02-03-2010: Small Business Loans? Really?

Now the resident White House genius proposes $30 billion of illegal TARP funds be made available to be loaned to small businesses. This the resident genius says will create jobs. Uh huh. Wow. I personally own a very small civil engineering business (now in the process of being dissolved) and I can assure you I would not borrow a dime in this economy if my life depended on it. There is no hope I could pay it back. It would be stealing. How does my taking on more debt provide me with a client? It doesn’t.

Economic stimulus is people knocking on my door to hire my firm. Economic stimulus is my phone ringing off the hook with clients upset because I can’t get their work done quickly enough. Taking on debt is not stimulus, it’s stupid. Taking on debt does not create clients or customers. It’s just more debt.

Taking on debt now just means I will go out of business six months from now instead of today and then I will also damage whoever I borrowed the money from when it isn’t paid back. Barack Obama is a bigger fool than George W. Bush ever dreamed of being and that’s saying something.



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2 responses to “02-03-2010: Small Business Loans? Really?

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