04-02-2010: Gauntlet No. 3: Modus Operandi Of The Shape Shifter

We now know that the Shape Shifter made up of international financiers and banker’s bankers (banksters, if you will) led by the Rothschild family planned as early as 1871; then successfully executed their world wide machinations regarding the profitable though inhuman outcomes of World War I and World War II. In review WWI was used to destroy czarist Russia thereby creating a Bolshevik monster which could handily be used to further Illuminati World governance aims. The Treaty of Versailles and other manipulations set up WW II, which later emerged from differences between the German Nationalists and Zionists as exploited and cleverly exacerbated by the Illuminati. The end result of WWII was the strengthening of Russia as a world power, giving her true “monster under the bed” status and the creation of a Jewish State within the area known as Palestine. Six million rather amiable Jews living on a postage stamp size pile of rock could now be used to effectively terrorize the entire Muslim world and trigger WW III for a dumbed down world population too blind to see its own shadow on a sunny Persian afternoon.

Vietnam was a sort of interim financial lark for the financial elite, which resulted in only a few million innocent deaths, great profit taking for insiders and a good seminar lesson for future U.S. Presidents as to how the world really works when one doesn’t play nice with the Bilderberg Group. A side benefit for many in America anyway was the creation of new and very talented nail salons to serve the well groomed, though unwashed public.

It’s a little over-whelming for a decent, sane person to realize as we now do that WW III was already in the international banker’s planning stages as far back as 1871. It, of course, will arise directly from the Israeli / Arab conflict carefully set in place by the banksters in 1948. The end result of WW III is to be the unconditional surrender of Russia, the rest of Europe, Japan and the United States as all are brought to their bloody knees in a virulent state of undue poverty, cultural ignominy and mass destruction. I’m not sure how China or Australia fit into this picture as I’m not invited to the meetings, but we can safely assume that the banksters will make certain nothing very good works out for them either. This is an area of supposed debate where your average conservative is handily trapped by other conservative CFR schooled “neo-cons” who reinforce this aggressive war mode thinking as necessary self defense, which it arguably is not.

I suppose the creation of the highly unstable, Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Southern Asia in 1947 and the splitting of India played into the eventual de-stabilized game plan as well. All in all this is one heck of a lot of people to butcher for a few extra bucks, but then I’m not a central banker, so what do I know about effective business techniques. The end result is the good people of so many countries such as the U.S., Canada, Mexico, China, Korea, all of Europe, Russia, the Balkans, Africa, South America, Latin America, South and East Asia and the entire Middle East; let’s just say it – the entire planet – are all deluded into distrusting each other or even thinking they hate each other – but of course they don’t. They just believe what the bankster owned propaganda media tell them. We are being duped by a group of very sick, very nasty people.

Other than war, particularly endless undefinable wars like our precious war on terror – what are some other lofty goals and aspirations of our philanthropic banking elite? Well, it seems while central banks and the international corporations hideously tied to them bide their time between sacrificing countless millions on their bloody alter of greed, that is, during actual wars, declared or not; they are always busy. You can’t be a central banker or CEO of Haliburton, Bechtel or GE and just sit around diddling on last year’s yacht. Nope. You have to put your bankster nose to the grind stone so you can buy the new yacht. No one gets a free ride in this world including banksters. Money is power and central bankers want plenty of both. Actually, they want “all” of both. You and I don’t get anything but each other’s blood,crumbs and pain.

The central activity and focus of all good banksters and their close associates is generally the creation and spreading of propaganda reinforcing their depraved plans for humanity. Numerous groups and organizations have been formed and are ever-changing – Shape Shifting – so as to always remain in the background working their magic. For example the Illuminati merged into the higher orders of Free Masonry and from there have morphed into so many interrelated and loosely affiliated groups it is quite impossible for anyone to track. Anyone who tries is demeaned and ridiculed as a crackpot or even worse, as the dreaded conspiracy theorist. The basic goal is to enslave the world population within a planetary, One World, serfdom run entirely by banksters. It’s not complicated.

For starters we all know that the simple feudal system by brute force didn’t really work. Too many peasants and not enough Lords to fend them off even when they were kept weak by starvation. A new, more efficient system was needed, and so a new system, a new modus operandi was invented. THE NEW FEUDAL SYSTEM IS INDENTURED SERVITUDE BY POPULAR VOTE AS CAST BY DUMBED DOWN VICTIMS OF EDUCATION. Wow, what an idea. Granted it took a while to get the bugs out so a couple hundred million or so had to be starved, raped, tortured, imprisoned and murdered in Russia, China and Cuba to get it going, but it’s running fine now – purring like a kitten in fact.

