03-06-2010: Why The Debt? Ask yourself.

Our corrupt, negligent, elected representatives, whom we the people have voted into office have to date committed we the people to a debt repayment of more than $340,000 per every legal man, woman and child making up the 308 million population of the United States. I can’t pay my $340,000 and I also cannot hope to pay the $1,360,000 my family of four has now been encumbered with. For the sake of our country’s future I hope your ability to pay is better than mine.

Our lost Washington representatives continue to plan daily how they can add to this mountain of debt with the diabolical government health care pogrom; the government funded green jobs pogrom; government funded other jobs; bloated government worker salaries and benefits; government contributions to dozens of countries around the globe; government contributions to more things than any sane person can keep track of. Why? Does any thinking person really believe we need all this or that it’s working on their behalf? Who benefits? Do you benefit?

Middle class Americans now work from January to August to pay for an unconscionably corrupt government. That eight month period of free slave labor will be moving, progressing if you will, from August to October in the not too distant future. It may be under Chairman Obama’s proposed $7 per gallon gasoline price control; by higher taxes or some other nonsense, but in any case it’s coming. Why? Why has liar Obama followed in the footsteps of Bush so faithfully? Who do they work for?

The Constitution of the United States authorizes Congress to provide a military to defend our country; to coin our currency; to provide for a postal service; and to provide a uniformly fair and just Rule of Law under the umbrella of which we can all freely conduct our affairs and live our lives. That’s basically it. Yet we mindlessly vote for cowardly criminals who illegally take our money under threat of imprisonment and throw it away on dozens of programs and involvements which they are not legally authorized to involve our government in. Why? Who is enriched? Are you?

As a practical matter our choices in life, that is, our freedom is directly proportional to the amount of money we earn and the wealth we are able to accumulate. When your government steals six months, eight months or more of your earned income your choices and therefore your freedom becomes drastically more limited. You become as a practical matter nothing more than a feudal serf working for an unknown Lord you cannot even identify. Who is this Lord?

It is a fact that people having more money have more choices than people who have less money. Do you hate your money? Do you hate your work? Do you hate your freedom? Do you hate your own family? Why are we OK with an irresponsible government that daily works full time to take our money, limit our choices and crush our freedom? Do you think you would be more able to pay your doctor and care for your family if you were able to keep your honest wages?

Any person who believes the insane Keynesian idea that sending $1 of your hard earned money to Washington where an enormous army of redundant, unnecessary government bureaucrats will study, travel, meet, administer and record the activities of non-government workers (that’s you); finally to return $0.10 on the $1 back to the people in the form of some repugnant service and furthermore that such drivel will lead to prosperity is insane. This wasteful activity cannot stimulate or enhance anything in your life and certainly not the economy within which you live your life.

When a job exists solely because it has been funded via a government subsidy, whether in the form of a grant, credit or any other arbitrary mechanism; that job produces far less of value than the ensuing work is worth. You individually and society as a whole are diminished by the difference and the private sector is deprived of the same difference in available operating capital. Every government job, every job subsidized by the government and every dollar borrowed or spent by the government is a drain on the earnings and wealth of the private sector – that’s us.

The government is a liability and a constant drain on private wealth and therefore upon individual freedom. Nothing more. It creates nothing. It can only steal and diminish our lives to the extent we the people empower it to do so. This is why the Founders were so paranoid about empowering a Federal government. This was why the Constitutional Convention lasted as long as it did and why the discussion was so heated. The Articles of Confederation originally adopted led to organized anarchy and were failing miserably. The Founders understood this, but they also understood the dangers inherent in solving the dilemma. Why don’t we understand this? Why have we forgotten what our Founders so clearly learned and understood more than 200 years ago?

We have forgotten because our Founders were tricked after the fact by the Bank of England and their international financial cronies who realized that if they could take over America’s money supply they could control our new country even though England lost the Revolutionary War. We the people have been propagandized, dumbed down and subtly coerced into believing that more government is a good thing. It’s not, never was and never will be. Government is dangerous. Period. Government is bad for your health and terminal for your freedom. It always will be.

The debt we have incurred is stupid and unnecessary, yet we’re told every day by our incipient elected officials that it is important, necessary even, to continue growing it. Why? Why is simply because the families who own the Federal Reserve Banks along with other international financiers, who by the way hold no allegiance to any country enjoy collecting the endless stream of interest income paid on that debt. It’s that simple; and we vote for this.

Every dollar of Federal debt including our supposed currency in the form of Federal Reserve Notes pays interest directly to these families. Since 1916 we are talking about untold trillions of dollars; a mountain of wealth stolen from us, so enormous it is literally incomprehensible. These families through brain washing centers such as the Tavistock Institute disseminate propaganda daily through every aspect of our society, convincing us of the rightness of this feudal system and masking the evil greed inherent within it. We have swallowed the hook, line and sinker whole. We have been trapped and pay every day of our lives to strengthen the shackles.

These uber rich control both the right and the left through “better ideas”. The left is used via Marxist ideology to establish government control under the false promise of social justice and fairness. Government control is then used to crush competition within what is supposed to be a free market economy. The right is used to create the allusion of a different opinion, but actually just place holds all advances made by the left, that is, increased government control.

The right says the right things (sorry about the wording) but does nothing. The left questions the right things, but is led to the wrong answer. Together amidst passionate, yet useless debate, the two sides form two trains going to the same station on different tracks. The station is totalitarian One World, Globalist control. The tracks are nothing more than opposing rhetoric. The world generally and the United States specifically is being led to a condition of powerless serfs slaving for the wealthy Lords. This is not accidental; it is a plan.

The plan is to crush the American Middle Class because the American middle class is the last man standing, if you will, in the way of complete Global control of all wealth and all resources by families such as Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Schiff, Kuhn. Loeb, Warburg, Harriman and many, many others. These people are evil and inhuman beyond imagining and when you mindlessly accept political candidates offered up to you by the RNC and the DNC you are playing into their hands and their plan for your enslavement. The RNC and the DNC are quite frankly stupid and used.

The simple solution to taking back our freedom is to support independent political candidates dis-associated with the DNC and the RNC. We the people must support these genuine candidates with our nickels, dimes and quarters. Our problem is not Democrat or Republican. Our problem is international banking which owns both. Sean Hannity, bless his soul, will tell you every night that the two parties are plainly different. Just listen to what they say, he says. Sean is unfortunately wrong. Yes, the talk is very different; but the outcome is always the same. More power to the bankers; less freedom and less wealth for you and I.

The outcome will never change as long as we refuse to “choose and select” our own candidates as opposed to ignorantly voting for the tripe offered up by both the RNC and DNC. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Green Partiers and everyone else need to come together and work honestly and knowledgeably to support true candidates of the people.

We will never agree on much of anything, but we can agree to limit our candidates to honest candidates who will work to abolish the progressive Federal Income Tax, the Federal Reserve System and to reduce the Federal government to 75% of its current size over a ten year period; thereby re-instating it to its less dangerous constitutionally mandated size. I call it 25% OR BUST! Our failure to work together in accomplishing this task is the failure of our Constitutional Republic and the end of freedom as we have known it.

The American Tea Party offers a movement, which is now spreading into Europe and can spread across the world. A movement encompassing all political parties and all freedom loving people on every continent, working together to oust the control of international banking and fostering true freedom across the globe. For God’s sake don’t pass on this incredible opportunity. Become a part of it. Drink some Tea.

Democrat, Republican or other – we can all drink the Tea together and force our respective parties to behave themselves. The force is called voting.

25% OR BUST!


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