01-25-2010: What is Federal Fiscal Obtusivity?

As the observant reader of The Kolinski Chronicle takes a momentary break from tearing their hair out while observing our Federal Washington crew attempting to think; they might consider taking an additional moment to ponder the meaning of the newly TKC minted word “obtusivity” and what it means to each of us “unwashed” citizens.

TKC uses the term obtusivity as a newly created noun in the sense of the indoctrinated mental disfunctionality “lacking sharpness or quickness of sensibility or intellect; insensitive; stupid; not clear or precise in thought or expression”. TKC believes an entirely new term is necessary to explain the unfortunate level of fiscal malfeasance the Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama Administrations have sunk to since 1976. Either these folks, in conjunction with their bosses at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (read London) are magnificently inept or they are inveterate lying greed mongers bent on the destruction of the United States middle class; or both. The second option probably involves treason.

I’m a simple, corn fed, straight up, Midwestern boy, intensely naïve, with a bit of an honest streak who finds it difficult to buy either of the above options. None-the-less I find myself leaning toward “both”. This results in a dilemma because my parents told me that if you can’t think of something nice to say about someone, then you really shouldn’t say anything. I certainly don’t have anything nice to say, so in the interest of politeness – the new term obtusivity. This allows me to call the parasitic leech convention we generally refer to as Washington D.C., malfeasant, corrupt, treasonous, untruthful, and negligent as well as arrogant, stupid and putrescent without actually having to say any of these words. It’s my way of being politically correct; kind of like the New York Times when they’re not writing about Bush.

Now let’s combine fiscal with obtusivity and get down to business. You’ve probably guessed by now that we’re going to be talking about Federal government, fiscal monetary stupidity and malfeasance as recently and frequently witnessed since 1913, but more specifically since passage of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) in 1977. (The CRA was passed in 1977, was implemented by Federal Reserve Board Regulation BB, was revised in 1995, encouraging depository institutions to help meet the credit needs of communities in which they operate, including low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.) The international financial elite has steadily been bleeding wealth away from the less privileged here in the United States since 1913 upon creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve System. If you’re not an owner of these family banks, then by definition you’re less privileged. Sorry. Now, as of 2010, these sleaze balls, I mean fiscally obtusive persons are really getting their game down.

The intentionally leaky money vein became a broken, well planned, spurting artery with the advent of World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam; then became a finely tuned tropical storm with passage of the CRA, Afghanistan and Iraq; and has now grown to a full fledged symphonic tsunami of wealth fleeing the middle class to the uber rich as though sucked up by the world’s biggest vacuum. I might add that we vote for this. Fiscal obtusivity then, is my politically correct term for the far reaching strategy and process employed by the international banking cartel to steal your hard earned money and your freedom and your children’s freedom, and so on.

Remember 1929? Of course not, but if you’re a Boomer your Grandparents do, or did and your folks a little bit too. Since Boomers can’t remember it from personal experience we’ll just have to settle for reading about it in a non-Progressive American History book. The Progressive books shown to our kids today are heavily redacted with regard to what actually happened so that we’ll all believe the Roosevelts were really smart guys who saved the day with their Progressive genius. They of course didn’t save anything; they shamelessly caused and then exacerbated and prolonged the fleecing of the American public via their Keynesian nonsense upon instructions received from their bosses at the Federal Reserve. If you work at it, you can find the history so we won’t dwell on it here. The 1929 money vacuum was fairly limited in its time. Today the Fed families own the really big ones like their maids use. Think Kirby only bigger.

Fast forwarding to modern times we might note that George W. Bush (II) is the son of George Herbert Walker Bush (I), who is the son of the late Prescott Bush – a partner of Brown Brothers Harriman and – oh look! Two Presidents with connection to the Federal Reserve families and the international banking cartel head quartered in London. Who’d ‘a thought?

…and you might ask, who cares? What does it mean to you and to your family? Well, I’ll give it a shot.

In a nutshell the Carter Administration {we’re learning that we should always bend over when our President or Vice President gets a Nobel Prize} set up the CRA in 1977. This legislation along with subsequent updates by the Clinton and George W. Administrations basically forced banks to write loans (subprime) to folks who couldn’t possibly pay them off. It is illegal for the Federal government to steal your money and spend it to benefit politically, but that’s what the program does. It garners the Progressive voter demographic, primarily within our Progressively created and maintained inner city slums by giving away the equivalent of free houses. Barney and Chris call this a “right”.

The banks of course, balked at first because a policy this stupid would take them directly into bankruptcy. You have to pay a lot of washed tuition money to learn at Oxford and Harvard how not to do that. Our trusty elected Congress responded with – “never fear” – Fanny and Freddie will buy all the junk paper and the retarded tax payer can hold the empty bag. The banker guys realized the tremendous potential of this and what probably started out as a corrupt voter fraud scheme metastasized into the second greatest financial swindle in world financial history. The first and greatest scandal was of course the passing of the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913 and prior to, its handy 16th Amendment, that is, the progressive income tax ratified by our elected eunuchs on February 3, 1913. You have to admit – these Fed families are organized. The income tax was imposed before the enormous money funnel was placed.

I have to digress here because this strategy works so well, I just have to brag on it a little and give the uber rich credit. This same cart before the horse concept was just used to vote in the medical rationing board or as Sarah calls it, “death panel”. Dems constantly argue that there are no “death panels” in the 2009 House or Senate Health Care bills; and they are absolutely correct. They forget to mention, however, that the death panel was already included and passed into law under the earlier, non-related bailout legislation no one bothered to read. Isn’t this great? A death panel hidden in a money bill. Who’d ‘a thought?

So now we have the not so delicately orchestrated set up for the financial crash of 2008. It isn’t over yet – we’ll be talking about 1929 times ten or a dozen before the Fed is through with us, just hang on for a bit. Add in so called health care reform, which doesn’t reform – just takes over along with a little cap and trade tax and a touch of North American Union Amero frosting and the United States middle class is vaporized baby – I mean gone, gone, gone. Just like Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor under Carter (1977 – 1981); founding member of the Rockefeller controlled Trilateral Commission; and frequent speaker at Bilderberg conferences has visualized: no middle class – nothing left but rulers and servants. Z.B. was a fine NSA dude and Royal Institute of International Affairs puppet. Don’t you feel safer for all his dedicated, hard work…on the Fed family’s behalf? Are you thinking treason? Crimes against humanity? Z.B. is still on the loose just so you know. It’s never too late.

Now we can watch our elected Representatives pay off the banks with our money to “hush” the bankers up so they don’t tattle on the Congress that made them do it. The banker scum in turn make sure the anointed Elect get Re-elected and round and round we go. All conspirators are summarily protected except the middle class tax payer. I don’t know who the banker dudes think will pay for the yachts when the middle class has been all used up, but I guess that’s not my problem.

In short, fiscal obtusivity is my politically correct term for the manner in which the international banking cartel controls our no longer functioning, once Constitutional Republic so as to more easily steal your hard earned money and place your family into indentured servitude forever. This is why we work from January until July for the Fed families. Soon, if Congress has its way; it’ll be from January 1st to December 25th. We’ll get to keep that last week’s feudal wage to survive on during the coming year.

It might be a good idea for us to start paying a little more attention to who it is we’re voting for. Things are not what they seem. Just in case you think you’ve escaped the Bush clan; guess what? Barack and Hillary are both big time Bilderberg conferencers although it seems Hillary must have irritated the wrong central banker. Obama didn’t.


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