11-20-09: Freedom is the Only Thing Worth Fighting For

I have friends, acquaintances and work buddies of darker color than I am. They are no different than me. They want a decent life and a future for their kids and families. I hear sometimes how “those black people” don’t want to work, but the only blacks I’ve known personally work their butts off. They enjoy laughing and avoid crying the same as I do. Many of the guys enjoy cigars just as much as I do, albeit less expensive ones these days. What I cannot fathom is how or why blacks as a group vote more than 90% Democrat.

As a young’un I was a Kennedy Democrat, but morphed into a Mao’s Red Book carrying Communist by the time I graduated high school in ’69. In the summer of 1970 I realized first hand what a load of crap Progressivism really is. (Different story.) Part of my education came from a Chicago “inner city” activist whom I met at a weekend retreat/seminar on racism. We had an enormous and very public argument between myself, do-gooder white boy and himself – a huge man wearing a beret and heavy bone necklace, inner city activist guy for real. He won the argument hands down and I never forgot.

This man taught me that poverty is not a temporary condition. Poverty is a way of life, a manner of thinking. He was pleased that I and other middle class folks cared enough to attend the seminar and sleep on the floor over the weekend. He lamented that we truly did not understand the nature of the problem and therefore could never do much to effectively help resolve it. He was righteously angry that “white people” could not get past the idea of throwing money at the problem – as though that could ever solve anything. He patiently convinced me that the answer lay in education and self motivated efforts to gain true equality and independence, first within their own neighborhoods and eventually throughout society. He raged rather eloquently on the futile idea that blacks accepting assistance from “whites” could not possibly lead to equality – ever.

A child or young person gains acceptance and respect as an adult by becoming autonomous and independent and through effective functioning as an indivual person. Poor judgment and failure to grow in this respect stymies the level of respect they can achieve as an adult. The same principle applies to groups of people; in this case, blacks. To the extent blacks as a group choose not to fight for autonomy and independence, but rather choose to be assisted at every step in their lives – they will never earn equality or freedom in the true sense of the word. A child is never equal or free.

I’m sometimes surprised at how often I think of this man and that weekend. I wonder what happened to him? Where did he go? How did this brilliant, courageous lion of a man morph into today’s pathetic Progressive organizer, who cares nothing for equality, independence and freedom, but only for black servitude, indentured forever to the State in return for empty promises and the pitiful crumbs of reparation accepted as a binding contract that hope for the future does not exist…and all this in the name of hope.

As a group today’s inner city blacks, largely confined by their own choices within their poverty stricken, crime infested Progressive Democrat reservation continue to vote unabashedly for Progressives who work night and day to make sure they remain an uneducated, impoverished and very solid voting demographic. Today’s Democrat Party is built on this foundation of deceit in garnering all sorts of group loyalty whether black, hispanic, gay, female or whatever. Anger and hatred are the cornerstones of today’s Democrat Party. I fail to grasp on what basis any adult person continues to vote for empty promises and a future of indentured service and then complains about not being accepted as equal. Equality and freedom are never given to anyone. You as an individual must claim it for yourself. Once claimed it cannot be taken away unless you choose to give it away.

I have no respect for the Republican Party either, which can’t even cop to being a sort of confused Progressive Light without the sex. I mean, what’s the point? However, I will give credit to supposed conservatives, Republican or Democrat, who as a group purport to believe that all people are in fact equal under God and have a “right” to opportunity. The major difference between let’s say liberals and conservatives on this issue is that conservatives believe in equal opportunity, but not equality of outcome. Outcomes are a free personal choice controlled by individual motivation, beliefs, priorities, efforts, determination, etc. Liberals on the other hand seem to believe all societal outcomes must be made equal. Equalizing group outcomes, however, entails Orwellian group-think along with forced control by someone or something; hence freedom must be restrained and opportunities limited as only so much control can be implemented by collectivized central planning. The citizens of our world, to date, have experienced more than 100 million deaths by planned starvation, imprisonment, torture and murder as collectivized central planning of outcomes has been implemented by Progressives, Communists, Fascists, etc.

A conservative is frequently painted as cold hearted, callous and mean-spirited for believing that “all” people are in fact equal and bear equal responsibility for their actions. Liberal Progressives are said to be caring, considerate and thoughtful for believing that most people, certainly blacks, are hopelessly ignorant and incapable of accepting responsibility for their actions. They must be “cared” for by the State, who knows what is best for them. Freedom always entails responsibility for one’s actions and is never free. The level of watchful responsibility required for individual liberty to survive becomes it’s own demanding task master. The difference is in “choice”. Do you choose to be responsible for your own choices in life or do you choose to have someone else choose for you. In the latter case you have chosen to relinquish your freedom and your standing as a free and equal adult. If you continually make this choice, then stop complaining about not being seen as equal or not being accepted as an adult by other adults. We cannot choose childhood and adulthood simultaneously as we still live our lives under Newtonian Mechanics not Quantum Mechanics. (This is another story as well.)

Voting Democrat in today’s world is voting to remain a child. Equality is thereby placed “out of reach”. Voting Republican is little better. All of us, black and white together need to get behind freedom of choice and vote the established slave master, incumbants in their pin striped suits and rep ties out of office. Blacks today, like it or not, hold the key to “white” freedom in the palm of their colored voting hand. Blacks in America today compose 12% of our population. The Progressive plantation managers won in November 2008 by a margin of 7%. Whites in America can no longer retain their own freedom without the helping hands of their colored brothers and sisters at the voting booth of equality.

Blanket immigration amnesty is soon to be granted by the Progressive plantation managers. This will effectively dis-enfranchise both black and white as their vote is marginalized by the Hispanic population falling into the same Progressive trap. Hispanics are coming to America to experience equality of opportunity for their families. Their indoctrinated vote for Progressive propaganda will insure that they, and us, black and white together never have it. It is soon to be gone forever, unless we seriously start accepting responsibility for what we are doing and voting for. That’s called “fighting for freedom”.


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