02-25-2010: A Silly Healthcare Notion And An Expensive Thursday Afternnoon

Today’s “Thursday Carnival Commission” on supposed health care reform is fundamentally flawed. Its premise is silly to the point of embarrassing. The premise is that government can and should “fix” health care. Ten minutes of research will show anyone with an IQ hovering above 30 that the U.S. government is already involved in more than 50% of all health care delivery in the U.S. Another five minutes or so of your time will demonstrate that 99.99% of the escalating costs now rampaging through what was the best health care delivery system in the world are the direct result of that same government involvement. It is these highly government controlled portions of the health care delivery system that are the most bankrupt and yet this silly commission is mindlessly discussing ways to increase government involvement to solve the problem. The worse part of this lunacy is that “we the people” are paying for this leadership vacuum.

Every special interest pet attending this Obamafest commission assumes that government must do something. They are correct. Government has to get out of the way. They are fundamentally and hopelessly wrong when they assume our special interest controlled government can do anything but make a bad situation much worse. Government is creating the mess. We the people have to stand up and demand that government get the heck out of health care. Our elected representatives in the House and Senate, not to mention the White House are bought and paid for. They have uniformly demonstrated over decades, that neither party is capable of acting in the interest of the citizens as their oath of office requires. Therefore, we the people must insist they step aside. If they do not – we will remove them from office.

As an example, the special interest pets attending this Obamafest ridicule insurance provider’s greed. Yet they refuse to effectively address the fact that this greed is not only supported, but is actually mandated by Federal government sponsored and controlled State monopolies. Federal government regulation has created and enforced insurance company participation in price fixing monopolies within each State. There is absolutely no competition between providers and of course, the insurance companies are loving it and the consumer pocket book is being devoured. Our Federal government created this system and these idiot attendees want to do what? Increase government regulation and back-scratching. Are you kidding me? We are actually paying for this stupidity and these loons think it’s OK?

I attempted heroically and valiantly to listen to this C-Span fest and remain well behaved. I failed. My television lies broken in the street and my beautiful wife is panicked at what happens next. This entire commission is an insult to a voters intelligence, at least that portion not removed by public education. Our Federal government is out of control. It is so flatulently lost within its own self aggrandizement that it has become a dangerous force and is now attacking the very persons it purportedly is to represent. These fools we have elected have turned on we the people. These parasites slurping at the public trough, that is, our pocket books, no longer even pretend to represent valid constituent interests. It is time to vote every incumbent – Republican, Democrat and Independent – out, out, out. These fools will do whatever their under-the-table masters order today. Tomorrow, so will we – the people!

When something is broken – fix it. Our government is broken – let’s fix it. It is a complete waste of time to e-mail, write or speak with these criminally negligent, intentionally deaf, prostitutorial Senators, Congresswomen and Congressmen. We will speak henceforth with our votes. Then they will no longer be in violation of their oaths of office and will not be inconvenienced by our petty voter interests. I’ve had it. I hope you’ve had it too. Vote, Vote, Vote.



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4 responses to “02-25-2010: A Silly Healthcare Notion And An Expensive Thursday Afternnoon

  1. Guys… guys, our US democracy does not looks like it seems to work so well anymore. Sometimes i wonder if socialist or other countries are pointing at us. We are starting to look like a third world country nowadays !

  2. Well said! If I could write like this I would be well happy. The more I see articles of such quality as this (which is rare), the more I think there could be a future for the Net. Keep it up, as it were.

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  4. You know this made me think of a quote. It’s something like: “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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