12-20-2010: Massachusetts Isn’t About Democrat Failure

The TV talking heads are all agog with the trouncing of Coakly or Croakly or Cookly or whatever her state given name is by Scott Brown. Hopefully Brown is the real deal and not just another Republican shill playing at participation in what used to be our Constitutional Republic. I hardly think the point here is whether or not the Obama Administration gets it now. First of all, getting it assumes he and they care about what is good for the people of this country and it should be abundantly clear by now that he and they don’t.

To Progressives like Chairman Obama and his brain washed commissars people are votes and votes are political power. True Executive political power means castrating the Legislative Branch a bit more (if that’s possible) and boosting the Executive Branch to yet more abusive levels. I won’t even mention the Constitution as it doesn’t really exist since 1913 anyway. Given that the Judicial Branch (for victims of public education – that would be the Supreme Court) are appointed by the Executive; it is then possible for international banking to twist the gold plated Executive thumb screw (today it’s the new remote control model) to wield yet more control over the dumbed down U.S. tax payer.

Who cares whether Obama gets it now? Who cares whether the Republicans take back the House or Senate in November, 2010? Are we still thinking it matters? Are we as a people incapable of demonstrating a learning curve? 2010 is not about Democrats or Republicans or Independents or liberals or conservatives. 2010 is the “people versus international banking”. To understand why, we need to take a look at the game. Yes, to you and me it’s our lives; it’s all we have in life; but to a Rockefeller, Warburg or Rothschild it’s just a very fun game and a new yacht.

The rules of the game are as follows. During the first half, the banker gal or dude provides financial support to candidates on both sides of the fence. This can be a Democrat, a Republican or in the case of countries even a king or queen. The candidate or head of state who most fails to respond to his or her financial master’s wishes will suddenly find him or herself outgunned by an opponent with more campaign money to spend or in the case of countries a bigger army. More money means you win. The rules are simple and are clearly understood or soon learned by any successful political leader.

You saw this play out in our last Presidential election when Hillary apparently got herself crosswise with the Bilderbergers and lost her crown. How I wouldn’t know – I wasn’t invited to the meeting, but obviously she was a naughty girl. She may have actually done or said something I would have liked. Anyway, presto and Hillary is broke and finished and Obama, who no one ever heard of swoops out of nowhere with a $750,000,000 war chest. Ala Jimmy Carter and the Trilateral Commission all over again. Do you think Barack got that money from you and me?

The second half of the game is all about the right moves. It’s the Progressive Democrat’s job to move the ball downfield to the left as far as possible, say fifteen yards or so. When they go too far, the people get angry and the Republicans get the ball. It’s then the Republican’s job to make a lot of conservative noise about the Constitution and such, but never move the ball even one inch back to the right. No – the Republicans are just place holders in the game. Their function is to make it appear to voters that we have a real political debate and that issues are at stake. Of course, this is nonsense.

Once the Republicans show themselves to be hapless morons, the people again become angry and the Democrats can move the ball downfield to the left some more. Many think this game has an end, but it doesn’t. The end would be the perfect totalitarian state with the international bankers in full control of the enslaved heads of state, but I don’t believe that to be the case at all. This game, properly played has no end.

By creating an infinitely long playing field the international financial elite can motivate the world’s lemmings, that would be us, into a continuous cycle of wars, booms and busts, ups and downs, etc., forever. We can have Islamic terrorists killing Christians and Jews and vice versa; communists and capitalists; liberals and conservatives; gays and heteros; black and whites; Hispanics and everybody else; rich and poor; and on and on and on. This is much more challenging, entertaining and profitable for the elite than a static totalitarian state would ever be.

When the game is played nicely the now soulless, Faustian politico follows orders and in the case of the U.S., the Federal Reserve rules the roost. Trillions of dollars are raped from the hard working brows of the lower and middle class peons through the progressive tax system, wars are fought, money is created from nothing and borrowed at interest and more profits are made. Everybody is happy although our kids are dying a lonely death in far off places, supposedly to defend freedom and spread democracy, but actually just so the Schiffs and Harrimans can store a little more blood money in the vault.

Occasionally, someone like John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby get rambunctious and file an Executive Order like 11110 on June 4th, 1963. This Executive Order would have stripped the Federal Reserve System of its power to receive interest on U.S. currency and would have basically put the Federal Reserve Bank of New York out of business. That and JFK’s desire to get out of Vietnam by the end of 1965, which would have hurt a great Rockefeller profit center – well, you may recall how that all worked out on November 22nd, 1963.

Nixon got a little rambunctious as well and got crowned with Watergate. Did you really think the two geniuses Woodward and Bernstein figured anything out? Reagan learned his lesson and walked his Orwellian tightrope pretty well. When a bought and paid for politician steps out of line the banking rules are enforced pretty quickly and they don’t fall under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). For what it’s worth the Federal Reserve System isn’t bound by GAAP rules either. It’s in the Charter (you can read it online) and they can’t be audited or taxed.

We’ll talk more about the Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate in future postings, but for today just realize one single fact. The fact is that the international banking cartel has no real power. That is, unless “we the people” say yes and vote irresponsibly and ignorantly. The cartel and its several flatulent organizations such as the old Illuminati, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations or the Royal Institute of International Affairs are all completely powerless; unless “we the people” say yes. The correct answer for your children’s future is NO.

The Massachusetts Special Election held on January 19th, 2010 tells us nothing useful about Democrats or Republicans. It does, however, tell us much about ourselves as a people. It tells us we are about fed up with politicians who do not represent us. We as Americans are about done with being pushed around by a bunch of spoiled, girly-boys and manly-girls whose greedy parents matriculated their bony behinds to over-priced Ivy League schools to learn the theft and political extortion business at our expense.

2010 is our year to stand up and say NO. 2010 is the year the average American voter can help finish the Revolution started by our Founders in 1776. The British Bankers may have fooled us for a while, but not any longer. Dumping the Fed and restoring our Constitutional Republic to its proper place in history requires only two things. First of all, learn to say NO. Secondly, we absolutely must sponsor, support and defend grass roots candidates in place of the bought and paid for pawns offered up by the DNC and RNC.

We the people must from and bring to life the American Revolution of 2010 within these two parties. We must demand that our State Legislatures stand up, assert their State’s Rights on our behalf under the Constitution and nullify the illegal, unconstitutional garbage now vomiting out of Congress and our White House. If we work together as citizens regardless of Party affiliation we can win back our freedom at the voting booth. If we don’t or if we fail; our children will have to win it back with bloodshed. This is our year if we want it. Join a grassroots movement and make it happen.



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2 responses to “12-20-2010: Massachusetts Isn’t About Democrat Failure

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    Hi, nice post. I look forward to your next post. Thank you, Julie

  2. What we have been finding for a long time now that the leadership of the parties have lost connections with the Populace. The leadership we have now pronounce pick a position. I don’t need to pick one side or another. I would rather pick a person that trusts in the comparable values that I believe in and I truly don’t give a flying **** what political party he/she belongs to. If it doesn’t fit don’t buy it. That’s as elementary as can be.

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