03-09-2010: 25% OR BUST!

The United States has been mindlessly and intentionally bankrupted by irresponsible, corrupt, supposed Congressional Representatives whom we the people ignorantly voted into positions of responsibility. Obama may be a bank owned political hack as all Presidents since 1916 are, but Obama does not appropriate money – Congress does. In spite of looming financial doom and certain disaster our elected Congressman labor mightily on their three working days per week to earn every possible dime of interest for the central bank families who own them.

The American middle class is being intermittently strangled and asphyxiated within a dirty plastic bag of debt with a filthy, broken clothesline cord by its own brutal Congress as though at the murderous hands of a sadistic serial killer…and all the while the violins play sweetly on and Obama makes consoling baritone speeches to the economic dead through his electronic teleprompter. He’s so brilliant they like to trumpet, over the violent gurgle of the gigantic new toilet that was once America, as it heartlessly flushes the middle class down its voracious gaping hole.

In spite of its oath of office; in spite of its treason; in spite of its high crimes and misdemeanors; Congress struggles valiantly on along its trail of greed and egomania, kicking and stomping millions of innocent, gullible and trusting middle class economic corpses out of its hobnailed way. If the sound were turned on; and the state controlled media assures that it’s not; you would plainly hear the bright red blood of America’s economy spurting from the burst arterials of the working dead middle class. You would cringe at the sound of financial bones crunching and breaking as “the people’s” Congress grinds them to dust beneath the grisly squeaking wheels of their bank owned crushing machines. Jesus said “forgive them Father for they know not what they do”. Congress cheers gleefully “who cares, vote for me, I promise to be your champion”…

…and the TV talking heads babble and quack incessantly as to whether funding for the murder of our children should be rightfully included in the new health care pogrom…as though it mattered anymore.

We can still save ourselves, our children and our country by reducing the Federal government to 25% of its current bloated size over the next 10 years. Congress has shown it cannot function responsibly. It will never happen. Therefore, Congress must be treated as little children on a strict allowance. Their ability to make bad decisions and lie must be taken away. All rights must be rightfully assumed by the several States as outlined in our Constitution. If we the people do not take steps to crush the mindless threat that Congress has become – we are doomed.

The illegal progressive income tax must be abolished. The Federal Reserve System must be abolished. Do not support the RNC or the DNC. Both are owned and operated by fools beholden to international central banking. Dangerous idiots with no minds of their own. Support independent candidates of both parties beholden only to we the people. We will support them with our nickels, dimes and quarters and we will win our country back – if we work together to do it.

Join the Tea Party movement. Join AS A MOM. Join something and work together – Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Greens and everybody else to force Washington D.C. to support and work for we the people. Should we fail…well, then I guess we’ll leave that answer for our children to bear, won’t we?



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2 responses to “03-09-2010: 25% OR BUST!

  1. Thanks for sharing, I found this story while looking for music events, useful comments and good points made.

  2. Wow I have to say this is great. Even writing that post must have taken you a seriously long time. Thanks for your effort!

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