12-09-09: Pave the Carbon Trade Road to the Federal Reserve Coffers

There is a simple reason why so many Globalist leaders we’ve never heard of are enthralled with the idea of limiting green house gas emissions through a worldwide, multi-government mandated financial vehicle generally called cap and trade. The reason is first of all, money. More importantly though is the more binding concept of “control” followed by “easy money”. Decent people who actually care about our environment are easily manipulated into predictable responses and actions by those in a position to push the right buttons. Those elite who are in that position are the Globalist families who own or are tied indirectly to the Federal Reserve System and related international “central banks”. These are not nice people by the way.

I don’t pretend to be a financial guy, but my understanding is that the current rather fledgling, undeveloped annual European market for trading carbon credits is in the hundreds of billions of dollars (US). As soon as the Federal Reserve and its friend banks around the world are done manipulating U.S. Members of Congress and the White House to mandate cap and trade, the inclusion of the U.S. in these markets and the resultant effect around the world will bump the market to $2 trillion or more annually. How’s that for a nudge? Not a bad business. It’s called making something from nothing. You have to own the Fed to do it. You and I can just watch.

Will the planet benefit from cleaner air or less climate change as a result of the new global carbon credit commodity market? Of course not. The environment has never been the point. It’s all about the money stupid. The large banks have long since set the stage for who will control and benefit from these markets and it ain’t the planet or “we the sheeple”.

Liberals hate conservatives and conservatives hate liberals. Everybody is calling everybody hateful names and defending our precious environment and all the while the quiet, back door Globalists are laughing their butts off all the way down their new “golden” carbon credit super highway paved right up to the front door of their limousine tended favorite international bank account repository. The paving blocks are the freely donated intellectual corpses of true environmentalists who cared so much, but thought too little and weren’t paying attention. Tough luck I guess.

If the average American voter could just be dumbed down a little more and a little faster, this whole silly charade could be over. The owners of the Federal Reserve System would be trillions of dollars richer with their Euro’s and soon to be “Amero’s” clinking into their numbered accounts and the rest of us will be bankrupt little slaves, shutting our mouths and wondering why nothing is ever any better. Didn’t we vote for change?

I realize that politically our corrupt political hacks in Congress, you know, the one’s we’ve been voting for – aren’t going to pass federally mandated cap and trade legislation soon; but they will a little later. The foundational bases are covered thanks to a traitorous Supreme Court that provided your trusty little EPA the unconstitutional authority to impose restrictions on carbon dioxide and a few other things administratively via the Clean Air Act. This is a really good example of how vacuous your House and Senate Members are. They’re so busy feathering their own nests with conflict of interest graft that they didn’t even notice the end run Obama’s boys and girls just pulled off. Our legislative branch is right now as close to complete irrelevance as any fool could ever hope to be. Too bad for them, but really, really bad for us –you know – “we the sheeple”. We are so screwed. (Sorry about the vulgarity, but it seems appropriate.)

I hate to preach (now you know that isn’t true, but it makes me feel good to say it), but “we the sheeple” need to wake up and start behaving like “we the people”. We’ve done it all before and we can do it again. Actually I guess it was our predecessors who did it before, but we have their blood flowing in our veins, so we can do it too. Unfortunately, it means we need to quit listening to all the lost talking heads on TV who are lost in the liberal/conservative paradigm and start listening to our own common sense. American people hating each other and blaming each other is not going to get the job done.
Anyway, just something to think about – for a minute – then let’s get to work.

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