The House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have become unConstitutionally arrogant, illegal, out-of-control, disrespectful, unappreciative, corrupt bodies out of touch with their role in government and incapable of appropriately legislating within the bounds of their Constitutional authority as granted to them by the States. It is time the various States, on behalf of “we the people” assert their legally binding authority under the U.S. Constitution and reaffirm, assert and impose the limitations of Federal power granted by law upon our Federal government. Failure to accomplish this necessary objective asserting our State’s Rights now will require a future insurrection of and by the people, democratic or otherwise, for the re-establishment of liberty within these United States of America…and no, this is not a call to impotent violence – I’m simply stating an obvious fact.

Given that both the House and Senate have demonstrably proven their complete unwillingness to honor their oath of office, appropriately govern this country or respect its laws; it follows they are not capable of governing nor policing themselves. The States will have to go back to doing it for them. With that thought in mind I offer the following “stop now” suggestions for your State’s consideration. This idea by the way comes from an opinion written by Ms. Norma White of Amarillo, Texas, which I received from a fellow patriot couple by email.

Ms. White has me realizing it has become imperative for the States’ legislatures within our Union to begin “nullifying” all illegal, unConstitutional acts of Congress. This must begin immediately, if not sooner.

• Stop Members of the House and Senate from offering, debating and passing unConstitutional / illegal legislation for which they have no legal authority, such as:
1. Stop “gerrymandering now”, that is, stop the arbitrary revision of congressional districts protecting incumbents. This is how a Congress having a 13% approval rating had a 95% re-election rate for incumbents in 2008. This is insane and is destroying our democratic republic by establishing life long political dynasties. Districts must be strictly and permanently aligned along township, county or parish lines. Period. End of conversation.
2. Stop unConstitutional government-run, centrally planned health care.
3. Stop un-Constitutional cap and trade energy legislation.
4. Stop ratification of any international treaty that undermines United States’ sovereignty or that does not meet the rigorous standards of freedom and fairness as stated in our United States Constitution.
5. Stop Members of the House and Senate from using the tax code as a social engineering tool and also from using Federal agencies to pass regulations intended to modify “we the people’s” behavior. That is not their job.
6. Stop ear-marks of any kind. Legislation and/or funding appropriations included within any bill must be directly pertinent to that bill.
7. Stop Members of the House and Senate from discriminating against one group and favoring another. Every Federal contract carries with it strict Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) requirements, which must be complied with. <strong>Why is our own House and Senate not required to comply with these same regulations? Why is Congress permitted to propose, discuss and pass legislation fully and obviously intended to discriminate against one group while favoring another? This is unconscionable. Congress shall comply with the laws it creates.
8. Stop stealing money and/or property from one individual or corporation and re-distributing it to another.
9. Stop allowing Members of the House and Senate from stealing tax payer dollars and using it to subsidize Congressional Districts of recalcitrant voting Members in order to buy Member votes.
10. Stop Members of the House and Senate from stealing tax payer dollars and re-distributing it to cronies, lobbyist clients and other special interests.
11. Stop Members of the House and Senate from undermining our troops. This is treason under our Constitution.
12. Stop Members of the House and Senate from willfully lying and misrepresenting facts to voters. The penalty for willful misrepresentation of fact should be forfeiture of 50% of the Member’s annual salary. This, of course, does not include “opinions”. Opinions, right or wrong are “free speech”. An opinion is not a fact.
13. Stop Members of the House and Senate from having legislation crafted and written by outside special interest groups, such as SEIU. Legislation shall be written by our elected Members of Congress.
14. Stop Members of the House and Senate from discussing and/or voting on any legislation, which they have not personally read. If Members do not have sufficient time to perform their elected responsibilities such as reading legislation then obviously way too much scurrilous legislation is being entertained. This abominable practice must stop. All Members should be required to “certify” in writing that they have read the bill prior to being allowed to discuss or vote on it. These certifications should be posted on the appropriate body’s website for “we the people” to view – prior to any vote taking place.
15. Stop Members of the House and Senate from stealing tax payer dollars and re-distributing it to non-citizens of the United States.
16. Stop Members of Congress from using military aircraft. These aircraft are for heroes not selfish leeches. When Members of Congress have relearned respect for “we the people” this policy could be changed.
17. Stop Members of the House and Senate from having access to “private” aircraft paid for by “we the people”. Members can take their shoes off, stand in line and fly economy class with the rest of us.
18. Stop Members of the House and Senate from holding “secret” policy meetings. Members of Congress should be held accountable to the same “open meeting” laws most public officials are held to.
19. Stop Members of the House and Senate from accepting gifts from lobbyists, special interests and foreign governments. Members work for “we the people”. “We the people” will pay them. Any outside payment is a corrupt conflict of interest and should be punishable by removal from office along with consideration of potential high crimes and misdemeanors.
20. Stop Congress from “ruling”. The various States must demand that Congress “legally govern” in the best interest of the liberty of “we the people”. It is not the place of Congress to make “value judgments” for “we the people”.

Additionally we must:
• Stop Members of the House and Senate from serving more than two terms. The term “career politician” must be excised from the American political vernacular. This selfish practice has devolved into a republic destroying disease, which now damages the good name of good and decent political candidates everywhere. Term limits will eliminate entirely the need for continuing the futile efforts now required to keep corrupt individuals from abusing fair election laws.
• Stop Members of the House and Senate from voting their own salary increases. Salaries and benefits of House and Senate Members should be set equal to that of a Major in our armed forces. If this salary and benefit package is sufficient for those who risk their lives to defend our freedom, then certainly it is sufficient for those who legislate it from a high back leather chair paid for by “we the people”.
• Stop Members of the House and Senate from receiving the benefit of their “Rolls Royce” health care insurance coverage. They can each get their own coverage along with the rest of us.
• Stop Members of the House and Senate from receiving any pension. Serving your country is an honor and a duty, not a guaranteed pension plan for fat cats and spoiled career politicians paid for by “we the people”.
• Stop excluding Members of the House and Senate from paying into Social Security. They can pay along with the rest of us.
• Stop Members of the House and Senate from excluding themselves from legislation passed and imposed upon “we the people”. Members of Congress are not “better” than “we the people”. They are not aristocracy. The elected Member’s job is to serve “we the people”. “We the people” of these United States of America DO NOT serve our Federal government. Ever.

This is not a complete list of changes our State legislatures must immediately impose upon our Federal elected representatives, but it is a good start. Failure to seriously consider the above listed suggestions would be really stupid and short sighted on the part of “we the people”. If you care about freedom, please wake up. Join a tea party or something. You’ll meet a lot of really nice people. You know – those Janet Napolitano would call dangerous, right wing, extremists like your grandmother and grandfather or maybe those who lost limbs or family and friends serving the cause of individual liberty that you and I might still remain free to control those who are to represent us.

Pope John Paul II once wrote that man is not here to serve the workplace. The workplace is here to serve man. Man fulfills him or herself through the work they do. In the same way, we are not here to serve the government. The government is here to serve us. Sometimes we must remind ourselves of that.


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