02-09-2010: Comment on Old Kissinger Quote

“Today Americans would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow, they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government.”

The above quotation is taken from remarks made by Henry A. Kissinger at the May 21, 1992 meeting of the Bilderberg Group in Evian, France. I found this quote on page 84 in Daniel Estulin’s book entitled The True Story of The Bilderberg Group.

The more I think about this Kissinger quote the more I realize the extent to which we are being had as a people by both the Republican and Democrat Parties. Kissinger made these remarks in 1992. Not much of a stretch to deduce that plans for Middle Eastern chaos were clearly being made as early as 1992 by the international financial elite that Henry Kissinger has pandered to his entire adult life. So how does it play out?

Well, all through the nineties under the Democrat Clinton Administration the stage, entered from the left is being set to draw the U.S. into Islamic conflict. The pot is stirred mightily with the ’93 World Trade Center bombing and many other attacks ending with the U.S.S. Cole. Nothing is resolved, but the stage is set and Kissinger’s fearful thoughts are firmly planted not just in U.S. minds, but throughout Europe and the world.

Don’t forget that just prior to Democrat Clinton’s arrival onstage, One World Governance Republican promoter George H. W. Bush allowed Saddam Hussein to go free when our U.S. military was only about 10.5 meters from Saddam’s front door. Why? Remember how the Treaty of Versailles helped set the stage for World War II? These things are related because they are brought about by the very same entities for the very same purposes. Bush I decorated the stage for the Clinton play to come. The Middle East was put on notice and readied for the pot stirring to begin. Was there any doubt after the Cole attack against our U.S. Navy that things were heating up nicely, just like Henry and his banker buddies wanted?

Enter the George W. Bush Administration, stage right. Nine months into office and WHAM, 9/11. The Towers are down and more people are murdered than at Pearl Harbor. For eight solid years the clarion call of freedom, democracy and self defense shrills in time to the steady drum beat of growing U.S. military force and aggression in the obdurate face of our growing and ever more threatening unseen enemy. An enemy that is at once “nowhere” and “everywhere”, even in your own back yard. “You are with us or against us”. The flags are waving, the bogeyman is under the bed and the people are angry. How dare these ragheads! Now the seeds planted during the Democrat Clinton Administration, having taken root are being watered, grown and carefully nurtured by the Republican Bush Administration. The Middle East isn’t on notice anymore. The Middle East is in utter chaos – just as reliable old Henry postulated. Money is being made hand over fist by Henry’s ruthless friends, the American middle class is being bled dry and thousands on both sides are dying. A flotilla of dollars is floating on a sea of blood paddled by our ignorance and we wonder why some folks around the world are unhappy with us.

Enter the unknown, Democrat Barack Obama, stage left, gliding on a media created $750 million dollar swell of “hope and change you can believe in”. The counter culture has finally arrived and everything is gonna’ be alright. One year later and where are we? Yikes, hope and change took an unexpected, abrupt left turn to Pakistan, Yemen and Iran. (It is a left turn if you’re traveling south.) Once again we hightail it out of Iraq, and why not, it worked the first time – we’ll be back. The Messianic Barack and his adoring Tavistockian indoctrinated media are bending over seventeen ways from Sunday to “engage” Iran, the Twelvers and their psychotic followers, or at least to have us think so. They’re doing everything possible to head off disaster, but gosh oh golly, it’s real tough going folks. The pot’s boiling now. Those elitists are stirring like mad and we’re all swirling in a confusing mist of national bankruptcy, personal financial trauma, confusion, fear, patriotism and moral dilemma – just like reliable old Henry told us in 1992… and the money is just rolling in. Does any of this appear accidental to you? Henry’s good at his job isn’t he?

Most of us missed that last sign post, we were driving pretty fast and probably playing gin in the back seat, but I was watching pretty closely and I’m relatively certain the arrow is pointing straight to Iran and even more chaos and much higher oil prices. Mr. Obama will twist and turn all he can and do his best, but in the end there’s going to be a big one and we’re going to demand that Barack take our boys and girls to Iran and set it straight. Those doggone ragheads – they’re not gonna get the best of us.

