12-01-09: Politically Managed Wars Get People Killed

Barack Obama’s West Point speech this Tuesday evening heralds the end of American military supremacy and births her new role as weak apologist for integrity, honor and freedom. I was surprised by how many good things were stated in this speech. I was disappointed that his most powerful points were in clarifying the pre-ordained withdrawal date of July, 2011. This emphasis destroyed his entire speech and guaranteed failure in Afghanistan.

His stated desire to further diplomatic success in terms of Afghanistan self-government is 100% dependent on military success in providing long term safety and security for the Afghan people. They will never partner with our forces if they believe they will ultimately be left alone to deal with vengeful al-Qaeda and Taliban killers after we leave. Tonight Obama promised the Afghan people we are leaving in July, 2011. Aside from the strategic mistake of letting your enemy know your end game, this announcement derailed any possibility of partnership with the Afghan people.

We quit and abandoned Viet Nam for political reasons after actually winning the war. North Vietnamese Generals were shocked by our withdrawal because they knew they had lost. More than two million Vietnamese citizens friendly to South Vietnam and the U.S. were immediately rounded up, tortured and brutally slaughtered. We stopped short of Baghdad and abandoned Iraq in 1991 after Desert Storm for political reasons. Saddam rounded up, imprisoned, tortured and killed more than five hundred thousand of his own people immediately upon our exit. Given this history of U.S. abandonment and Obama’s promise to leave in 2011; there is no possible way the Afghan people will stand up with us and our allies against the Taliban and al-Qaeda, whom they now know they will be left to face alone.

Barack Obama’s West Point photo op this evening fore shadows certain failure in Afghanistan regardless of the number of troops employed. Barack Obama seems to think that the war in Afghanistan is some sort of abstract exercise in political expedience where cost and leftist Democrat votes take center stage to human life. This war is not abstract for any Afghanistan family. Every Afghan father and mother knows that if they support the United States and its allies in this bid for their freedom; and if the U.S. does not see it through; they will then be left alone to face the vengeful fury of the brutal and openly sadistic Taliban with the certainty of rape, torture and murder as the guaranteed future for their families. Does any sane person believe the Afghanistan people will choose this dismal, but certain future for themselves? I don’t.

I liked much of what Obama said tonight. I wish he meant it. I wish even more that he would grow up and act like the American leader he was elected to be. He may not believe that America should lead the world, and maybe he’s correct; but the fact is the world relies on America to lead. If we choose not to, then we must be willing to live with the consequences. The Afghan people will.


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