12-14-09: The Party of No = The People of Yes

The so-called “Party of No” denigrated so mightily by the solution-less left is the grass roots group growing into the Tea Party of yes.

On health-care alone are many YES’s to choose from:

1. YES TO Tort Reform – Get the trial lawyers out of health care.
2. YES TO Getting rid of government mandated price controls (as in Medicare/Medicaid). Let the market function.
3. YES TO Getting rid of government mandates now forced on health insurance providers.
4. YES TO Getting rid of “inside state boundary” government mandated health insurance monopolies. Promote (require) free market competition among providers across state lines.
5. YES TO Getting rid of “employer provided” health insurance. This is another broken paradigm we no longer need. Open the marketplace to individuals, just like car insurance.
6. YES TO Going to “long term” health care policies, similar to life insurance in place of annual policies so the actuarials can figure out how to make the coverage work at a reasonable cost.
7. YES TO Items 5 & 6 above, which will make it possible to get rid of “pre-existing condition” clauses.
8. YES TO “not” providing health insurance to other country’s citizens who become our of illegal aliens. Let’s have immigration with dignity that free people deserve and immigrants can feel good about after learning English.
9. YES TO The Federal government providing matching funds to private medical practices to serve those who are”high risk” or cannot afford medical services and medications. Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals can donate 5% of their working time at cost to practices using matching funds. This program could be called AMERICARE and is the maximum extent of any government involvement, that is, dollars only – no direct government control. Each office visit will cost the patient $10 (It should not be free. People need dignity.) A hospital vist would cost the patient $100.
10. YES TO Item 9 above allowing us to get rid of the government mandated “emergency room service” law that is bankrupting trauma centers and passing untold costs onto paying customers.

Joining the Tea Party of Yes is your opportunity to oppose the totalitarian take-over of the United States of America by short sighted, greedy, Globalist fools. Joining the Tea Party of Yes is for former Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents who realize their two party system has been bought and paid for by wealthy Globalist power mongers having the future vision of a half dead amoeba. The contemptuous Republican and Democrat Parties, now wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Federal Reserve Bank are bloated rotting corpses draining the life-blood of liberty from our once free constitutional republic. Writing, calling or emailing your fatted House and Senate Representative is a waste of your time, money, effort and freedom. You are no longer represented by these corrupt wind bags who believe your money is their money and your life is theirs to control as they please. No longer waste your time and effort on these traitors to the American people.

Join the Tea Party of YES and vote these corrupt incumbent parasites out of office and keep them out of office. Vote for freedom. Vote for your children’s freedom.

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