02-04-2010: Who’s Supporting Who?

According to CBS and USA Today:
Average annual pay for a federal worker in 2010 is projected to be $75,419.
Average annual pay for a private sector worker in 2010 is projected to be $40,331.

Question of the week? How many $75k workers can an unemployed $40k worker support?

We had better answer this question soon because the resident White House genius and our pathetically corrupt Congress are hiring $75k friends and family members by the limo load. Good friends are in the six figure range though, not in the paltry $75k range. Washington D.C. is the fastest growing area in the continental United States and D.C. real estate is booming.

Wonder Boy is going forward with his Executive Order Taxing Commission to establish which poll tested terms and phrases should best be used to boost your middle and lower income class taxes, while convincing you that either your taxes are not going up or at best; it’s Bushes fault.

In 2008 I predicted that to pay for the more than 500 campaign promises Wonder Boy made taxes would have to be increased on a family of four earning as little as $30,000 per year. Stealing 100% of the income of all people earning more than $250,000 doesn’t even wet the whistle. I read earlier this week that Heritage is now predicting that a family earning $33,000 per year will have their taxes increased to pay for all our new collectivist programs.

Prepare to buckle down and work harder folks. Slavery ain’t cheap!


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