02-23-2010: The Secret Strength of the Tea Party Movement

The well kept secret wherein lays the indomitable power of the 2010 Tea Party Movement is that the Tea Party has no visible leader. It is simply a vibrant force within all parties. The Tea Party Movement is a group of groups, made up of contributors each of whom resolutely believes in human dignity and individual liberty. The Tea Party contributors believe in the future and additionally believe that with a little study, organization and effort we can all arrive there in one piece. Every single member of the Tea Party Movement understands intuitively that without human dignity, no future is worth living. Marxism in any form, even the tasty treat cleverly offered by the Obama Administration ruthlessly crushes human dignity under the boot heel of conformist collectivism. The Tea Party Movement doesn’t want the hollow promises the Progressives are mindlessly selling and will never buy such future robbing tripe.

We are not here to serve the State. The State is here to serve US, we the people. When the State loses sight of its sole obligation to serve; we the people, as per our right under our Constitution will replace it. We the people will have proper representation.

The talking heads of Fox, MSNBC, CNN and talk radio we all rely on so much for information and political insight are lost within the confines of their own success. As a group they cannot yet grasp the life blood source of strength and unity the Tea Party Movement draws upon. They aimlessly discuss whether the Tea Party is a third party and whether it will help or hurt the Democrats or Republicans. They are not able to see that the Tea Party is not a party at all, but a movement. It is not led – it just spontaneously grows out of a shared desire for liberty and economic freedom. It is not Democrat. It is not Republican. It just is and will envelope both.

In order for the Tea Party Movement to remain strong and to prosper it is essential that its members realize, with confidence, that they do not require leadership in the conventional sense. In fact, such leadership will kill the movement dead; and quickly. On the local level, group leaders can organize events and information, but beyond that – nothing more is needed. Why?

If a national movement leader should emerge, the movement will be destroyed shortly thereafter. Any such leader is easily disparaged, demonized, trivialized and diminished in the eyes and minds of voters by today’s ignorantly compliant press core and voracious Progressive strategists. The muckraking Congressional Districting system will strangle any new party before it takes its first breath. To the extent this occurs confidence is easily undermined, security is threatened, enthusiasm strangled and voters will march quickly back to the useless fodder they’ve been offered up by both the Democrat and Republican Parties, that is, special interest pets interested only in their own political efficacy.

If the Tea Party Movement has no leader it becomes nearly impossible to attack or defeat in any meaningful way. It is like an amoeba with no head. It just keeps dividing its cells into new interconnected groups and growing and growing. It encompasses the Democrat, Republican, Libertarian and Green Parties and they cannot avoid it. They cannot stop it. They cannot go around it. Is there a single one of us who cares a twit what anyone thinks about our movement? The talking heads have been laughing and poking fun at us for more than a year now. The President of the United States belittles and ridicules us on national television. Ignorant comedians make tasteless jokes based on sodomistic sexual innuendo. Do we care? Are we intimidated? The answer is a resounding NO. We don’t care and we cannot be intimidated because we believe in something. We believe in freedom and we intend to have it and hold it.

Each of us understands intrinsically that human dignity cannot flourish without freedom. Opportunity cannot flourish without freedom. Excellence in any form cannot flourish without freedom. Love itself cannot flourish without freedom. American society, our Rule of Law and the Constitutional Republic which formed it is functionally predicated on a Judeo-Christian philosophy of free will and love of one’s neighbor. To the extent we allow our freedom to be diminished we strangle the power of love and the very basis of our society. State controlled collectivism strangles freedom. Collectivism strangles love. Collectivism will strangle us – if we vote for it.

The enemies of freedom and their ignorant followers could destroy a million Tea Party members tomorrow. So what? Could that stop us? Would it even hurt us or slow us down? No, it surely would not. Should the movement become reliant on a leader, however, that leader is easily destroyed and with the fall of him or her, the movement is damaged. Create a head – chop the head off – and the movement is suddenly limping blindly along a path to nowhere. If there is no head – what can be chopped off? What can be hurt? How do you destroy something that is everywhere; that you can’t see or define? What can you shoot at? This leaderless force of millions is the Tea Party Movement’s spine.

The power of the Tea Party Movement is encompassed entirely within its individual members; not some supposed leader. Do you need someone, anyone to tell you what’s right and good? I didn’t think so. The Tea Party Movement is an amorphous, indefinable force for freedom invading the Democrat and Republican Parties from within. The brainwashed CFR leaders of the DNC, the RNC and the hopelessly castrated press are powerless against this force. They don’t even know what it is? They can call us names and laugh themselves silly; but they cannot get rid of us; this is our country too and we will be heard at the voting booth.

It is absolutely essential to success that the Tea Party Movement remain a movement within all parties and not become “a” Party of its own. Its own identity will destroy it. How do you think a small minority of Progressive clones have been able to take over the people’s entire control of government and disable our representative system? How has a small number of Progressives forced the overwhelming majority of Americans to work from January to August for free so that the stolen fruits of our effort can be bartered for more minority political power and control? They did it by infiltration. Step by step, always selling their pitiful idea since 1900 or so.

Well, the Progressives have shown us the way haven’t they? So, step by step WE, the vast majority of hard working American citizens will seamlessly infiltrate, penetrate and take our freedom back. We will do it with no leader to attack; no fort to burn down. We will have representation whether the CFR, RNC and DNC like it or not. We will VOTE this government down to 25% of its current, bloated, citizen eating size. We will institute a Fair Tax to meet our government needs and we will eliminate the tax code that serves no purpose other than to control our behavior and transfer our hard earned wealth to the international financiers who have purchased the souls of our once representative politicians.

Our Tea Party Movement must remain a “movement” if it is to remain strong against the Statist forces arrayed against her. She must remain strong, leaderless and vibrant through individual members capable of invading all political parties and re-infecting them with a 5,000 year old desire for freedom and opportunity; not some washed up 200 year old idea for modern slavery dreamt up by greed diseased, Mayer Amshel Rothschild in 1773.

Progressives are brainwashed slaves. Our Constitutional Republic does not carry with it a law that states we must join them in servitude. Quite the contrary. Vote for freedom. Drink some tea.

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