02-26-2010: Birth of a Birther

I tend to have difficulty with authority. My wife suggests this is simply immaturity and she’s usually right, but sometimes, oftentimes actually, I find myself believing that those in authority not only can be, but frequently are self absorbed, corruptible and even abusive of their power. When I’m told I cannot question these people my hair stands up. I haven’t been much of a “Birther”, but having said that, I’m about done with being told I cannot ask in what country my President has been born. Where were you born Mr. Obama? It’s a simple question that any real Harvard grad can muster a response to.

Mr. Obama appears a Muslim Manchurian packaged in an Islamic Trojan Horse. As such the matter of his birthplace and allegiance is significant. For example, given that Mr. Obama is a Muslim of Islamic faith, which he vaguely and obtusely admits, he is then subject to Sharia Law. Sharia Law recognizes no other law. This means that in taking his oath of office he violated that very oath simply by taking it. {Mr. Obama also vaguely and obtusely claims to be Christian, but this claim can hardly be taken seriously.}

No person including Mr. Obama can take an oath to “protect and defend” the Constitution of the United States; that is, the basis of our Judeo-Christian Rule of Law while being subject to Sharia Law, which recognizes no other law.

Either Mr. Obama is lying about being of the Islamic faith; or he is lying about protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States. He cannot have it both ways and in either case he is not fit as a liar to be President of the United States. This lie is of such egregious proportion that the matter of his birthplace and ethical allegiance must be considered simply as a practical matter to rational people; let alone withstanding Constitutional requirements for such office.

Many, if not all the policies Mr. Obama supports are uniformly in direct contradiction to the Rule of Law under our Constitutional Republic. The matter of whether or not Mr. Obama’s policies are good or bad for the American people may be a subject for discussion and debate, but our Rule of Law is not.

A man such as Mr. Obama who consistently opposes the Rule of Law he has sworn to uphold must be questioned, not to the same degree as any other political leader, but clearly more so. To fail in this oversight will be to our peril as free citizens as this man’s Administration is trampling rough shod over our legal liberties.


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