12-16-09: Senate Pharmaceutical Amendment Crash and Burn

It’s become other-worldly listening to the openly irrational health-care debate now taking place among our elected Senators. First, they are discussing passage of a bill they have no legal authority to pass. It is simply and obviously illegal for the government of the United States to force its citizens to purchase something, even if it is supposedly good for them. Secondly, there are only two commonly cited problems with heath care services in the United States. The first is cost. The second is access to services. The first directly impacts the second. Not complicated, even for a fifth grader.

So what are our Senators debating? Anything that might reduce cost or increase access to service? NO. Of course not. That would be straight forward and honest; two things no U.S. Senator is apparently capable of. Someone, we don’t know who, has written two thousand pages of useless tree-killing garbage, called it health care reform, but never quite got around to anything that might reduce cost or increase service. They are as I write this debating a Senate bill, which proposes to increase the number of useless and costly Federal bureaucracies proposed by the House from 52 useless new agencies to more than 70 new governmentally anal agencies – every single one of which will stand hopelessly between you and your doctor(s) and which will require the hiring, support and expense of tens of thousands of new over-paid government employees to staff this insanity. As if this isn’t irrational enough for Washington; by their own numbers – they propose to waste trillions of tax payer dollars on this new boon doggle and at the end of the day will still be left with 24,000,000 uninsured citizens; more than half the uninsured that proponents claim we have today.

We voted for these lunatics folks. This is our fault. Can someone please inform me of one single instance in economic history where government intervention reduced cost or increased the level of service? In any country, not just ours. Please. I would like to be aware of this. Ooooppps. There is one. Sorry.

Canada and other countries forcing socialized medicine down the throats of their citizens currently have lower prescription drug prices than we do here in the U.S. Wow – isn’t that great! Our Senate just this morning voted down an amendment, which would have forced U.S. pharmaceutical companies to lower prescription drug costs here in the U.S. Hhmmmm? Why would that be? It would be because the drug companies went berserk over this amendment, that’s why. Well, OK, I’ll bite; why would that be?

It’s because a good part of the reason we have abnormally high prescription drug prices here in the U.S. is directly due to the fact that U.S. insurance carriers and customers (patients actually) are bearing the cost of pharmaceutical company losses as they sell to patients in countries having artificially reduced pricing as part of their socialized medicine programs. U.S. citizens are subsidizing cheap medicine in other socialized countries. Isn’t that great? We’re so helpful. If the U.S. government forces these same U.S. pharmaceutical companies to artificially reduce prices here in the U.S. they will be out of business. We will all be left with middle man generic drug companies who don’t have research and development capabilities or expenses. In other words – no new medicines. Isn’t that great? Even your corrupt U.S. Senate understands that probably ain’t a good idea.

Remember the comment attributed to Margarete Thatcher? “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money to spend.” That’s exactly what your dufus U.S. Senators just came up against. If they pass this amendment who in Hades is going to be left to steal from to cover the losses? Good gosh, what a conundrum. Who are they going to lie to now?

I won’t defend pharmaceutical company greed, but denial of real expenses and risk makes no sense either. At this point our retarded U.S. Senate is fighting desperately to pass a bill that will without any question INCREASE COST, DECREASE LEVEL OF SERVICE; LEAVE 24 MILLION STILL UNINSURED.

And we would vote for this – WHY? Sorry folks, but it’s quite beyond me why any human with an IQ over 30 would even discuss this nonsense – NOT TO MENTION THAT IT IS ILLEGAL IN THE FIRST PLACE.


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