11-14-09: Plantation Politics

A conservative is such an easy target for liberal Progressives to demonize as racist, homophobic, mean spirited, etc. The reason they are easy targets is because they generally are not interested in what color you are or what you do in your own bedroom. It’s a non-issue for conservatives so they don’t bother talking about it, which in turn makes it appear they don’t care . My younger brother was gay and died a painful, miserable death of Aids in a Chicago hospital at age forty with our entire family including my young children present. So what? The only thing I can say about my brother’s passing is that I hope when my time comes I will have the courage and dignity my little brother had. No whining. No “why me?” Not one single complaint – not one. My brother accepted responsibility for his life and how it turned out and I hope I’ll be brave enough to do the same. For some ignorant, arrogant, Progressive jerk to suggest that I or my family did not love my brother or somehow passed judgment on him enrages me and I’m not easy to enrage.

I’m an arch-right wing, strict Constitutional constructionist, Libertarian oriented, Conservatarian. (I lifted the descriptive title “Conservatarian” from the nearly famous Barry Young, a talk show host on KFYI in Phoenix.) I hang mostly with other conservatives and even a few liberals who respect independence and over the past thirty or so years I haven’t met more than one or two who will actually react to what color you are or who you sleep with. In the work place the questions generally are “can you do what you say you’ll do? – and can you do it on time? – and can you do it under budget?” It’s never, “Geez, what color are you?” or “Geez, who’s butt were you in last night?” What a pile of liberal crap! Who cares?

I’ll tell you who cares. Liberal Progressives care and they care a lot. They make a living by it and stake their political futures on it. I always tell my kids and anyone else who’ll listen, when you’re curious as to what a liberal is doing, just listen to what they accuse conservatives of doing, because that’s exactly what the liberal is doing and they always think so much of themselves they believe everyone else is doing it too. These propagandized fools are so transparently full of themselves it’s a miracle they even condescend to speak with the rest of us at all. Liberal Progressives care about race, sex, money and other useless crap because divisiveness is all they have to offer. They have no solutions. They have no ideas. Their big creative contribution to society is “It’s Bush’s fault or everybody’s doing it”. My God, what a waste of carbon infused oxygen.

Liberals have been in absolute catostrophic charge of our inner city schools for at least sixty years now. Think bastions of learning like New York, Washington D.C., Detroit, Chicago, East St. Louis, etc. Their gross self serving, do-gooding negligence and incompetence has stolen the future from how many thousands of good decent kids and left them hopelessly believing their only path in life is welfare, drugs, prostitution or all of the above. Only Acorn and the gov’ment can save them from Whitey and did you know that Whitey has the power to direct pollution so it only goes to the inner cities? Yea. Do you suppose climate change would be a problem if Whitey could do that? Nothing but liberal trash talk because that’s all they have to offer.

The Kolinski Chronicle has been pretty hard on Obama recently and I’ll be happy to bore you with the reason why. I don’t like “community organizers.” That’s why! OK, so why don’t I like them? I don’t like them because they live off the destitution and hopelessness of poorly educated folks who don’t know any better. They earn their greedy living by making sure these relatively uneducated people stay permanently uneducated and stay beholden to the poverty pimps who blind them with ignorance, hatred and hopelessness. These organizers of failure and pain, daily orchestrate the destruction of children’s futures and mercilessly grind all possibility of personal achievement to dust beneath their collectivist boot heels and all the while bask in the glory of supposedly helping their fellow man and giving back to their communities. Yea, right.

The only thing the typical inner city plantation organizer has to give back to his or her community is the guarantee that if you listen to them you will remain in hopeless, abject poverty for the rest of your life – and so will your kids – and your kid’s kids – and there is absolutely nothing you will ever be able to do about it. And oh by the way; if you want to keep on having all this great help and organizing assistance to remain handcuffed to your slum you better keep on voting Democrat because otherwise those heartless Republicans will take away everything you got.

Take away everything you got? What would that be? Your broken, potholed street? Your garbage littered sidewalk that’s too dangerously gang threatened to even dare walk on? Your urine soaked, needle littered, rat infested hallway leading to your graffiti painted, rent controlled apartment door? Your Police Department that won’t venture within ten blocks of where you live? Your alcoholic neighbor who wakes your kid as he beats the hell out of his screaming wife at all hours of the night? The drugged street hookers staggering through what was supposed to be your neighborhood park? What’s that those nasty Republican conservatives are getting rich on by taking away? Run that by me again. How do urine soaked hallways make someone rich? Oh – the do-gooder bureaucrats who earn a living off the funding for those government franchised, urine soaked hallways are getting rich. I almost missed that, maybe because those bureaucrats aren’t conservatives so I’m not that familiar with them. Those bureaucrats are liberal Progressives aren’t they. They don’t like me, but they’re very attached to the tax dollars that can be skimmed while funding the projects.

