03-23-2010: Are Fools Forever?

53% of Americans were foolish enough to put a Wall Street owned Marxist in what was the people’s White House, not to mention filling the halls of the House and Senate office buildings with ignorant Mao worshipers…and the Supreme Court…well, that’s just another central banker’s joke isn’t it? If there’s courage left in America – you won’t find it in Washington D.C. They won’t even tolerate little ghetto kids having school vouchers. Now that’s harsh.

The Constitution of these once United States was thrown on the floor in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. It has been disgracefully walked on ever since as central banking’s fully owned and Bilderberg operated Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) trains our supposed elected Representatives and their loyal mindless drones to slave and behave nicely for the incredibly greedy bank owners who finance them. There has been no representation by and for “we the people” for 97 years now.

The last people’s President of the United States was John F. Kennedy. JFK opposed the despicable Federal Reserve familiy control over the U.S.money supply and also opposed the Rockefeller family’s traitorous desire to mine billions of U.S. tax dollars on U.S. Vietnam War debt all of which pays interest to central banking families. I won’t bother to mention the industrial war profit of the corporations who joyfully armed both sides of the conflict. I will mention that through Russia, the Rockefeller family and others also funded and gruesomely profited by financing and arming the North Vietnamese we were fighting. A formal declaration of war was never declared simply because hundreds of fully indoctrinated CFR members, such as scum bag Henry Kissinger, knew that a declaration of war would technically place their well heeled plantation owners in the position of legally having committed treason against the American people, as 58,000 young Americans were now dead, along with one President and literally millions of innocent Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians and Chinese. Don’t take it from me – look it up.

The foolish left has never understood that they are completely owned, financed and serve the ends of the uber rich elite who created them to establish government control thereby solidifying government mandated monopolies and destroying free market competition. Health insurance companies can rip you off simply because your Congress mandates “within State” monopolies having absolutely no competition whatever. Your government is responsible for the high rates you pay. If you cannot see this, you are one of the fools who believe more government will fix it.

I don’t include President Ronald Reagan, lauded supposed conservative as the last people’s President because after the shooting he behaved rather nicely and helped balloon Federal Reserve family coffers with confiscated U.S. tax dollars to never before seen heights – just as he was unmistakably told to do. I believe Ronald Regan was a truly brave man, who did the best he could and still remain alive; but hey – central bankers will be central bankers and they don’t like losing. A little blood on the money – well hell, that’s all just part of the game plan. When a major sector of your business profit stems from financing war debt along with the brutal sacrifice of hundreds of millions world wide, what’s a President here or there? Presidents understand this – now – even if the fools who vote for them do not..

On Sunday “we the people” witnessed the near culmination of 97 years of the Federal Reserve Banking families and their inhuman friends owning and running the people’s Congress. On Sunday, March 21, 2010 the U.S. House of Representatives not only unconstitutionally, but illegally picked up that now trampled Constitution from the dirty floor; shredded it and publicly urinated on it for all the world to see. American fools will learn shortly that the only beneficiary of so-called health care reform is central banking as they illegally collect billions in new debt interest on deficits looming far into their very wealthy banking futures. The American Constitution is stone cold dead and didn’t even reap the respect of a proper burial by the Congress who killed it. The fact that America can’t pay for it is easily fixed. Just reduce health care services and let ’em die. Central bankers are big proponents of population control and saving resources for themselves anyway; and hey – the fools voted for it – they should have what they voted for – isn’t that democracy in action? Isn’t change what the fools voted for? Too bad they didn’t think about “what kind of change”.

The Senate has already passed the unconstitutionally illegal Senate bill. The House passed this same destitute Senate bill. The Senate reconciliation carnival opening on the midway today is just smoke and mirrors to convince American fools that a debate is being conducted. There is no debate. No one in the Senate cares a whit about reconciliation – only sound bites and photo ops – the new opium for the masses – and re-election of course. There is no pressure. The banks have already won and today, March 23, 2010 “we the people” were treated to a communist style signing ceremony complete with all the colored clowns who allowed themselves to be used for the final political bludgeoning by the infamous and viciously divisive race card. The United States Congress would today need a ladder to reach the level of “banana republic”.

Ron White, one of my favorite comedians remarked once that “You can’t fix stupid; stupid is forever”. I find it difficult to disagree with Mr. White this morning as I watch Washington D.C. flush my children’s future down the toilet as well dressed, over paid fools, dance and high five each other in a wonderful building paid for by “we the people” – who I notice are not apparently invited to this Castroish ceremony. Yes, I’m bitter…but not defeated…I’m not going away until I’m forced away…which no doubt is coming, given the witless and frightening scene I’m observing on my TV set.

The Fox News quacking heads are jubilant about the potential Republican taking of Congress later in November, 2010. I am, of course , not. Republicans are just castrated eunuchs who parrot the right words and sounds, but do nothing – ever. Too little, too late should be the Republican mantra. The left move us ever further toward totalitarian government control ( read central banking control), while the squealing and squeaking eunuch Republicans make noises, but do nothing other than place hold. Republicans will not save what was once our Constitutional Republic. Democrats and Republicans are all together, nothing more than central bank funded trains running on separate tracks to the same station with “we the people” held voluntarily via our ignorant votes in the stinking cattle cars of servitude. That station is a world where only the uber rich elite and their slaves exist with nothing in between. Sunday’s vote by our treasonous House of Representatives was a vote for the destruction of the American middle class and American indentured servitude – nothing else.

Is it a rule that we remain fools forever? You tell me.

At this point the only hope for the now strangling freedom of Americans appears to be the independent candidates that will hopefully be sprouted within both parties – without DNC or RNC support, of course – by the Tea Party Movement. The bankers and their State owned press core are coming for the Tea Party – but the Tea Party is coming for them as well. Which side will you be on? Not choosing is a choice with serious consequences.


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