Oh by the way; did you know that the Federal Reserve Banks collect interest on all this war debt? The more wars and the bigger the wars the more debt and the more interest to be collected. Did you know it’s their friends and buddies who make the steel and build all the tanks and bombs and uniforms and such? I mean to tell you, ka-ching, ka-ching baby all the way to the Bank of London. Ask yourself this question? If you didn’t have a greedy central bank to finance all sides of these endless wars up front and then send you the bill after the fact; would you volunteer your hard earned money and your sons and daughters to pay for them? How much would you be willing to spend to kill some guy’s family in a far off desert you don’t and won’t ever meet or know? I didn’t think so. We should think about that. Did you ever vote for your kids to be killed or to have someone else’s kid killed so some international elitist can get a new yacht? I can’t remember doing that. Maybe you can.

We’re being had folks. Do any of us really believe that the United States military, without any question the most powerful, best equipped, most highly trained, most heavily armed military in world history, cannot in eight years defeat a bunch of Islamic suburbanites in sandals armed with rocks, rifles and homemade IED’s. You’re going to have a steep, uphill battle convincing me that we are really trying. Give me a break. A man in a cave is kickin our ass. Right. We can explode an armed tank over a distance of miles; a tank we can’t even see with the naked eye; but we can’t possibly stop a bunch of guys in sandals who train on grade school monkey bars and turn somersaults in the dirt. This is a setup and I for one am getting tired of it. Our children are loyally serving in an armed force with the best of intentions, and are being misused as the world police enforcement arm of a bunch of private bankers.

I’m sick and tired of sending our sons, daughters, fathers and mothers off to war solely to put money in the bank accounts of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Schiffs, Morgans and others on the advice of a flea bitten con man the likes of Henry Kissinger. The bloody sacrifice of our precious families and friends on the alter of Globalist greed and inhumanity for the sake of a group of ruthless, inhuman predators and scavengers has raged out of control and it’s time to stop it. NOW is the time to stop it.

How do we stop it? We stop it by supporting and voting for grass roots political candidates who will have the courage and moral turpitude to represent “we the people”; not the international financial interests that presently own the RNC, DNC and all of Washington D.C. We support our grassroots candidates with quarters, dimes and nickels. The global corporations and their putrescent lobbyists can stick their money where the sun doesn’t shine. Our candidates will be beholden to no one outside we the people. These candidates will have to be courageous because the Globalists won’t like them, just like they don’t like me and they certainly won’t like you. Ask Dick Nixon or JFK how things work out when you tell these Globalists something they don’t want to hear. We only support candidates who have the courage and cahones to rudely show lobbyists the parking lot.

It looks like a bumpy road ahead, but we have folks on our side who can build one heck of a shock absorber. We are the free love, Boomers who got sucked into the Tavistock dribble and started the oh so counterculture revolution back in the sixties. We asked the right questions, but came up with the wrong answers handily provided us by the elite. Well, we ain’t kids anymore. It’s time to turn in your beads and pull on your boots. They want a REVOLUTION? Let’s give ’em one! The TEA PARTY’S on and I for one am comin’ with the biggest cup I can carry.



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4 responses to “02-09-2010: Comment on Old Kissinger Quote

  1. I enjoyed your article immensely and will have to check out your blog more frequently. I didn’t realize that former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was a one-world government wacko. We need a real leader that lets our United States military take the gloves off, eschewing ridiculous rules of engagement. I’ve made this case on my website http://www.conservativegalaxy.com that the Tea Party and the Republican Party need to morph into one combining forces. The Tea Party can be the conscience of the Republican Party that will revitalize and strengthen the “elephants” such as Ronald Reagan advocated with real life Conservative candidates where RINO’s need not apply.

    • thekolinskichronicle

      You got that about right. These One Worlders are showing up everywhere. I wish they’d think to bring the ice cream.

  2. Caroll

    Thank you for the insight and laying out the time line. I always had my doubts about Kissinger. The same sort of feeling I had from the beginning about Obama. Sometimes you just have to believe your gut. What amazes me is how an older homemaker (me)with nothing but a high school education can discern the fallacy, and a wide swath of the American electorate could be roped in. We will pay dearly for this infatuation with the One.

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