02-05-2010: China and Your Healthcare

Chairman Obama and his adoring pets in Congress insist that their 2,000 pages of tree killing subterfuge written by “we-don’t know who” will reduce health care costs. Their arrogant assumption that the American voter is gullible enough to believe this malarkey is insulting and astonishing. Any member of our growing street person population with an IQ above thirty or so understands the U.S. population demographic precludes reducing overall healthcare costs anytime soon – short of stipulating that health care will not be provided at all. I believe that’s called rationing.

George Will writing yesterday, 02-04-2010 quotes Mr. Robert Fogel, an economist who wrote a September on-line piece for The American Enterprise Institute stating the following:

“The financial per capita (health care) burden at age 85 and older, is nearly six times as high as the burden at ages 50-54 and the financial burden of healthcare for ages 85 and older is over 75 percent higher per capita than at ages 75-79.”

“Five years before the year of death, annual health cost is virtually the same as all annual Medicare costs per capita. By the second year before death the cost has risen by about 60 percent, and in the year of death the annual cost exceeds the average by more than four times. Indeed, expenditures on persons during their last two years of life account for 40 percent of all Medicare expenditures.”

Given that 75% of all U.S. deaths today are of folks 65 years of age or older and given that this portion of our U.S. population is growing; ANY POLITICIAN STATING THAT THEIR PLAN WILL REDUCE HEALTH CARE COSTS WITHOUT RATIONING IS A LIAR. Our population demographics preclude this possibility and even our 6 year old dog can see that. Guess what? Our U.S. health care costs are going up. Period. Guess what else? The number of young people entering the work force to pay for all this is shrinking.

Mr. Will also mentions projections that the Chinese economy is expected to grow to $123 trillion annually by 2040. This Chinese economy if successful will dwarf the European Union, North America, India and the Middle East together. This at the same time our Federal government is intentionally and knowingly bankrupting the U.S., while plotting to start a war with Iran (another story).

The United States will survive as a free state in the future only if it does what it has done in the past – thrive on entrepreneurship and creativity. The present path in America is exactly backwards; that is, to crush entrepreneurship and creativity under the heavily taxed and regulated boot heel of social fairness and economic justice. This well worn Progressive boot heel has already crushed Europe’s independence and under Chairman O’s demented wandering is about to crush America’s.

Chairman O blindly leads his ideological parade of lemmings down the dead end path to where China has been. China is taking the freeway to where the U.S. has come from. Ten minutes spent in a history book not yet altered and redacted by Progressive thought police will show the mistake in bright neon lights. Our answer: give Chairman Obama a chance.

Our Federal government is crushing us and we are mindlessly voting for it. It is time we learned to stand up as mature adults and say NO. NO to the RNC. No to the DNC. YES to grassroots Americans willing to serve “we the people”.


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