03-04-2010: There is no Drawing Board For You

The maniacal takeover of the U.S. health care industry proposed by our Marxist White House and Congress has nothing to do with reform. Take-over does not constitute reform because some bought and paid for political pawn eloquently says it does. The only drawing board to go back to is a better sales pitch for servitude. Is this the change you voted for? Did you knowingly vote to fill Congress and the White House with delusional supporters of Mao Tse Tung?

Our U.S. Federal budget deficit shown on the books is more than $12,521,220,000,000.00. Our total unfunded mandates off the books are more than $105,000,000,000,000. The net worth of the United States is just over $50,000,000,000,000. The United States is upside down and bankrupt by any standard you choose. Blaming someone or anyone is a waste of your time. Stopping this insanity is not. We are all responsible for the outcome our children must live with. Do you choose Chinese style totalitarianism or will you fight for your Constitutional Republic?

Our U.S. Congress is criminally negligent and we are voting for these numb skulls, which means we the people are criminally negligent. If you choose to vote for and sponsor criminality go ahead. I will no longer do it. Ignorance is not an excuse. In any event we can no longer claim ignorance. Gullibility – yes. Ignorance – no.

The Kolinski Chronicle (TKC) is now the sponsor of the 25% OR BUST! movement. We the people can no longer trust our elected representatives. Our representatives are hopelessly lost. We will take back the government of the people by stripping the Federal government of its ability to borrow and spend our birthright. It is imperative that we carve our Federal government down to 75% of its current bloated size over a ten year period and force it to conform to the legal bounds set forth within our Constitutional Republic. We will re-establish our State and local rights as granted by our human existence and as recognized by our Constitution whether our wantonly out of control government likes it or not. We do not serve the government of these United States. The government serves us.

Step one is to abolish the Federal Income Tax and the Federal Reserve System. Abolishing these two ravenous monsters will basically end the world wide continuous wars we now accept as our reality. War and human degradation is not our reality. We do not have to accept the impoverishment of human dignity and the sacrifice of our young people at the alter of greed so brutally imposed and marketed by the international financial elite under the guise of social justice. Stand up and say NO! Our lives do not have to be controlled by conscious-less greed mongers.

Refuse to support any political candidate of any party that does not aggressively support abolishing the Federal Income Tax and the fiendish Federal Reserve System. They are stealing your country and your freedom. Please learn to say NO. Educate yourself.

25% OR BUST!

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