11-24-09: Obama Doesn’t Care

I don’t know how much longer it will take for the average dumbed down American voter to realize that Barack Obama is not qualified to clean a chicken coup, much less run the United States of America. Sorry, I didn’t mean to insult chickens. He is not only painfully incompetent, but childishly immature and squirrely as well. For example, he and his 111th Congress has increased our national debt from the Bush Administration total of just over $1 trillion dollars to nearly $4 trillion dollars in just 11 months. I guess this is his warped idea of returning to fiscal responsibility as he so smoothly promised. This collective group of corrupt morons called the 111th Congress is now openly proposing to increase our national debt by more than $1 trillion annually for at least the next decade. Yet in nearly every painful speech, which we have to suffer through almost daily, this arrogant punk still blames Bush for irresponsible spending. I’m not going to defend a bunch of weak kneed supposedly conservative Republicans, but geez Louise. The dazed and confused Republicans spent too much? The 111th Congress under Chairman O’s catastrophically failed attempt at ruling (not governing) has borrowed more money in 11 months than all previous Presidential Administrations combined. We cannot do this people. Stand up and say NO.

For eight years the liberal media caterwauled about the Bush Administration trampling our Constitutional rights. Now we have Chairman O, surrounded by a team of Mao worshiping rejects who couldn’t manage a student car wash trampling every right in sight, or every right that used to be in sight, and what do we hear; nothing. Not a word. We cannot do this people. Stand up and say NO.

Chairman Obama, always too busy organizing to find time for his day job is now chomping at the bit to get his lying skinny butt to Copenhagen so he can sign the U.S. on to the next level of the U.N.’s AGENDA 21 program. Isn’t that special? If you’re curious what the Chairman and his little organizer buddies have in store for your future check out this link. (http://www.un.org/esa/dsd/agenda21/res_agenda21_04.shtml) Or just go to AGENDA 21, Section 1 – Social & Economic Dimensions, Chapter 4 – Changing Consumptive Patterns. And you think Bush and Cheney were trampling your unalienable rights? Well let’s just do what the libs are always saying, “Give him a little time. Give him a chance.” Folks, we cannot give this moron and his out of control 111th Congress any more time. This bunch of Mao worshiping blood suckers need to be told NO…and they need to be told NO now. We cannot do what Obama wants people. Stand up and say NO.

Chairman Obama does not care about you. The communist One World leeches surrounding him and parasitically thriving off your sweat don’t care about you. They all have one blind, over-educated agenda in common. That agenda is to use you to create their unsustainable, collective, One World government. The funniest thing, or the most pathetic thing depending on your point of view about the United Nations’ Agenda 21 web site is that the entire Agenda 21 project is deceitfully and euphemistically wrapped within a cloak of “environmental sustainability”. Agenda 21 is a full on full frontal attack on industrial progress, knowledge, truth and wealth. It reveres poverty and places it on a sacred pedestal. I find this funny because with about ten minutes of reading any half literate fool can determine that the only countries in the world that spend any money at all on environmental issues are wealthy, industrialized countries. The leader in that regard by a long shot is the United States of America. Who does Agenda 21 attack most aggressively? Yup – the United States. History has already conclusively demonstrated that other than slavery, there is nothing “sustainable” about the ideas proposed by Agenda 21. We cannot do this people. Stand up and say NO.

The only Obama positive I can see is “IMPEACH OBAMA NOW”!! I bet he cares about that. And conservatives – don’t think for a minute that the Republican Party has anything better to offer. They just finished second racing down the home stretch to Progressive stupidity. If the United States voter would like to remain free, they better start screaming NO now and start searching out honest candidates. It would be helpful toward that end to stop the “Gerrymandering” of our Congressional Districts. If Gerrymandering stays – your incumbent bums stay. How do you suppose 95% of 2008 incumbent Congressional members were reelected with a 13% approval rating? Stand up and say NO.


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