01-08-10: Obama Playing House in Our White House

Watching the Obama Administration playing at government is like watching a group of spoiled children playing house. They lie, hide each other’s toys; break each other’s toys; cry and whine incessantly; point fingers and tattle tale on each other; all while vying constantly for the center of attention.

One does notice, however, that they are consistent in their response to any “crisis”, contrived, real or otherwise. They steadfastly approach all “emergencies” with the following strategy.

1. Blame Bush.
2. Do nothing.
3. Issue a foolish statement.
4. Retract the foolish statement.
5. Convene a study group or commission.
6. Claim to be doing everything possible.
7. Release the inane study group conclusions.
8. Do nothing.
9. Blame Bush.
10. Declare victory.

Many of us watch in wondrous amazement as this group of leftover, sixties retreads blunder through the course of any given day. What planet does my indoctrinated government live on? Our pathetic excuse for a government, week by week hands over more control and more power to the same people who caused and are profiting from this financial meltdown in the first place. That is the Federal Reserve System along with its international cabal of greed frenzied families.

Unfortunately, it is becoming painfully obvious that this consistent level of incompetence and wrong choices cannot be accidental. The law of probability suggests that even the most incompetent managers acting in good faith will occasionally get it right; but not the Obama Administration. Every policy, every decision, every action is bad, bad, bad for U.S. citizens and for the world. The U.S. is becoming a laughing stock and the international financial elite are taking it to the Swiss banks in C130 size bundles.

The economy is crashing, the dollar is being artificially propped up until the elite can safely short their way out of it, then it’ll finish sinking like a lead rock; gold is artificially being held down so it’s not obvious how much trouble the dollar is really in; foreclosures are being held by banks so the real estate market looks a little better; interest rates are artificially being held down: the international finance capital of the world has quietly moved from New York to London prepatory to the crash; and in the end, when the elite are fully protected and the American middle class is hanging out as far as possible; bang – it all comes down, just like 1929. The U.S. independent middle class will be finished.

The talking heads on TV constantly gripe in self righteous indignation about how the Democrats are taking over 1/6 of the economy and isn’t that terrible? Are you kidding? This health care abomination is the end of the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America. This illegal, unconstitutional legislation provides government access to your financial records, to your bank accounts and to your life. This legislation kills freedom dead.

What to do? If you recall, or if you’ve read your handy copy of the Constitution you’ll notice that whenever the Framers used the term United States; the word “States” is used very literally and specifically in its plural form; as in the several States – United together. This is significant. This is not accidental. The Framers always spoke in terms of the several independent States United together under one roof for mutual protection and benefit. The several States were not united together under one tyrant to be enslaved. That’s Obama’s idea, not the Framer’s.

The structure of the U.S. Constitutional Republic, if adhered to, makes it quite literally impossible to construct a dictatorship. The separation of powers and oversight functions built into our Rule of Law preclude this possibility. Unfortunately, over the years, particularly since Wilson and the two abominable Roosevelts the U.S. has fallen victim to a “better idea” that doesn’t work. Liberalism=Progressivism=Socialism=Communism equals a totalitarian regime antithetical to individual freedom and the pursuit of excellence.

Government largess is inversely proportional to individual freedom. Unfortunately, the incremental inroads Progressive thought has made over the past 100-years have destroyed our Supreme Court and have decimated the necessary balance of power between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government. The inroads are always toward a shift in power to the Executive Branch. Democrat or Republican – it doesn’t matter. Republican Bush was every bit the One World Globalist that Democrat Obama is. Both were and are anathema to your family’s freedom and well being. Our Rule of Law has progressively been eroded until it doesn’t really exist in any useful form.

The only non-violent path to saving our Constitutional Republic today and for re-establishing the Rule of Law is for “we the people” to rise up in mass and say NO. The people must demand that the several independent States exert their rights under the Constitution and nullify the illegal, unconstitutional legislation vomiting out of Washington today. Failure will mean future bloodshed for your children, should they care more for freedom than you do.

This is not a Democrat / Republican issue. This is a “we the people” versus the international financial elite issue. We can stand together, force our elected representatives to represent “we the people” and remain free; or not. Our failure is certain feudalism for our children unless your name happens to be Rockefeller, Warburg, Morgan, Rothschild, etc.

My name is Kolinski. I am not anointed. My children are not anointed. Are yours?

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