Sometimes you just can’t make up stupid stuff fast enough to stay ahead of our brilliant Islamic (his words, not mine) Manchurian mini-leader in the White House.

This morning the White House announced that it is starting a new program forcing banks to lend money. Any bank the White House believes is not lending enough money will be exposed on a published list and punished for not doing enough.

Let’s see. Our entire financial system collapsed in 2008 because our economically illiterate Federal government forced banks to lend money to poor people who by definition are not able to pay it back. This was to unConstitutionally and illegally garner poor people votes for the Democrat Party you may recall. This unConstitutional crime was committed via the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) of 1977 imposed on “we the people” by Jimmy Carter’s illustrious, though failed Administration along with subsequent CRA amendments by both backward looking, though dependably corrupt political parties.

Given the colossally catastrophic consequences of this short sighted CRA legislation, which fed, watered and nurtured rampant corruption and greed throughout most of the banking and mortgage industries our trusty White House now comes out on behalf of our corrupt Congress and instead of admitting how foolishly greedy they have been; well no – let’s once again, unConstitutionally force banks to lend more money. That’ll fix it.

Good gosh – you just cannot make this stuff up. Isn’t one of the signs of insanity to continue doing the same thing over and over again, but keep expecting a different result? Did my ears, just this morning actually hear that the moronic buffoon in the White House is proposing to fix the mortgage industry by forcing banks to lend more money to people who cannot pay it back? Is our brilliant tele-liar reading mini-leader insane or just economically and morally vapid?

Has the White House never heard of Joe Biden’s famous four letter word “JOB”? Jobs and a growing healthy economy are what will fix the mortgage debacle. How can any intelligent person suggest that the way to fix the mortgage industry is to force banks to lend to people without jobs? This is utterly hopeless. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW…before it’s too late to save anything. Every week this fool remains in office will require another year to repair the damage. We are now at 48-years and counting. How much further do you folks want to take this?


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