12-03-09: U.S. should leave Afghanistan now

I never thought I’d say this, but having thought about Barack Obama’s Tuesday evening photo op at West Point I have reached the following conclusions.
1. Bush took us to Afghanistan ostensibly to wipe out al-Qaeda training bases. This mission was totally accomplished in less than one year.
2. It was then decided, I’m not sure by whom, that we would stay in Afghanistan and help build a wonderful democratic republic like ours. Apparently no one wanted to acknowledge that ours no longer works very well on the one hand; and on the other hand forging a democratic republic in a land inhabited by ancient tribal cultures who don’t even recognize their own borders much less anyone else’s might pose a problem.
3. Now, years later in 2009 many complain that the newly formed Afghan government is too corrupt to function as a partner. Why should that be a problem? Apparently the Afghan government is taking lessons and instruction on public corruption from its banana republic U.S. partner. If it’s good enough for us (no pun intended) why isn’t it good enough for them?
4. I cannot see any strategic interest for the U.S. or its allies to remain in Afghanistan. I had thought it would be disastrous for us to concede defeat to Islamic terrorists as it would embolden them immensely. I also thought it would be disastrous for the Afghan people if we left having broken their country. However, at this point, the Islamic extremists will be even more emboldened by our foolish political decision to send more sons and daughters to die along with the stupidity of announcing our exit date. This insane announcement by our man-child leader has guaranteed failure in Afghanistan regardless of the number of troops temporarily condemned to serve there. This catastrophic level of White House inability to reason rationally and realistically leaves no alternative but to leave immediately, if not sooner.
5. Obama assured the world of certain failure Tuesday evening. Even though Obama has cleverly retained Secretary Gates as his scape goat for Republican failure and has in that selfish way protected himself politically; no one else is protected. Least of all our men and women in uniform or the Afghan people who are now stuck trusting the judgment of our White House, good bad or otherwise. Aside from whether or not we should ever have entered Afghanistan at all, Obama’s callous disregard for human life and misery for the sake of political expediency is abhorrent and reprehensible. His inability to lead honestly and forthrightly leave no alternative but to remove our men and women and those of our allies from harm’s way.
6. This retreat means living with the emboldenment of an insane Islamic enemy sworn to destroy us and everything “not Islam”. None-the-less, this is now the lesser of the two evils; the first being quit now and the second being get hundreds more sheeple killed for nothing and then quit. Afghanistan is lost. The only decent thing to do now is leave.
7. If in the future we are concerned about Islamic terrorist training camps in the rugged hills of Afghanistan, I would suggest satellite monitoring and bombs dropped from on high, not the blood of our sons and daughters. Political expediency is not worth dying for.


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