01-22-2010: Watch What a Progressive Does – Not Says

Progressivism is a devious tool employed by the very wealthy international elite to accomplish the re-structuring of world politics and government into a controlled form, intended to destroy free market capitalist competition and to nudge the world population into financial servitude. While Progressivism is a fatal disease in and of itself; it is not the source of the problem. The source lies much deeper.

According to Eustace Mullins’, in his The Secrets of the Federal Reserve (The London Connection), the modern day version of this “One World” or “Globalist” program began in earnest at a 1773 Frankfurt meeting of twelve wealthy and influential men. The meeting was hosted by Mayer Amshel Bauer at his Frankfurt Goldsmith Shop. The Bauer family name is better known today as Rothschild (which means Red Shield) and was taken from the red shield, which Mayer hung over the front door of his shop. This shield is today the official coat-of-arms of the City of Frankfurt, Germany.

I’m not going into the documented history of Mayer Amshel Rothschild nor the World Revolutionary Movement and Plan of Action, which he and his greedy associates created in 1773 for the purpose of establishing “ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources and manpower of the entire world”. This history has been well documented by Mullins and others.

I bring this historic matter up as a starting point in explaining why it is pointless for Progressive liberals to argue with conservatives about how to improve man’s lot in this world. Both conservatives and liberals are expertly manipulated to inert distraction other than always to creep incrementally leftward, that is, toward socialism. The Progressive movement, a foolish euphemism for Communism, socialism, collectivism, etc. purports to detest the corrupt, wealthy financial elite and its unfair treatment of the less educated and less wealthy. Yet, it is these same financial elite who created Communism, financed their indolent pawn, Karl Marx, financed Lenin and the Bolsheviks, financed Stalin, financed Hitler, financed Mao Tse Tung, financed Communist North Vietnam, financed Castro’s regime and through various foundations, schools, etc. are financing Progressivism today. Why? How many liberals today understand that the financial interests they hate so much, are the source and life blood of liberalism itself?

Sun Tzu writes in Chapter III, The Sheathed Sword in his treatise on The Art of War, “supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting”.

Encouraging countries and populations to engage in warfare is a favorite profit center of the financial elite and it provides some population control in the bargain, which indirectly conserves natural resources for future profit taking. For example, the elite certainly don’t want ignorant African tribesmen wasting valuable natural resources on themselves when a little starvation, civil war and chaos will stop development and preserve these same resources for the elite later on. Practical is as practical does. The same anti-development strategy is employed throughout the Middle East although in this case the good intentions of the U.S. military are misused as the elite’s private police force. A formal declaration of war cannot be issued by the U.S. because then certain members of the wealthy U.S. elite would potentially be guilty of treason. This is also the reason war was never declared in Vietnam as wealthy U.S. families were financing and arming the Communist North Vietnamese through Russia. By holding with a “police action” in Vietnam no one was technically guilty of treason although U.S. elite were arming Communists who killed 58,000 of our children.

Warfare is not, however, a practical nor efficient means of controlling multitudes of disparate peoples dispersed over large areas on separate continents over long periods of time. For the long term one must be a good manager possessing keen foresight and an understanding of human nature. The financial elite have this understanding and if it is found lacking Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale and other anointed halls can embellish it.

Sun Tzu also mentions that it is always best, when possible, to take an army or country whole, rather than destroying it. The same applies in business and banking. Much better to indoctrinate a population over time and have them choose to vote for slavery and indentured servitude rather than to overpower and kill them. If all the little unwashed people are dead; who will work inexpensively to produce nice things for the elite to enjoy. One must be practical, no matter how distasteful. Do the elite wish to dirty their hands constructing and polishing their own yachts? Do they wish to catch, kill and cook their own lobster? Produce their own wine? Build their own automobiles?

So how does one take over an independent nation of people without armed force? It turns out to be simple, if you’re a wealthy central banker. As Mayer Rothschild deduced early on; always finance both or all sides of any political competition, whether between Kings, Princes, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Congressman or Senators. He with the most money usually, not always, but usually wins. It’s not a fool proof system, but it enables those controlling the money to control the contestants and later the ensuing outcomes and policies most of the time. Gaining power can be hard work.

This non-competitive wealth accumulation system works best with dictatorships as there is only one politician to control in order to control the country or state. A Democratic Republic such as the United States throws a horrific wrench into the works and complicates profit taking immensely as freedom can flourish only within a “competitive” environment. A Constitutional Republic is free. As John D. Rockefeller once remarked, “competition is a sin”. It must be eliminated at any cost (my words). Unfortunately for the unwashed – eliminating competition means eliminating freedom. Progressivism always marches steadily toward dictatorship – there is no historical example showing otherwise. It is therefore the handiest ideological tool for controlling a government and eliminating unwanted competition. An unwanted side effect is that collectivism always fails.

