11-22-09: Harry’s Halloween Trick For Christmas

I have over the course of the past two years, become for the first time in my adult life, ashamed of my country and the appalling lack of political integrity and leadership evident in the openly corrupt behavior of our elected House, Senate and Executive leaders. My attitude is exactly the inversion of our first lady, the churlish Michelle Obama’s. She is sickeningly proud for the first time in her adult life. The cheap carnival atmosphere being hawked on our Congressional midway as U.S, Senator’s openly whore themselves out for their insipid votes on the proposed Stalinist take-over of the world’s premier health care system is nauseating. It makes one so ill that anger and disgust no longer make the grade. The fact that our elected officials are nothing more than brow-beaten whores pimped out by the Federal Reserve Bank actually pales for a moment. A short moment.

For elected U.S. Senate Members to proudly and loudly prostitute their votes as they hold out for the highest possible level of State favoritism and consequentially the highest possible level of discrimination against the supposed equal rights of other States is beyond despicable. U.S. Senators strut like peacocks as they brag on their ability to steal my money and flush it away in $100 billion dollar bed pans to buy unconstitutional votes I do not and will never agree with. For all other pathetically weak and vacuous Senators on either side of the aisle to quietly observe this horror show is unspeakably low. It is not possible to imagine the world’s lowest, most evilly managed African dictatorship sinking itself this deeply into the rotting fecal matter of cowardly self aggrandizement. We have been tending toward devolving into the world’s largest banana republic for some time now, say since 1900 or so, or at least since Wilson. Well, we tend no more. We are now demonstrably the world’s largest banana republic. We have scaled the mountaintop of rank stupidity and smallness of heart. We finally stand tallest, indisputably Number One upon the highest globally warmed peak of failed ideology. We can do no worse.

Our Founders fought the Revolutionary War with England over far less egregious matters of disrespect toward the humble masses than “we the people” are now confronted with by what was once our own elected government. We live today with a dictatorship and can’t even see it. Self government has vanished before our eyes and the elected trash we House in Washington is bragging about it and brazenly feasting on our stolen nickles. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid actually offered this confiscatory pile of dung to the American people as a Christmas gift. This corrupt, shameless, pimp actually said the word Christmas. There is nothing more to say is there? I do not apologize for my coarse language. It is absolutely fitting and appropriate.

If an election is held in 2010 I would strongly recommend that the dumbed down American voter consider establishing a new status quo for voting. I wouldn’t count on that election though. At least not one that is any better than the ones just held in Iran, Afghanistan or Cuba.


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