up to is the falsely constrained choice offered between liberalism and conservatism; between Democrat and Republican; between the left and the right; between green or not green. As a nation we do not understand that all conveniently paved roads lead to One World domination and the key to achieving that domination is to knock America down so the playing field can be equally level and miserable for everyone. This is the unstated goal of the environmental movement, the soon to be Copenhagen Treaty and other global agreements.

The societal dilemma for the world today is multi-faceted, but the primary and most valuable false choice is offered between Atheism, Christianity and Islam; a hopeless conundrum that at some point will level the playing field big time and will have all people begging for the Globalization panacea to save them from themselves. For both America and the world the game is the same; how to secure more stuff for those few lined up at the high side of the playing field, while keeping the drones happy enough to shut up. The modern tool of choice is division and we are the pawns if we choose to be played.

The battle for power and wealth has been waged since man and woman first crawled out of their cave and saw another man and woman. Nothing new there. We all want better furs, more food, a bigger, dryer, warmer cave and nicer stuff. The problem arises when we become attached to the stuff. Religions and philosophies have told us for centuries that this sort of worldly attachment can and usually does lead to easily predictable negative outcomes, but hey – we want our stuff – so the hell with it. We go for it. Maybe Buddha’s aesthetic efforts will save us all in the end without our having to sacrifice anything at all.

Unfortunately some humans are smarter and tougher than others and the playing field got tilted pretty early on, say as long ago as when the Merovingian Kings were basically ousted. I use the term Merovingian loosely to refer to the legitimate bloodline of David, whose descendant Kings basically believed a leader served, not ruled his or her people. Once the Merovingians were marginalized, and they were certainly not perfect, the playing field tilted tectonically and it’s become a permanent uphill struggle ever since for anyone starting out on the low end and that would be most of us.

I’m not going to dwell on this One World thing other than to say “some will lead and some will follow”. This is our natural state of being as humans and we should realize that it is our unalienable right to choose to lead or follow. We cannot be forced. We must however, choose and choices have consequences, sometimes painful and sometimes joyful. Making the process of choosing more difficult is the fact of propaganda, misdirection, misinformation, ego, etc. and the inconsiderate tendency for some humans to take advantage of others. Fortunately, here in America, at least for now, we have a Constitution which guarantees equality of opportunity, although not outcome. Outcome remains a personal choice.

I mentioned falsely constrained choices earlier on because understanding these false choices is the key to whether or not we in the United States will remain free or whether we will choose the misguided comfort of protection leading, of course, directly to subjugation. Caesar’s divide and conquer strategy employed so successfully during the Gallic Wars is still effectively being employed today and we see it in America and throughout the world every single day. Caesar’s idea was to divide his enemy so they could be more easily over-powered. On a larger scale, if you wish to dominate the entire world it’s not practical to divide enemies and kill them all. You need drones to do the work so you can keep on having nice stuff. You don’t need enemies per say, you need puppets or willing accomplices. So today, instead of having enemies to kill, you employ the divide and conquer strategy to change the way people think. You turn them into willing accomplices by their choice. This is much less messy and leads to your having nice stuff and lots of it quite easily. A little puppet propaganda goes a long way. If there’s a little pain for the accomplices along the way, so what; they’re still being fed and if dumbed down enough are too stupid to appreciate the why and wherefore of their now vanquished choices.

The ostensible and well orchestrated battle between left and right, between Atheism and Christianity, Christianity and Islam, between black and white, Hispanic and black and white, red and white, yellow and white, between homos and heteros, greens and not-so-greens, male and female, haves and have nots are all part of a strategy that keeps people occupied and focused on minutia so they don’t notice they are being taken advantage of. Turf wars are an exciting and useless distraction for the masses. A great deal of money is made and power gained by promoting these silly battles. Additionally, the earth’s population, which can be problematic, is controlled automatically. These simple hateful divisions along with a few scraps to eat and a lot of mass media sports and entertainment keep the dumbed down populace complacent and apathetic, not unlike the Roman circuses in Caesar’s time. When we don’t pay attention history just keeps on keepin’ on.

When we talk about One World government or what today is more commonly referred to as “globalization” due to the negative perception now surrounding “One World” we usually start referring to Adam Weishaupt and The Order of Illuminati, Free Masonry or the alleged perversion of it, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, Scull and Bones, banking cartels and the Federal Reserve System, etc., etc., etc.

I certainly am not connected enough and am not smart enough to know or understand who does what in terms of influencing geopolitical socio-economics. I am smart enough to understand that some have more sway than others and that sway is proportional to accumulated wealth. I also understand that the human attachment to wealth is an insatiable character flaw. More is never enough. More can always be justified. As an aside and if I’m not mistaken it was Adam Weishaupt, who in May of 1776, when establishing the Order of Perfectibilists wrote “the ends justified the means”. Regardless of who may have said it first, wealthy families from across the globe have for centuries tried faithfully to honor this morally questionable tenet.

Wealth distribution is not a zero-sum game as Progressives teach. In actuality the amount of wealth held by the Rothschilds, Du Ponts, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or others is unrelated to my ability or your ability to accumulate wealth. Granted, competition exists and raises certain obstacles and granted, some routinely attempt to “fix” the competition, but generally speaking how competitive I am is my choice. The pie we compete for shrinks and grows relative to innovation, productivity, success, etc. Progressives teach that the size of the pie is fixed and that if one greedily selects a large piece then less remains for everyone else. This is the basis of class warfare and is not correct.

