03-17-2010: Congress Deemed In Contempt of We The People

The Kolinski Chronicle hereby deems the Executive Branch, Judicial Branch and both Houses of Congress to be in outright and treasonous contempt of “we the people” and the Constitutional Republic heretofore known as The United States of America. The Kolinski Chronicle deems the authority of “we the people” and “the several States” be recognized and raised up in opposition to the feckless tyranny now being forced upon us.

The Kolinski Chronicle hereby deems by the same illegal authority as adopted by our criminally negligent Federal government, not to recognize, nor accept the transformational delusion to be known henceforth as The United Soviet States of Amerika as is now fundamentally being formed by the Obozo Administration and the feudal serfs who support it.

The Kolinski Chronicle further deems, with the same illegal authority as adopted by our rogue Federal government, that “we the people’s” 2009 Federal Tax has been paid in full.

Given further that the Obozo Administration has now unconstitutionally deemed it appropriate to deem into law multiple unwritten, unread and unvoted upon legislative bills simultaneously via the deeming process; The Kolinski Chronicle further deems that the entire 2010 Federal Tax, 2011 Federal Tax and 2012 Federal Tax of “we the people” are also deemed paid in full.

Given that the Obozo Administration, our pathetic, once Supreme Court, and both Houses of Congress have demonstrated beyond all doubt that they are fully and completely owned, managed and beholden exclusively to the Federal Reserve Banking family cartel;

And given that the above mentioned elected and appointed eunuchs have willingly submitted to one single legislative agenda – said agenda being to create unlimited Federal Debt upon which obscene amounts of interest are to be unjustly paid to said Federal Reserve families thereby illegally transferring the wealth and birthright of America to said Federal Reserve families;

And given that said obscene, unconstitutional and illegal debt is used further to instigate, motivate, finance, encourage and wage wars within which millions of innocent people from across the globe are brutally sacrificed to the Federal Reserve Family Gods of Greed;

And given that war would not even be possible without said central banks such as the Federal Reserve and the gluttonous pigs who own them;

The Kolinski Chronicle further hereby deems that from this green day forward, that is, March 17, 2010 known generally as St. Patrick’s Day the contemptible slime who make up the families of Federal Reserve ownership shall be responsible in full for repayment of the entire $106,000,000,000,000 on-book and off-book Federal debt created by the poorly managed, incompetent, corrupt, elected fools whose souls are beholden to these same Federal Reserve families.

In short, The Kolinski Chronicle hereby deems the entire national debt of these United States to be null and void; “we the people” are deemed to be free and clear; and the Federal Reserve families are hereby deemed to clean up the financial mess they have lied, colluded, plotted and schemed to create and hold others liable for since the treasonous spawning of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 along with its retarded sister, the illegal Federal Progressive Income Tax.

The Kolinski Chronicle deems further by the same authority that payment in full by these Federal Reserve families, along with the reduction in size of our Federal government over ten years to 25% of its current bloated size, that is, its constitutionally mandated size will be accepted by “we the people” as retribution in full by the Federal Reserve families.

Failure to repay such debt in full along with removal in full of themselves from our government and lives shall result in the probable trial – likely at the World Court they love so much – and possible subsequent imprisonment of these same central banking, Federal Reserve families for their unimaginable crimes against humanity.

The Kolinski Chronicle has ceased deeming for today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings besides black SUV’s and big suits with sun glasses.

Drink the Tea folks. Don’t be afraid to take big gulps. Rise up and live to be free. Be free to live. End the Fed. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Greens and everybody else can drink the Tea together and demand that the government of these United States represent “we the people”.



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