How does the modern, more refined system work? Basically it’s a top-down or trickle down propaganda flow. It works very naturally, akin to gravity pulling a fluid downhill. A warm and comfy euphemism is generated at the top of the dung heap and the dumbed down, unwashed just paddle it along from one to a naive other until most or all accept the lie as fact. Each euphemism is designed to incrementally remove just a tiny bit of freedom and/or to train the unwary that it’s OK to take orders from others, especially if others are the State. The bankers, of course, always control the State through financial support of rulers and politicians as well as through other less savory motivational techniques as employed with JFK or Richard M.Nixon. You didn’t actually think Woodward and Bernstein figured anything out did you? Our trusty Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) members were quietly, but valiantly helpful in providing guidance in the thuggish handling of Mr. Nixon. You would probably be safe betting your grocery money that George H.W. Bush and Henry Kissinger were both right smack in the middle of it. Valor has its rewards.

The overall stratagem in between wars is societal chaos generated on every front imaginable. Humans don’t thrive on chaos and are prone to acting foolishly or accepting foolish suggestions and guidance to avoid it. Chaos as a management tool is not taught at unwashed State Universities. You must matriculate to bankster grandpa’s alma mater by invitation, most likely to Cambridge, Harvard or some other such vaunted establishment to take special outside the curriculum courses in human depravity as a business philosophy. Once your young, heavily in-bred, soul is sufficiently annihilated you can graduate and enter the family international banking business. Trafficking in human flesh and suffering at that point is as effortless as sipping a 150 year old cognac. Anybody could do it.

The downward flow of brain washing propaganda is enhanced by creating well defined tributaries through which, the lies of entrapment can be given credibility and are easily dispersed by learned teachers, brain washed experts themselves, if you will; who push the offensive intellectual detritus ever farther down stream until it effectively penetrates every crevice of society. When done correctly, rank and file members of both the right and the left will fight to the death for their crumb of detritus, facilitating ever more chaos while effectively hiding the propaganda originators from view. The orchestrating puppet masters are skilled and by the time they are done pulling the strings, neither the right nor the left can deduce that they each use different ideologies and language to guide their respective trains to exactly the same gulag. Both sides are thoroughly and effectively duped into never realizing they are two sides of the same well minted coin rolling ignorantly into the demented banker’s pocket.

How do the propaganda tributaries flow? The lies are spread in near infinite ways, even with garbage printed on match book covers. Nothing is missed. Banksters are very capable of dotting their I’s and crossing their T’s when it comes to gaining power and stealing your wealth. The main tributaries, however, are via various linked organizations. For example the Bilderberg Steering Committee orchestrates a presentation for the next Bilderberg Group meeting. A casual consensus by the Bilderbergs is reached.

This Bilderberg consensus then travels magically as though by gravity down stream to affiliated groups such as the U.S. Council On Foreign Relations or Britain’s Royal Institute of International Affairs. CFR and RIIA members are then educated and brought up to brainwash speed through various study groups and committees, so they can carry the contagion repackaged in acceptable forms on to various foundations and think tanks such as the Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie Foundations, the Brookings Institute, Heritage Foundation and many other organizations. These economic disease carriers then spread the infection throughout our universities and educational system as well as to members of any affiliated organizations such as the bankster owned mass media outlets.

The final well spun result is a fully infected educational system, diseased mass media and ignorant, mislead voting population who now will willingly vote against their own interest in favor of whatever it was that the Bilderberg Steering Group dreamed up for them. They will not only willingly vote for it, but will fight bitterly for the pathetic ideological delusion fed to them. The duped masses are deceived into thinking that the war is left versus right, or Christian versus Islam, without ever recognizing that the real problem and source of contention lies completely unseen, beneath it all. Left and right can argue all day and kill each other all night, but they never get near the root problem, which is nothing more than elite greed.

It is a beautifully draconian intelligence system and the banksters have been improving their game for more than two hundred years now and we do not have even one single U.S. politician who will name it or discuss it. There isn’t one single quacking head on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, NPR or anywhere else that will go near it. We the people are on our own. We need to realize that if we wish our children to be free. Barack Obama and his Congress is owned and operated by precisely the same banksters who owned Bush and his Congress. The language may be very different, and decent folks like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck may buy it hook line and sinker, but the outcome never varies. They are wrong in what they see.

Your safety and your freedom lie in the confines of the voting booth. Vote knowledgeably and wisely. Always remember that “violence is the last alternative to impotence”. Please don’t allow yourself to become politically impotent. Vote. Vote. Vote…wisely!


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