Lately, the do-gooders like Valerie Jarrett and friends are doing even more good for Chicago by planning to get rid of the projects like Cabrini Green in Chicago; not because the do-gooder hellish environment they created and bled dry is killing people; no, it’s because the city property, which the residents were never allowed to own has become worth billions, being just a mile or so off the downtown high rise district. Now it makes sense to re-develop it and make it more productive for the good people of Chicago, or would that actually be for the do-gooder friends of Jarrett, Antoin Rezko and company? Am I being unfair?

I don’t like do-gooder organizers because do-gooder organizers make sure that the people enslaved by the despicable conditions outlined above remain permanently vested in their hopeless slum. All the great liberal euphemisms in the world don’t change one damn thing. Acorn bleeds billions by lying to these people. The Democrat Party is practically built on this foundation of hopelessness and pain. Liberal politicians, organizers and other parasitic do-gooders have tapped into the proverbial pot of gold, but it ain’t at the end of the rainbow; it’s at the end of a fifth story tenement hallway in Cabrini Green or some other liberal “planned” community.

The only thing that has ever actually helped people achieve something in this world is “opportunity”. The only economic system in world economic history that consistently provides “opportunity” is free market capitalism. What do community organizers hate most? You guessed it; free market capitalism. I wonder why that is? It is, because when people believe and act under free market capitalism they don’t need help anymore. They don’t need organizers anymore. They begin to realize their own potential. Suddenly you have entrepreneurial people helping other people succeed because under capitalism the richer you are the more opportunity I can realize by working with you. Formerly downtroden people begin to have dreams of a better life for their kids and families. This kind of creative thinking is anathema to a blood sucking, future bleeding organizer who lives off the flayed hide of entrenched poverty and destitution.

The last thing in this world that any well indoctrinated community organizer wants to see is the unleashed force of the creative mind and the energized action of individual people motivated by real hope and the certain knowledge that “they can do it” if they only have the courage to try and the persistence to see it through. That would be conservatism by the way.

If at this point you fail to understand why, for the sake of of human dignity I don’t like the plantation politics of community organizers, then I’m afraid I can’t help you. I do hope for the sake of your family, you live somewhere safe and far away from these blood sucking, societal parasites. So no, I’m not hard on Obama because he’s black as Janeane Garafalo is so fond of trumpeting. I don’t care what color he is. I do care that he is a hypocritical, collectivist leech who contributes nothing to society except to slyly lighten it of its productivity and future while taking it for his own.



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3 responses to “11-14-09: Plantation Politics

  1. With federal progressives continuing to make steady progress on reducing the American Dream to a fantasy recollection of the good ‘ole days-gone-by, racism has become a non-issue. If your quality of life has been stolen and you’re fighting harder than ever just to keep food on the table, you don’t care about the color of those you encounter; your only concern is figuring out how to find something positive in each and every day. Racism is now basically dead; hanging on by a thread on life support provided by racists such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Van Jones, et al.

  2. Let’s talk racism. Let’s talk about Joaquin Avila and Robert Rubin of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights.

    These guys drafted the 2002 California Voting Rights Act, which makes it easier for lawyers to sue and win financial judgments in cases arising from claims that minorities effectively were shut out of local elections, while shielding attorneys from liability if the claims are tossed out.

    Cities and School Boards are now running scared of being sued for having elected boards that vary demographically from the districts they represent.

    Tulare Regional Medical Center, in Tulare, CA was just sued under this law for having a board that underrepresents hispanics, which make up about 1/3 of the local community. The 5-member board includes one black, one white, one hispanic, and two people from India.

    So far, Avila and Rubin’s group has collected about $4.3 million in three settled lawsuits with another two pending. While California shuts down due to bankruptcy, lawyers like these guys are blackmailing cash strapped small government into settlements under the fear of losing costly court cases.

    This is both racism and economic piracy. What’s wrong with our once great nation? It’s amazing we have guys like this instituting policy for the rest of us. Wake up, taxpayers! I don’t care if you’re black, white, brown, yellow, red, or purple. It doesn’t matter! These snakeoil salesmen are preying on your fears and under the guise of protecting the minority raiding your local treasury and laughing all the way to the bank while you are suffering a reduction in public services due to your local governement running out of money. If this law isn’t inherently racist, I don’t know what is. STOP THE INSANITY!

    • thekolinskichronicle

      Can you imagine a couple of pasty white Republicans in their nice wool suits and rep ties wandering on down to Cabrini Green or East LA to intimidate voters? I don’t think it would be the suits who end up intimidated. Conservative voter intimidation is such a ludicrous concept it can only gain traction with dumbed down victims of public education.

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