03-10-2010: GOING HEALTHY!

It would be great if the government coup de tat of health care was at least distantly related to improving delivery of services or reducing cost. The only relationship to health care I can see is that hiring thousands of new overpaid government workers to mismanage the system may cause them to become ill with boredom and/or frustration. The thousands requiring boredom medication will further overwhelm the system. Really great idea. Going postal will likely be replaced with going healthy.

Our trusty elected Congress claims that creating 72 new government agencies with thousands of new government bureaucrats to man them; and God knows how many new buildings to house them; and how many new answering machines to take patient calls; and how many more vehicles to haul them; and how many computers and how much paper and dead trees to justify them; and how many new SEIU union stewards to raise their salaries and reduce their work week, will be of great benefit to our patient/doctor relationship. I imagine it will.

It helps a lot that these government bureaucrats average $71,000 per year with killer benneys while we out here average $43,000 per year with few or no benneys. At least the highly paid people telling us what services we don’t qualify for via answering machine will be well taken care of. It also helps a lot that our trusty elected Congress has exempted themselves and their families from the pogrom entirely. This is probably because they believe in the pogrom so much they are willing to sacrifice their own families to private care so that we might have more room in the great new government pogrom for us. I’m sure that’s the case.

I’m so glad our trusty Congress is now saying the government option is dead. I wonder though what will happen to the 72 new government agencies created by 2,700 pages of garbage and the thousands of devoted people who were to man them? Are they broken hearted?

And for gosh sakes what on earth will happen to the fifteen patriotic souls already appointed by the Obama Administration to man the “Federal Coordinating Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research” ; you remember – the death panel no one wants to talk about, created by the so called $800 billion stimulus bill that our trusty Congress passed without bothering to read. The death panel that our trusty Congress is always telling us doesn’t exist in the two thousand page health care bill that no one read either. The one that we should pass next week just so we can find out what’s in it. Are these fifteen poor sops about to join the rest of us in the unemployment line? Gosh, what a tragedy.

I foolishly wonder sometimes if simply ridding ourselves of the government created insurance monopolies in each state and the forcing of competition across state boundaries might help? I wonder if throwing scurrilous attorneys out of health care as they make significantly more money screwing doctors than doctors make doctoring might help? I wonder if our trusty Congress really wanted to help the uninsured, maybe spending $400/month/premium x 15,000,000 uninsured = $72 billion annually might be significantly less expensive than the more than $650 billion dollars per year now being proposed?

Isn’t $72 billion smaller and less expensive than $650 billion? Why yes. $72 billion appears to be about 11% of $650 billion. Hhmmmm? Well, that’s confusing, so I sure am glad our trusty Congress is on the right road to better health for everyone. The system we have with $72 billion a year added cost and no bigger government versus the Congressional Plan of $650 billion a year and 72 new government agencies between us and our doctors. Great plan and I sure am feeling that $165,000 a year we spend on each Congressman and Congresswoman along with their private insurance is paying “we the people” big dividends.

A vote for Congress is a vote for somebody, but it sure ain’t us.



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  1. Do you plan to keep this site updated? I sure hope so… its great!

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