Socialism is a great lever for the elite because it allows a dictatorial government to eliminate all competition on behalf of the financing entities, while convincing the sheeple that their government is working very, very hard for their benefit in providing fairness, social justice and other such nonsense, all of which amounts to guaranteed poverty and hopelessness forever. It’s like one big happy, though rather ignorant family. The ideological system promising the most fairness assures the least, but sheeple don’t recognize that fact of life.

So, why should we watch what a Progressive does instead of listening to the nonsense they preach? When they point with their right hand, why should we keep an eye on what their left hand is doing? If we wish to be free these observations are critical. If we enjoy indentured servitude then it matters not a wit. Assuming some or most of us still prefer freedom, an optimistic assumption these days, then our ability to pay attention becomes of paramount importance in understanding, in the interest of freedom, who or what to vote for. Failure to cast a knowledgeable vote means certain slavery with or without shackles.

I’m calling your attention to Progressive liberals rather than conservatives for a reason. Today’s conservatives are not worth the room they take up on the playing field in most cases. The conservative Republican is nothing more than a place holder in the game of moving society to the left for the purpose of enabling international financial elites better and more efficient control over government and business.

The left actively moves the ball forward or to the left. When the sheeple become fed up the conservatives and neo-cons jump in and march in place for a while, but they never, ever move the ball or society even one tiny inch back to the right. That’s why they are place holders and not real players in the game. Unfortunately for freedom, conservatives are all that stand in the way of total control by the financial elite. This seems a paradox in that most mistakenly believe that the so called Establishment Right are conservative. Most do not see conservatives as standing alone against the freedom devouring Establishment, which utilizes the ignorant left to such great effect.

Please understand something. The international financial elite don’t believe in anything outside themselves. They have no allegiance to country, people, religion, decency or other. They are sick, broken human beings bereft of normal human emotions. They are swathed from birth in self serving greed and the demented need to always have more. They should rightly be confined in institutions where they can no longer harm people, but they’re not. They’re loose in their wool suits and they will take everything you have if they can because they believe it is already theirs by birthright. You and I exist only to serve them.

Conservatives may actually believe in freedom and our Constitutional Republic as it was founded, but they tend to be weak and cowardly and their convictions are easily compromised by the normal attraction to money and power. The elite have no interest in destroying conservatism and putting in place a stagnant totalitarian state. This would be boring and would also eliminate many, many profit centers. This careful control of political context by the elite owned media allows a conservative to hang on to most of his or her righteous values, but at the same time to function as a harmless eunuch within the liberal court of social justice and fairness.

We saw this clearly when under Newt Gingrich in 1994, the Republican Freshman bravely took Congress by storm and took off running madly to the right. This lasted about a week before capitulation to the leftist press, liberal power structure and their own self interest carried them quickly back to their stalls with a castrated whimper. Back to place holding and the Progressives were back in the saddle with Clinton, the new moderate.

What does all this mean for us as unwashed individuals? It means that the financial elite bleed your hard earned wealth from your pocketbook to the government via progressive taxation to the Federal Reserve System to the international banking elite. It means you and I work from January 1st to sometime in July before we earn one dime for our own families. It means we are nothing more than indentured servants living a delusion as free men and women. It means our kids are conned into joining the military to protect freedom where they are then used as the elite’s private police force to counteract freedom. As the U.S. is intentionally bankrupted to level the world playing field this policing function will most likely be taken over by the U.N., possibly through INTERPOL, who knows.

The good news is these elites have no real power. The unwashed must continually say yes to empower the elite. A simple unwashed NO stops the elite in their tracks and re-establishes our Constitutional Republic. Our battle for our children’s freedom is hopeless if we continue to believe that conservatives are our enemy or that liberals are our enemy. Both are used and manipulated along different tracks to the same end. That end is the incremental gathering of power into the Executive Branch of government thereby enabling the elites to control the entire United States through control of one person, the President.

It makes no difference whether Democrat or Republican as a practical matter. The Dems move us toward dictatorial control from the White House and the Republicans hold place until the sheeple come back into line. This incremental accumulation of power in the White House must be stopped if freedom is to prevail. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents and the confused must all work together as Americans within our new and growing grass roots movement to overthrow the feudal status quo.

Hating Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II or Obama is pointless. All these pawns are owned and operated by the international financial elite via London through our Federal Reserve System. The government of these United States is operated by the Federal Reserve System – not the other way around. We don’t need to waste time auditing the lying Fed – we need to dissolve the Fed and rid ourselves of an immoral central bank system that enables wars, imperialism, starvation, economic swings, economic theft, financial chaos and the general dissolution of humanity. This pathway can be broken by a grass roots movement of real people willing to say NO to indentured servitude.

It is important that we carefully and responsibly educate ourselves through our grass roots movements and that we come to understand that the London central bankers have been successful in conducting an end run around our Founders hard work and our Constitution via the Federal Reserve System and the related world banking cartel. We as a people must understand that the Revolution of 1776 is not yet complete. There is another battle to be fought – the battle for our children’s economic freedom.


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  1. I love this site. Everytime I come here I end up sitting here for WAY 2 LONG !! LOL Thanks admin. 🙂

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