03-25-2010: Gauntlet No. 1: Birth Of The Shape Shifter

Sun Tzu told us clearly, more than 2,500 years ago in his aged tome, The Art of War: If you know yourself, but do not know your enemy you must expect to lose at least half your battles. The same applies if you know your enemy, but do not understand yourself. Sun Tzu taught that if you know both your enemy and yourself, you can then reasonably expect to win all your battles.

Today’s right and left rank and file, circa 2010, that is, conservative and progressive pawns understand neither themselves nor their perceived enemy. None-the-less the left has skillfully won every battle fought in Europe and the United States since the U.S. passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. The problem the left faces is that they don’t understand what it is or why it is they have won. In fact they have, by winning, accomplished precisely that which they naively hoped to avoid. The left steadily tightens the shackles of economic slavery with every battle they foolishly win. No one, right or left notices the thin shiny strings of the puppet masters as we all dance and sing to a crushing tune penned by those they have never seen.

The elite managers (insiders) of the left, that is, international central banking and the elite managers of the right, that is, international central banking, clearly understand both the left and the right perfectly. They created and are “the capitalist establishment right” and “the socialist anti-establishment left”, which supposedly opposes the right. They created this deceitful system of false choices to mislead decent people, to control decent people and to serve their own greed.

Make no mistake about it. The international, insider financial elite of the world are evil beyond the comprehension of any normal, sane person. For nothing more than the sake of a little business they have wantonly and brutally manipulated and caused the displacement, starvation, imprisonment, rape, torture, murder and ultimately the hopelessness and suffering of hundreds of millions of innocent people across the globe since they firmly grasped the reins of power in 1913. The fools in Europe and the fools in America gave it to them without even a fight. Nothing since, has been what it seems. The smiling Shape Shifter now lives among us; is happily eating us; and we invited it into our homes and our lives. We shouldn’t have done that.

Well intentioned rank and file members of both the right and left serve as ignorant pawns in creating and then actually defending their own return to feudal serfdom under the cunning leadership and controlled guile of highly skilled elite spokespersons and their programs. Neither the rank and file of the indoctrinated left or right understand the game they play; nor even that they are, in fact, caught up in a game at all. The game is life. The goal is all power and all wealth on earth. Period.

The end result or culmination of the game as envisioned by Mayer Amshel Rothschild and his sick associates results in two classes of people; the uber rich and their slaves with nothing in between. It is a simple and elegant return to the feudal serfdom of old achieved via the ignorant votes of deceived people who know no better and trust when they should not.

In a way the game started as far back as the caves, but it was raised to a complex, duplicitous art form of near invisibility by the Rothschild family and their dear friends as they continually reshaped and improved the rules of the game and their various images and strategies throughout the 19th century. I have christened these sick, greedy scum “Shape Shifters” precisely because of their uncanny ability to appear as all things to all people simultaneously; left as well as right while both are just two sides of the same entity; not to mention their deceitful manner of brutally destroying while they appear to be gently helping. The great philanthropist is the pretty colored cloak of the bloody, ravenous reaper, but only the pretty colored cloak can be seen. Unlucky others are gruesomely held responsible for the bloodshed and for cleaning the corpse laden streets so the promenade to the Swiss bank accounts remains clean and pleasant for the making of deposits.

Most of us now believe we live in a political society, where our political views and parties have meaning and our choices and votes are consequential. We are wrong. We live in an economic society where no real choices exist; our Constitutional Republic is a sham; and the pawns and victims are manipulated and controlled via their ignorant selection of false choices cleverly offered by the international puppet masters via the RNC, DNC, etc., both of which are easily controlled by the flow of campaign contributions and other less obvious forms of support and encouragement – or extortion, depending on your point of view.

In earlier, more crude game times victims were forced to collectivize as with The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia; China under Chairman Mao; or Cuba under Castro. Today it is more common and perhaps more decent to lead people to collectivization through their own voluntary selection of narrowly targeted, carefully crafted false choices – any of which and all of which lead directly to indentured servitude by one path or another along one time frame or another. The well orchestrated process has become inexorable, hence the confusion and frustration of so many voters, who understand intuitively that something is wrong, but just can’t see what it is.

It is important for us as citizens and decent people to understand one thing. In the mid to late 1770’s Mayer Amshel Rothschild (Bauer) and Johann Adam Weishaupt, along with a dozen or so others devised a plan to control all people, all resources and all wealth on planet earth via financial control of all governing authorities whether they be royal, parliamentarian or republican in nature. The game is called One World or sometimes Globalization and I suppose other things as well. What you call it doesn’t matter.

The game does matter, however, and if you have been born on earth you are a player. If you don’t understand that you are a piece on the game board, a player on the stage, then you are also a victim. The vast majority of us are victims, but we can change that if we pay attention and follow Sun Tzu’s ancient, but sage advice. Know thy enemy and know thyself. The Kolinski Chronicle will try to assist in that regard, but it is essential and critical that you reach your own conclusions and act on your own correct information.

There are many victims and very few puppet masters. The only control the international puppet master actually has over your life is to entice and manipulate you onto its game board to willingly dance and perform to the tranquilizing music playing endlessly on its puerile, haunting stage. But you don’t have to dance. You only dance upon the stage when you choose to. If you don’t want to be a slave or to enslave your children; then start choosing differently and a little more knowledgably. Do your dancing somewhere else and get your own music.

The hungry Shape Shifter is now among us. It is not going away. It doesn’t play nice. It makes its own rules and encourages you to play by them guaranteeing that you lose every time. The Shape Shifter also makes you think you’ve won when you’ve lost. The Shape Shifters make Las Vegas casinos look like the front door of the Salvation Army, but what you’re walking toward is just the gaping maw of a human hell dressed to look like something else.

This is Mayer’s invisible, Shape Shifting plan enacted and its players are minion, constantly changing, always moving, revising appearances, changing expressions, bettering their indoctrination techniques, revising the language, moving sometimes forward, sometimes back; dangling the carrot; but always singular in the focus and desire to enslave, control and consume. You are a shape shift player only if you foolishly choose to enter upon the stage; or only if you even more foolishly deny that the game exists.

The key to your freedom is education. Knowledge is power. Understand your enemy. Learn the rules of this ever changing game. Stop being a victim. Begin to vote with knowledge and learn to say No when the correct answer is NO. Obtain your own evidence, dig for the truth with courage and live life on your terms, not someone else’s. The RNC and the DNC have lost their way. We can no longer follow their treasonous lead. Support independent people’s candidates with your quarters and nickels. Let the big money rot.

We can still obtain freedom in the United States through the voting booth if we can learn to act with knowledge. Violence is the last alternative to impotence. Don’t become intellectually impotent.


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2 responses to “03-25-2010: Gauntlet No. 1: Birth Of The Shape Shifter

  1. Bruce,

    Thanks for making mention of the House of Rothschild. It piqued my interest, so I did a little internet research and found some really interesting information about the rise of international banking and its evil underpinnings. You’ll probably find it interesting as well. Check it out at http://www.biblebelievers.org/slavery.htm. The information available at this website reinforces your theories about the Masters who are really running the entire show behind the scenes.

    Thanks again for your continuing efforts to shed light on the truth. Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if you get shut down at some point and taken away in a black van in the middle of the night.

    Your Friend,

    Pete Trowbridge

    • thekolinskichronicle

      Thanks for the nice comment Pete. I’ll check this site out – I’m not familiar with it. I posted a list on TKC called bedtime reading or some such thing. There is a list of some books that will make your eyes bleed. I suspect you’re right about the black SUV’s, but what the hey – I like SUV’s.

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