12-24-09: Too Little; Too Late

The Globalists using their handy Progressive tool box have just won a major battle and very possibly the war for total control here in America. Ignorant Democrat pawns, most of whom “know not what they do” along with supposed conservatives who “don’t understand the nature of the fight” have in the name of “fairness” passed the second of three major hurdles in the process of destroying individual liberty in the U.S.

None of the above, or at least most of the above, intentions aside, realize that the leftist struggle for government run health care has nothing to do with health care. It’s a little like today’s unions which are “about” workers, not “for” workers. The health care debate is a struggle between individual freedom and State control, not health care. It’s an incremental piece of plantation control seamlessly being implemented along with environmental controls and other less obvious fascist policies intended to marry international business to government within an irreversible bond overseen by international central banking management.

The passing of the proposed health care legislation moved forward this Christmas Eve morning by a 60 – 39 Senate vote is the next to final unconstitutional step in creating a governmental skeleton, which once in place will never be eradicated. It matters not whether the bells and whistles are attached. They can be added and moved around later. The Globalist goal is to use our elected officials to blindly construct the skeleton as it has been constructed throughout western Europe. Today’s dumbed down, indoctrinated U.S. population will now freely vote for the empty promise of government largess over the reality of individual liberty every time. We see it every day. We saw it in the November 2008 elections, although in our defense, McCain was certainly not an alternate choice.

The Globalists have so thoroughly and successfully infiltrated our society since 1900 or so to the extent that today’s sleepy-headed citizen, who is just now beginning to wake up to the threat – has most likely awoken too late. Our schools are gone. History has been rewritten; much of it actually erased. Our media and honest reporting of fact is gone. Our integrity is gone. Our expectation of decency is gone. God has been driven out. Our very minds and appreciation of freedom are basically gone.

I’m not at all sure that there is any possibility of saving our Constitutional Republic at this point. Our awakening is much too little; too late to forestall the inevitable imposition of Globalist tyranny. Certainly, if the people of the United States do not join together to stop the final step in the overthrow of “we the people’s” freedom, that is, stop the conjoining and passage of the House and Senate health care bills – it will be too late.

The idiot TV talking heads we rely on for information speak foolishly of giving over control of 1/6 of the U.S. economy. This is a joke. We are blindly and ignorantly and trustingly considering giving more than 90% of all control of our lives to the government with the passage of this bill. The incremental loss of freedom contained within the passage of the health care take-over along with environmental controls, banking, etc. entails the end of all personal freedom as we have known it and taken it for granted.

I predict in 2010 illegal immigration amnesty will be passed. With it’s passage the largest single voting block in the United States will be the “welfare” vote or the “government dependence vote” or whatever you want to call it. In any case, labels aside, the hard working, middle class, property owning citizen on whose back this country was built will become 100% dis-enfranchised. Your vote will be meaningless. You may not understand this, but the Globalists who wish to control you understand it perfectly. They have understood it perfectly for more than a century. Unfortunately, you and I too, will soon understand perfectly.

Merry Christmas.

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