None-the-less it is a fact that the insatiable nature of the average human’s attachment to wealth, or at least to the idea of wealth, and the successful accumulation of it leads some to unfairly take advantage of other less fortunate souls in the hope of gaining even more in the future. Wealth provides one with very large playing cards in the game of life. Those less wealthy have significantly smaller playing cards and stand less chance of success in a heads-up competition. This tectonic tilting of the playing field has led the world to its current struggle for globalized control of as much wealth as possible by those holding the largest playing cards; and has also led to an ongoing, concerted attempt to control the masses, thereby providing insurance of sorts against any possibility of financial loss or reduction of capital.

Due to the easily corruptible nature of man, wealth provides significant access and influence in our political processes. Completing the circle, political process in its turn can have a great deal to do with the outcome of who wins what on the financial playing field and thus in the accumulation of wealth. John Davison Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil once mentioned that the biggest obstacle to the accumulation of wealth is moral values. I believe he was correct and that brings us finally to the practical point of this chronicle.

At the present time, November, 2009 in these United States of America it makes absolutely no difference who in the world has the most wealth, the most power or what their selfish or unselfish motives and intents may be. The fact is that all wealthy people, families and corporations have their own self serving agenda, which they steadfastly pursue in their own best interest and luckily all people are different. Chevron has a different agenda than ExxonMobil has, even when they work illegally in concert. The shipping industry has a different agenda than the mining industry. The diamond traders have a different agenda than the soy bean traders. The grocery store chain has a different agenda than the farmers and growers. The hog farmer has a different agenda than the beef rancher and so it goes.

Basically what I’m saying here is that as a practical matter, in terms of wealth paranoia on the part of average folk; wealthy people of different persuasions have different agendas and like any other humans they can never agree on anything. Therefore, whether wealthy people and companies congregate within certain select social groups such as The Bilderberg Group or any other assembly and whether their ambitions are honorable or not – doesn’t really matter because they are rendered ineffectual by their own self serving greed. Their power becomes self limited by their own attachment to wealth and they therefore pose much less threat to freedom than one might suppose; as long as we as citizens and voters pay attention and exercise our unalienable rights as recognized by our Constitution in order to maintain a balance of power. This is still true in the United States today although less so in many other countries.

It has become evident over the past two years or so to any U.S. citizen not in a coma that the Federal government of these United States, by which I mean all branches: the Supreme Court, the Executive Office, the Senate and the House of Representatives are all raging out of control. This includes the Republican and Democrat parties in their entirety. The balance of power has been dissolved. “We the people” are fully and completely ignored other than to steal our money. Our elected representatives are 100% bought and paid for by wealthy special interests, foreign, domestic, corporate or otherwise, whoever holds the largest playing cards. The One World power brokers have indeed tilted the playing field and are running amok, busily screwing the pants off each other and grinding us to grist in the process.

Unfortunately for the power brokers, in these United States at least; we still have, hanging by a thread; a faded parchment created by our Founders. This old parchment and its several Amendments are called the Constitution. This Constitution is the basis, the foundation of our Rule of Law and despite attempts to kill it – it still lives and by living it protects us. It, however, only protects and saves us if we act upon it; if we use it; if we insist upon exercising our rights as recognized by it. No one will do this for us. We as citizens must choose to exercise our rights – or not. If not – they are gone.

Like it or not, accept it or not, the United States is at a turning point in its history. Our experiment with individual liberty will succeed or fail, cease or desist by the actions we do or don’t take over the ensuing twelve months. If we as citizens do not stop this Federal juggernaut of subjugation and tyranny, and stop it soon it will not be stopped. We can stop this government “taking” of our lives, property and freedom politically if we act today. If we wait until tomorrow we will have pre-determined that our children will only be free if they are willing to bleed and perhaps die for it. This is the point our generation, the deluded flower children of peace and love have brought our country too. The piper will be paid for our promiscuity. There is no escaping it anymore.

We have one single political option available to us as American citizens at this point. That option is to convince our various State Legislatures to exercise their State’s Rights under the Constitution and to demand that our Federal government cease and desist from any further illegal and unConstitutional actions and legislation.

We can no longer be Republicans and Democrats; liberals and conservatives; homos and heteros; blacks, Hispanics or whites. That luxury is gone for now. We are citizens of these United States and we will stand or fall, remain free or not as such and nothing more. We are out of options.

We will stand together united in re-establishing our freedom or we will lose it entirely. Once this job is done, we can get back to our bickering, but for now we stand united or we won’t stand at all.

Should we fail to unite and convince our State Legislatures to act on our behalf, this rogue Federal government will within another year or so have created a near totalitarian state from which we will not recover without bloodshed. Please flower children; stand up for freedom. Do not give our children’s birth right away.

We’ll end with a Founder’s story involving Ben Franklin, the oldest delegate (age 81 at the time) to sign the United States Constitution. He was in tears as he was helped to sign this precious document. For those of you who can still locate a real history book not re-written by Progressives, you may have read of an incident occurring on September 17, 1787; the final day of the Constitutional Convention held at the Pennsylvania State House, now called Independence Hall.

As Benjamin Franklin was leaving the final meeting of the Convention, he was approached by the wife of the Mayor of Philadelphia. She asked Mr. Franklin what form the new government would take? Mr. Franklin replied, “A republic, madam. If you can keep it.”


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